Friday, 27 February 2015

My favourite place


This is a quiet holiday town in South Africa, It is a place were you can spend quality time with your family, relax and unwind. yes this is Stilbaai. has the most breathtaking beaches with soft white sand, the water is so clear you can see schools of fish and clusters of crabs as you swim.. All along the water line you can also see shells, starfish and lots washed up blue bottles, blue bottles are small little jellyfish that float on top of the water so you have to be careful where you step and where you swim.

The local community is growing every year and attracts pensioners from all over the world. The locals are kind, friendly and very supportive to newcomers and tourists, you will also find a vibrant primary school of about 250 students.During the holiday seasons and weekends you will find most of the students at the farmers markets buying and selling fresh produce. Stilbaai is not only a farming town but also has a small fishing harbor that provides fresh fish and sea food to the community. At Christmas time it becomes a very busy harbor as tourists flock to catch fresh fish.

On the way through this little town you are surrounded by a scenic mountain range.
Driving on the twisty mountain road you are occasionally met by some cheeky local baboons, especially during the holiday season, not stopping to admire these creatures would be the best decision to make since you might end up with one in your car.On your way from Stilbaai to Riversdale you encounter the most beautiful sight you will ever see, as the thick white mist rises from the mountain tops you can see the silhouette of the mountain rang that is shaped like the sleeping beauty.

Stilbaai is an amazing place and I think everyone should go and see it for themselves, because for me It’s number one.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

My favourite place By Tyrone

My favourite place is the beautiful country of Germany. Well we go for a walk I hear people with strong German accents and the birds chirping away while children play in the day. All I see is parks and large buildings with restaurants with people chatting away. When we walk into the park and all the trees and people being so friendly I think it is a really great country to be in. They have delicious food such as chicken and salad with parmesan mmmm delicious. Then we go on a road trip to see the beautiful sights with crystal clear lakes and lush green forests scenery.                                           The castles look amazing I think to myself as we walk around and take photo’s the scenery was amazing we could see our hotel from the castle called Heidelberg castle. Germany was packed with cyclists in the lane and people going 160 km’s an hour it is way more faster then being in New Zealand. The culture is really different because there are a lot of beer factories and people selling traditional Bavarian outfits and bakeries with pastries and tarts or as German people like too call them Bacerei’s. As we arrive in Legoland the atmosphere is buzzing around. As we get inside I love the Munich sports stadium and lego statues of famous people the bumper car lego ride was really fun with the man always asking if we want to go faster. And their gift shops are always stacked up. Eagles nest was on the top peak of a mountain. It was also Hitler’s hideout during world war ll. The view was amazing from the top and a great experience. Well Germany is my favourite place and a great country.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Image result for legoland                                                         Image result for heidelberg                                      

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Pauanui Beach - Brooke :)

Going to the beach on a hot summers day is the best. Also going to Pauanui and spending time with family is also the best.I’m always asking mum when are we next going down. Pauanui is my

favourite place to go swimming. It has crystal clear water and it sparkles in my eyes when I look at it. The waves crash down as I’m surfing so fast along the beautiful water. At the estuary along from the beach there is an amazing view from the top of the wharf. I love jumping off from the wharf.

All beaches are amazing, especially Pauanui. I love the beach. The dogs running around, chasing tennis balls and swimming in the water, they just love it! The golden sand glistening from the sun. The water sparkling when I look at it. The waves crash down as I’m riding them.The amazing wharf where you can fish and you see so many kids just jumping off. So much excitement from the kids just having so ,much fun.

Just seeing the smiles on their faces makes everyone happy. The locals are so nice. If you're going for a walk, they will come up to you and just say “Hello” and always have a nice conversation. If you've been to shop before and the owner sees you, they will say “Hello” too.

The birds chirping, The trees brushing their leaves on each others. The beautiful scenery on the amazing walks just makes it complete. The walks up the mountain and around the mountain. The sun shines on to the beach each day. Pauanui is just so beautiful!

I think that everyone should go to Pauanui and see it for themselves, Its just beautiful! Ask your parent if you could go to Pauanui with them, I’m sure you will like it!
Camping at

Beep! Beep! Beep! As we heard Nick’s family pull up in their bus, I stretched my sore legs out of the car and made my way to greet them.  Even though it was a 40 minute walk to the waterfall from the carpark, I could’ve sworn I heard the crashing of the water from the waterfall.  “It’s just your imagination Andre,” told my mum.  I admit I was just a little over excited about this one night of camping at Tappa Kiunga with my my best buddy and his family.

Once we got to our campsite we had to unpack so we got out all the tents first because that was the most important thing cause we had to sleep in them. After we pitched our tents had something to eat it was time to go for a swim in the lagoon. I didnt want to jump in first so I made Nick. We were jumping of this massive rock into the lagoon but we really couldn't because it was really shallow every time I jumped I hit the ground.

When we got back we were going to play spotlight later on kirsty nicks step mum
made us some jumpers out of rubbish bags. So that our clothes would not get all muddy.
We played a couple of rounds but then it started to get rainy so we had to stop playing so we went back up to the campsite. To get ready for bed I slept in atent with
Nick,Xander,Deakan and I. I couldn't really get to sleep because the music was playing till 5 in the morning for new yers because Nicks step sister was hanging with her friends all night  and they didnt go to sleep till 5 in the morning.

In the morning we went for a quick dip at the lagoon the water was so clear it reminded me of crystal I could see lots of ells but only little family left earliy rhen Nicks but I stayed for longer with nick family I went home with them on there cool bus but it was reall hard to get arong all the tight corners  

Keegan's Favourite Place

We finally arrived, I stretched out my legs as soon as I got out of the car. I quickly ran into the cabin to see what it looked like. After having a look around I hurriedly unpacked my things and quickly gobbled down some breakfast. Then I went outside, we had a great view of the beach and it was a lovely day at Waihi beach and very hot. The sun was gazing down at me and I knew it was going to be a great one week holiday.
File:Orokawa Bay.jpg
My family and I raced to the beach  regardless of the hot sand burning our feet “Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!” was all I heard from my sister and mum who could not stand the heat from the hot sand under their feet. Laying out my vibrant blue towel, which seemed even more brighter in the sun, I quickly jumped on it to avoid further burns to my feet. As I lazily sat up and stretched my arms, I reached out to get a bottle of water. The sun was staring at me like it was trying to burn my skin. It was so hot it felt like I was melting. I couldn't stand the heat so I decided to go boogie boarding. “AHHHHH” I screamed the water was freezing it felt like I was putting my feet in ice but the water didn't stop me from going boogie boarding.

“WOOHOOO!!” I shouted as I caught a massive wave, my parents was on the shore watching me. I had a blast catching waves, I was doing it for ages. I caught all the waves I could and boogie boarding in the water cooled me down. After a while it got a bit crowded so I hopped out and started watching all the waves crashing on the shore. I got a little bored after a while and my Dad had a great idea of going to get the cricket bat and tennis ball that we brought with us and played a little game of cricket. I had heaps of fun, my Mum and Sister joined in and we all had a great time together.
Waihi Beach

We then went and brought some lunch, we got fish”n”chips. They were delicious and I think the seagulls agreed because they were surrounding us chirping loudly. After munching some fish”n”chips I decided to build a sandcastle. It took me ages to make because I wanted to make huge. As soon as I finished it my sister came and stood on it which really sucked and I couldn't be bothered starting it all over again. my parents decided to call it a day and we packed up our things I went back to the cabin.

I had a great time at Waihi beach and I think it is a great place for a family to go to for a holiday. I would definitely go there again and I hope that if you have read this that you would start thinking of going there yourself.

The best place in the world-Bradley

Movie World is one of the best places to go because of  all the rides and all the time you get to send with your family  Also the food so when my Mum and Dad said we were going to go to movie world I was so excited because I wanted to go on the scooby doo ride but that all changed that dayMovie World is one of the best places to go because of  all the rides and all the time you get to send with your family  Also the food so when my Mum and Dad said we were going to go to movie world I was so excited because I wanted to go on the scooby doo ride but that all changed that day.I think Movie World is one of the best places in the world (in my opinion)so if you are going to Australia try go to Movie World which is in Brisbane you will never regret that decision
GL3-520x249.ashx (520×249)

I think Movie World is one of the best places in the world (in my opinion)so if you are going to Australia try go to Movie World which is in Brisbane you will never regret that decision

I think Movie World is one of the best places in the world (in my opinion)so if you are going to Australia try go to Movie World which is in Brisbane you will never regret that decision

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My favorite place- Jani

 Isle of Pines

As I walk out from the lifeboat and I step foot on the island I can feel the warmth of the sand starting to get hotter by the second as if I’m standing on hot coals. I go to the shade to stop the burning on my feet and get ready to go snorkeling but I have to wait as my Dad takes my brother Waldo away so that he doesn’t start to complain and ruin the day  for everybody. While Mum and I go take photo’s, Dad and Waldo start to explore and I say “bye” and wait for my turn.

As I step into the water I start to paddle beside my Dad trying not to make a big of a noise to frighten the fish away. We saw many different kinds of fish like Nemo, Dory and Marlin, Nemo’s Dad. I think the island is special because of its history because there is so much to learn like the island was discovered by captain James Cook in 1774.
When I go to the island it makes me feel special and I enjoy going to the shops and trying the French food.

On the island you can go to the cafe and walk around the entire island but it takes about a couple of hours because it’s huge. On the island you can try the different pastries like the sweet and the savoury My favourite was the sweet and this is also why this is my favourite place. When you walk around the island you can go look at the historic buildings like the church at the top of the hill and the sort of landmarks like there are signs and sculptures.

The only way you can get to the island is by a boat because it is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean but some people get there by a cruise boat and they use the island for tourism. Its a great idea to use the island for tourism because then nobody will know of the island. Isle of pines is used for tourism only because its the easiest way to get there.

Isle of pines is my favourite place because it is the best place to holiday and relax I think I would definitely go back and personally its number one for me.


Dream Bedrooms InterestingI’m dreaming.

In my bedroom it’s not only a room that I sleep in, I play on my computer in there and do my homework. In there there is also a lot of posters hanging up on the walls of my bedroom. In there,there is an extra room, it’s like a big storage space for all my toys and sports gear. It is also an room to hide in when i’m doing hide-a-go-seek. It’s so cool that it is my favourite room.

I hear bangs on the wall from my bedroom it sounds like King Kong is smashing every thing in my room. Guess who it was my Mum being angry at how messy my room is, I say at least my bed is tidy. Suddenly I see spider webs on the corner of my room then I think why aren’t I looking after my favourite room?

There is blankets on the floor from my bed in the morning I think that I was fighting in my bed or something. I see clothes on my bed-side table that hang from the side of it.

In the night I hear motor bikes racing outside our house even though my windows in my bedroom were closed. I put my two pillows on top of my head and finally get to sleep, its comfy with the pillows on my head because they are so light.  

This is my favourite place in the area I live in. (My room is never as tidy as the picture on the bedroom). But that would be my dream bedroom.

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Evolve - Chapter Two - Stench Of Death

Chapter 2

A loud THUD echoed through the damp wilderness, as the team landed roughly into the mud. On contact with the ground, Kayde could feel his boots sinking helplessly into the mud. “ We need to get a move on “ he spat, disgusted that anything could live in these conditions. “ Unless you want to sink in this slop “ he added in, before anyone could object. As they dragged their boots through the stinking gloop, Kayde couldn’t help but notice that Jasmine seemed to be staying close to him. “ You know, Im a trapper, i'm not going to be able to protect you “ Kayde said dryly. “ If your looking for a body guard, Brutus is a better bet”. Jasmine simply shook her head. “ I can’t stand those two “ she said, gesturing to Brutus and Frank, further behind making fools of themselves. Although, inspite of their behavior, they got along pretty well. Kayde simply sighed, shaking his head. “ Why would two goons like them be chosen for the first hunt”? Kayde said, already knowing the answer. “ Because we’re not as good as the others”. She said, her tone rough.
“ They’d rather us be killed in the trial hunt, than any of their best hunters” she said with an angry huff. While they had been talking, Kayde hadn’t noticed the large claw shaped prints in the ground, several metres ahead of them. Instantly, he gestured to Brutus and Frank to be quiet, ducking behind a thorn bush. The others all copied, except Frank, who stood there in the open.
“ Get down”! Brutus hissed in a low voice to the old hunter. But instead, he deployed a turret, right there in the open. The turret started swinging in various directions, a red sensor flashed in the dark mist. “ What are you doing?! “ Kayde hissed, furious. “ He’s here “ Frank said in a low voice. “ The turret can sense him “. Instantly, Kayde froze. This was it. They were about to go out, and take on their first monster. While he was lost in thought, he heard a scream from split through the silence, and a ground shattering roar. “ GOLIATH” Came Brutus’ horrified voice. Charging towards him, Kayde almost had a heart attack. There, standing over Brutus, was the biggest, ugliest Goliath he’d ever seen. They’d all been shown images of the monster’s, but this was far different. WIth in an instant, Jasmine jumped in, hauling Brutus back, and using her healing ray to fix his wounds. But the goliath was on her in seconds, swiping her across the head with its giant claws. “ Jasmine! “ Kayde screamed, as she slid across the mud, her chest feebly rising and falling. But to Kaydes surprise, she staggered up, her legs shaking. Blood was smeared across her uniform, and her rifle lay on the floor, literally on fire. Kayde charged at the monster, sure that Jasmine would be ok, and flung an electric chain across its legs, making it fall into the mud, with a large splash. This whole time, Frank had been mounted onto his turret, trying to hit the frenzied beast, and now was his chance. But when Kayde turned to check on him, his unmoving body lay on the ground, the only sign of life was his chest slowly rising and falling. This beast had beaten them. Brutus was in bad shape, Frank was unconscious, Jasmine was a swipe away from death, and Kayde couldn’t kill the beast by himself. “ Brutus “! he called desperately. He appeared beside him, stumbling out of a bush. “ Take Frank to the ship “! he demanded. Surprisingly, Brutus obeyed, and started to haul Frank to the ship, which had automatically landed around a kilometre away. But when Kayde turned to get Jasmine, he found her being thrown around ferociously by the Goliath, struggling desperately. There was a gaping claw mark down her leg, bleeding horribly. Kayde charged forward, without a word, but before he could get there, Jasmine spoke. “ Run Kayde “! she cried drowsily. “ Its no use, im doomed “! Kayde stared in shock, every muscle in his body screaming to go save her. But he knew it was no use. There was no hope, he couldn't save her. And even if the goliath let her go, she would still die from her wounds. Kayde turned, and dashed to the ship, hearing the electric ropes starting to snap around the goliaths feet. He picked up the pace, using his jetpack to get to the ship quicker. Brutus was waiting, his eyes wide with concern. Still in the distance, he could hear Jasmine throwing insults wearily at the beast, and its furious growls. Then all was quiet. Brutus, without a word, let out a long sigh, knowing what had happened. The ship began to take off, the engines already prepared. The sky was bright above the swamp, the sun shining through the one window. And Jasmine was dead.