Monday, 30 March 2015

A day in Room 3

A day in room 3 usually starts with us slowly making our way into the class clutching our chromebook in our arms ready to start the day and then the music goes so we all need to get to class, expecting a busy and productive day

Our morning block line up is logging into mathletics and doing live mathletics to increase our basic facts knowledge and speed until we get called to the mat to do the roll and share about how we feel and why we feel that way. Then we carry on with our maths program that currently is statistics and while we do this we are allowed to eat some brain food.

At 10.30am we get into our sports gear and go out for our fitness program.

At 11.00am we have morning tea until 11.30 so it is a great way to burn some energy and eat some of our packed lunch.

In the middle block we normally do either writing or reading tasks but sometimes do Enquiry. This is when we generally do our independent tasks that our class is currently working on.

From 1.00pm to 1.40pm we have our lunch break.  Lunch is the time when we get to catch up with friends and have a nice break from class.

The last block always changes, but on Friday’s we have Celebration, and Tuesdays we have Kereru team sports. At 3.00pm we get to rush to the school gates and go home.

Life in Room 3 is an amazing experience and I’m glad I get to experience it everyday.  I really enjoy the opportunities that we get in our class because we have the best teacher. In room 3 we are expected to push ourselves and give 100% which shows in our mostly high and always improving results.

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