Thursday, 26 February 2015

My favourite place By Tyrone

My favourite place is the beautiful country of Germany. Well we go for a walk I hear people with strong German accents and the birds chirping away while children play in the day. All I see is parks and large buildings with restaurants with people chatting away. When we walk into the park and all the trees and people being so friendly I think it is a really great country to be in. They have delicious food such as chicken and salad with parmesan mmmm delicious. Then we go on a road trip to see the beautiful sights with crystal clear lakes and lush green forests scenery.                                           The castles look amazing I think to myself as we walk around and take photo’s the scenery was amazing we could see our hotel from the castle called Heidelberg castle. Germany was packed with cyclists in the lane and people going 160 km’s an hour it is way more faster then being in New Zealand. The culture is really different because there are a lot of beer factories and people selling traditional Bavarian outfits and bakeries with pastries and tarts or as German people like too call them Bacerei’s. As we arrive in Legoland the atmosphere is buzzing around. As we get inside I love the Munich sports stadium and lego statues of famous people the bumper car lego ride was really fun with the man always asking if we want to go faster. And their gift shops are always stacked up. Eagles nest was on the top peak of a mountain. It was also Hitler’s hideout during world war ll. The view was amazing from the top and a great experience. Well Germany is my favourite place and a great country.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Image result for legoland                                                         Image result for heidelberg                                      

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