Friday, 27 February 2015

My favourite place


This is a quiet holiday town in South Africa, It is a place were you can spend quality time with your family, relax and unwind. yes this is Stilbaai. has the most breathtaking beaches with soft white sand, the water is so clear you can see schools of fish and clusters of crabs as you swim.. All along the water line you can also see shells, starfish and lots washed up blue bottles, blue bottles are small little jellyfish that float on top of the water so you have to be careful where you step and where you swim.

The local community is growing every year and attracts pensioners from all over the world. The locals are kind, friendly and very supportive to newcomers and tourists, you will also find a vibrant primary school of about 250 students.During the holiday seasons and weekends you will find most of the students at the farmers markets buying and selling fresh produce. Stilbaai is not only a farming town but also has a small fishing harbor that provides fresh fish and sea food to the community. At Christmas time it becomes a very busy harbor as tourists flock to catch fresh fish.

On the way through this little town you are surrounded by a scenic mountain range.
Driving on the twisty mountain road you are occasionally met by some cheeky local baboons, especially during the holiday season, not stopping to admire these creatures would be the best decision to make since you might end up with one in your car.On your way from Stilbaai to Riversdale you encounter the most beautiful sight you will ever see, as the thick white mist rises from the mountain tops you can see the silhouette of the mountain rang that is shaped like the sleeping beauty.

Stilbaai is an amazing place and I think everyone should go and see it for themselves, because for me It’s number one.

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