Monday, 30 March 2015

A day in Room 3

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A day in Room 3

Our day usually starts when we come inside the classroom at 9.00 or once we hear the music (bell) and we start to prepare for our day by putting down our chairs, taking out any forms that need to be handed in and getting our stationary ready for a new day of endless torture (just kidding I meant fun).

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We then take out our chrome books or for students that do own a chrome book they turn on a class computer or school chrome book and log onto Mathletics which is a maths program that helps improve our numeracy skills. During this time we are called to the mat for the roll and sharing where Mr Fourie, our teacher calls out the roll and we sit in a circle and share how we are feeling and why we are feeling that way.

Lately we have been working on our statistical inquiry which is a Google slide document that we use to display data that we have gathered from our survey question. So because of that we have been doing tasks in booklets to help us prepare for presenting our information. At 10.30 we change into our sports uniforms and grab our drink bottles before heading outside onto the field to do 1-2 laps, stretching and for our daily fitness routine.

In our fitness we have 3 groups, group A (best), group B (medium) and group C (bad) and on either Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays we have health which is when Mrs Bailey informs us on how our body works and what type of things we need to be doing for them to keep functioning.
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At 11.00 we head off to have morning tea and to play before we go back inside the classroom at 11.25 for our middle block where we either study on our estuary enquiry, work on an SRA card, do reading work- book reports and reading logs or have our language session where we are learning German or for the Year 7’s Spanish. But on Mondays we go to the library at 12.30 to issue books and to read.

After we have lunch at 1.00 we come back inside at 1.40 and read for 10-15 minutes before we finish off any activities we still need to complete or finish any work Mr Fourie has set for us. Although on Tuesdays we have Team sports which is when the Kereru team (Rooms 2, 3 and 4) play particular activities, recently we have been playing a Maori game called Ki o Rahi.

Life in Room 3 is generally enjoyable and I enjoy the learning environment we are in even though sometimes I become very agitated when my peers are misbehaving and the class has to write down the class matrix during morning tea or lunch.

Mr Fourie (This was the only photo I could find on the internet)

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But it also comes down to the fact that in Room 3 we have a very high level of expectation from Mr Fourie to give our best efforts and push ourselves to the maximum. Overall I guess in some ways we are like a family in Room 3 as we might not always get along but we put up with each other anyway because we have to and all the students have distinctive qualities and the fact that we act so comfortable around each other is what makes Room 3 different and unique from any other class in the school.

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