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Evolve - Chapter Seven - Betrayal

Kayde looked on, for what seemed like hours, as the huge tower holding the Wraith captive collapsed, and what seemed like a line of explosions rippled across the top of the building.  The teleporters the scientists were trying to set up, using the Wraiths DNA all started to freak, before also exploding. Then, Kayde stared in horror as massive Voids starting appearing all around the Jungle, and monsters started to pour out. It was some kind of teleport rift, that the Wraiths had summoned. Monster after monster, Goliath, Kraken, Wraith, or stone thing, all tumbled out of the rift. Most of them were just hatchlings, other wise known as ‘stage one’ or ‘minions’. But others were bigger, ‘stage two’ and some were even ‘stage three’, bigger than anything in their path. Kayde, still staring in horror, almost died when about six huge Krakens all swarmed out of the portal, diving towards the power relay. Kayde dived forward, dashing past Brutus and Voldon. “ Where do you think your going?” Voldon said, pulling Kayde back. “ Protecting the relay “ Kayde screamed in reply. “ If we lose that, we lose this entire Jungle, everything shuts down, and monsters will swarm it within an hour. “ It already is swarmed “ Brutus snapped. “ We can do our best to evacuate the scientists, but the Jungle is already lost. “ Reinforcements are coming “ Kayde argued. “ They’ll be here any second “ Yeah, well there’s more monsters here than there is humans on the entire planet “ Brutus shouted, obviously getting annoyed. “ Well thats because their all dead!” Kayde yelled, wrenching away from Voldon, and heading for the relay. “ You’re going to die kid “ Brutus screeched from behind him, before turning to whisper something to Voldon. All Kayde heard him say was ‘kill’ and for a moment, hoped he’d changed his mind, but when he turned around, Brutus stood smirking. “ What’s wrong “ Brutus called. “ Can’t tackle another monster alone “? “ Of course I can’t “ Kayde said in a calm tone, looking suspiciously at Brutus. There was something he hadn’t noticed before, and the same thing with Voldon. “ What's that on you back? “ Kayde said to Brutus. “And on your sleeves Voldon.” Suddenly, both of their expressions changed, and they seemed to be glaring at him. “ Its just some fluff or something. “ No, thats a Wraiths scale on you, Brutus, and Voldon has Kraken scales on his arm. “ Kayde, come here, let me tell you something “. Kayde stepped forwards cautiously and looking at Brutus.  When he was about a step away, Brutus lashed out. He leapt back, and flung out a pistol, shooting Brutus in the chest a few times, and pointing the gun at Voldon, who backed down. “ What are you playing at?” Kayde screeched at Voldon, aware of the lab collapsing behind them. Voldon just stared at him, not saying a word. Then, over the hill, a huge truck came skidding forwards, and stopped beside Brutus, All the different soldiers poured from the back, except for the general, which Kayde found very strange. “ Brutus and Voldon are trai-” Kayde was cut short as Sylvia, one of the medics, pointed a gun to his head. “ A traitor?” “ We all are you idiot, the only people here to save the poor people of Sheer are you, the general, and Rusty. Jasmine was one of them, but we managed to get rid of her. “ What “? Kayde said. “ What kind of sick joke is this?” Its no joke, kid. Brutus was invited to the mission by the general, and he accepted. But he had other plans. He got all us on the crew, but we all wanted to sell this planet. We’re not here to save the people who can’t fend for themselves, we’re here to become rich.” Kayde just stared for a moment, speechless, before flinging out his pistol again, and tackling Sylvia. “ Anyone who moves, she dies!” Kayde yelled. Sylvia just sat there, whistling. “ What do you think you’re doing?” Kayde said. “ Calling a pet?” “Yes”..Sylvia said. “ Look behind you” Kayde turned around for a second, and was instantly blinded by some piercing light. When he could see again, and Kraken stood over him, bellowing, and pinning him down. Kayde could hear a chouros of almost ‘evil’ laughs coming from somewhere around him, but his head was spinning, and the Kraken was spitting all over him. Within minutes, the laughing had stopped, and instead all Kayde could hear were threats. “ We’ll make it drop you from the highest cliff we can find “. “ We’ll spread your guts across the forest “. Kayde couldn’t believe what was happening, but then, he heard a loud STOP. Sylvia was standing to his left now, and seemed to be looking at him and the Kraken at the same time. She gave Kayde a sly grin, and turned to the Kraken, making some weird hand gesture. The Kraken seemed to reply, in some strange was, before turning to Kayde. Suddenly it looked ten times more evil. It tentacles were intertwining im the air, some kind of electric circut running through them. It thrusted itself into the air, using its hind legs, allowing Kayde to struggle to his feet. Then, Kaydes world went dark.

2015 Kereru Team Kelly-Tarltons Trip:

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How To Make A Video with Kid President

For the Heroes: A Pep Talk From Kid President

My Long Weekend Away

On long weekend like Easter weekend we always take the opportunity to go away to our batch as we have one in coromandel, Matarangi. Well we are there we always  enjoys going out fishing spending time with family and friend, and also just being there to get away from Auckland and relax. Because there a boat ramp only 3 minutes down the road we always take the boat down so that we can go and catch fish, go ski biscuiting, weight boarding, and skiing behind the boat.

Well we are there we always go out fishing in the boat , in a secret spot that we always go fishing and always get a nice feed for the family. But over the 3 days as we were going out of the harbour because the water was so clear that weekend we saw a couple of stingrays swam away as the boat got close to them. But after about 10 ,minutes boating along out to our spot we threw the pick (The Anchor) and put the lines down. And pretty much straight away we started pulling up snapper. But the funny thing is, is that, that day we caught such a variety of fish. We caught Snapper (As i said), Kahawai, Trevally, Gurnard, and one fish that we don't really like, that is a SHARK. So as soon as the shark came around we weren't catching fish any more, so we left with a great feed and had fish for tea that night. And was  able to freeze some to take home and use in the deep frier. But to make a long storey short the next day we went out and got a good feed before you know what came around. THE SHARK.  AND SO THIS WHEN IT CAME AROUND DAD WHACKED IT ON THE HEAD AND IT CAME BACK ANOTHER 3 TIMES BEFORE IT REALIZED THAT WE DID NOT WANT IT AROUND. AND SO FROM THAT  DAY ON WHENEVER THE SHARK GOT IN A 100 METER RADIUS TO US, ITS SECRETS WOULD TELL IT TO TURN AROUND SO THAT IT WOULDN'T GET HID WITH THE GAF AGAIN.

The next night we went to our friends place and had a brazier. And for the ones that do not know what a brazier is this is it. It is a Fisher & Paykel washing machine that has been pulled out from its body and then had legs put onto it and become and fire pit to toast marshmallows on and do thing with family and friends well sitting around it. And with that brazier we had toasted marshmallows and apple and fejoa crumble, which was really nice.

Another thing that we do everyday well we are at the batch. That is going for a swim and for me a surf. So well we were down there for those few days i went surfing everyday, at least 1 or 2 times a day if the waves were good. A so after that me and Tyrone would normally go down to the dairy and get a Ice cream, which is huge, so huge that we only buy a single scoop when we go there because it is so big.

So at the end of the day I had a great Easter and I have read the other stories and sounds like  everyone else had a good one to. So when it comes around to having deep fried fish I will certainly tell you guys, Just to make you jealous.

Evolve Update / New Series After

Me and Ryan just wanted to say, that instead of making a series two for evolve, all the ideas we had for series two will be added in to the normal series, as after the Evolve series ends, we would prefer to write about a different topic, to switch things up. Anything on the slideshow for series two, will just be included in our current writing.

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The Amazing Bike Ride

It’s four in the morning when I wake up and start driving to Auckland airport where me, my brother, my mum and my dad will be going on a 150 kilometer bike ride. But first my family actually got to go to Queenstown first. At Auckland airport we had to wait a while because we were so early, when we were waiting where the plane picks us up from. I was thinking why did we have to leave so early when the plane leaves at 7:00. We finally got onto the plane getting prepared to leave and me and my brother (Marc) asked for our books. Me and Marc basically read the whole flight well at least I did.     

When we got to Queenstown we went on the Shotover jetboat about 1 hour after we got to Queenstown. On the jetboat we did a lot of full 360 degrees spins it was wet and so fun. After the jetboat we did indoor mini-golf and almost everything in there moved in the course my Dad won the game and I came second. Next we did the luge sadly I had to do the slow track first before I could do the fast track. Because on the slow track you get a stamp for you to go on the fast course.   
We wake up in the next morning getting ready for the 150 km bike ride, at 9 am the bus will be taking us to where we start at clyde. At Clyde our bikes will be there waiting for us. We are at Clyde and we see our bikes, I think in my head ‘’ this bike must cost 2000 dollars at least’’ and it did.

We start our bike ride, going 42 km today. We are going to be biking to Omakau and there is only 1 cafe on the way we are biking so I say to my Mum “we have to stop there”. Anyway so we start the ride at 9:00 in the morning.About 15 km in  we stop at a wharf for us to have a break and my Dad to have a fish. My dad has got a fishing rod that can fold down into a tiny as fishing rod. My Dad finished fishing and we we started riding again. We were tired and we had 8 km’s to go and finally we found our first cafe. We stopped there and I had ribs because well, I just felt like it after 35 km’s done. This cafe had hammock’s and animals. We finished Lunch and did the longest climb of the trip called Tiger Hill. Tiger Hill was a long non-steep hill. I found this hill easy though I sped past everyone. We got to our lodge we were staying at and got changed for dinner there was one problem though I was still full from lunch. My family watched t.v having turns at having a shower. The showers are done and we go to dinner, at here they had nice as food, even though they had nice food I shared a pizza with my Mum. All the other four days was like this too.           

My highlights of this trip was the day in Queenstown, the nice dinner I had every night, one night when we did curling, when it was snowing and also all the rainy days we had on the bike ride. This was a fun and tired trip, we at least got to rest on the plane.
Gedenktafel zur Eröffnung am

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Jacks holiday

Image result for kelly tarltons logo
Jacks awesome holiday!

It’s the last day of school and it is such awesome last day at school because we just came back from Kelly Tarltons and half way through the motorway the bus broke down and that took like an hour. But anyway as I has saying we got back at school and we had a little talk about the day then when we got released I ran like 50 meters shouting here I come Ipad! When I stopped and looked behind me and sure enough it was my Dad walking my dog Lexi so I walked with him all the way home and the funny thing was is when I got home my Mum was home because I wasn't really use to that and I walked in the gate and one of my cat Tickle ran and jumped at me. So I picked him up and put him inside where my Mum, my brother and my little sister Meadow where just sitting watching T.V and enjoying the holidays. So I just went in my room and played on my I pad. After a while both of my kittens came in so I decided to play/annoy them and whenever they bit me it tickled. Although every now and then I would go over to my Aunts to go see my cousin.
Image result for kitten biting hands

So it’s Saturday one day away from easter Sunday and my Mum let’s Zayne and I help hide the easter eggs. But surprisingly it actually took longer than I expected because there was basically no more hiding places for the easter eggs so we decided to put some eggs down the hallway. any way it’s around 10:30 pm and Zayne and I are watching T.V. Then we head off to bed around 11:00 pm and go to sleep and to our egg hunt in the morning. It’s morning and time to do our yearly easter hunt and Zayne and I went and woke up my little sister Meadow. But that was a pretty bad idea because she wouldn’t stop shouting its easter! it’s easter! After 5 minutes of that we got to go and do our easter hunt. and in the end we actually missed a few easter eggs then Meadow just went straight down to my Mum and showed her the easter eggs and then started eating them. Then later on around 11:00 am my Dad came back with a new car that he got off trade me and all I know is that it is a black holden. So we got to go in the car and my Dad drove it around the block but the only thing I don’t like about that car is the seat belts because there like right in the seat.Image result for easter eggs

Although most of the holidays I had the flu so I just played call of duty black ops 2 and some other games on the ps2 and the ps3. But the rest of the holidays I was basically at the warehouse and the mall and I went and got my passport photos at this shop in the mall. But a really interesting thing that happen was going to my aunt’s body building competition and out of all of her group she came second.Image result for call of duty black ops 2

 And for the last week Zayne and I went to work with my Dad up at Acacia Cove and helped around the village by going around and planting and everything. Then after we finished all our jobs we had lunch there then we went out for a game of human sized checkers, it was pretty fun and the results wereImage result for acacia cove
Zayne vs Jack
Dad vs Zayne
Jack vs Dad
Image result for really cool poolsThen we went down to that place where you try to roll one ball into another. Anyway as i was saying we actually had quite a few birthdays the first one was my nanas which was going over to her houses and celebrate then went home after a bit. Then we went over to my cousins for her birthday and that was cool since I had at least 1 boy cousin and he showed me a glitch for 1 of my games which was really cool. So most of the time we were on my Ipad and going on my cousins y-flicker. But the best birthday was my cousin Koby’s birthday because  we got to stay at his house the whole day and have a, sleepover and his friends also came over so we played call of duty there and then when they went home we stayed until like 3:00 am. Although we did go to the pools like 3 or 4 times which I think made me sick but other than that I had a great swim.

Image result for the warehouse logo
 So the holidays is almost up so my Mum asked Zayne and I if we want to go to Pukekohe and I for one say yes well Zayne says no and stays in his pajamas all day. But anyway Meadow, my Mum and I got in the car as quick as possible because it was raining hard out. So were in the car having to put up with Meadows singing the whole time. Then finally we stopped at the Pukekohe  warehouse to go look around. Sadly we had to leave and go look around at some clothing shops for my Mum then we went to bed bath and beyond to see if they had some blankets with sleeves in them but unfortunately there was nothing there. Later 0n we went to hollywood (the cafe) for lunch then went to this wedding dress shop for my Mum and trust me it was really really boring. After that was finished we got to go home but it took forever because it was raining cats and dog outside and traffic was huge. Although I must admit it was pretty cool because we got held up because the water on the road was to high so we had to turn around. It felt like 5 years but we finally got home and before I knew it it was time for me to go to bed and surprisingly in the morning it was sunny instead of bad weather. Then I get up and go into the lounge and my Mum tells me to get ready because she has a surprise for Zayne, Meadow and I 10 minutes later we are all ready to go. So we jump into the car and put our seat belts on then we have to listen to Meadow sing again but luckily the trip didn’t last long. Although I found out very soon that we were going to the Auckland Zoo. It was really cool seeing all the animals it was cool but annoying because Meadow kept shouting all the time but other than that it was fun looking at the Tiger’s, the Seals and everything but it didn’t feel like we stayed there for long.
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By Jack.

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Easter weekend athletics

Easter Weekend Athletics

Over the Easter weekend (Easter Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday) I went to Hamilton, with a group of 42 other children, to participate in the New Zealand Interprovincials.The Interprovincials is an athletics event that is only for 12-13 year old's. I went as part of the Counties manukau team.(Jorien was part of the team as well).

On the morning of Easter Friday(3 April) the Counties team met at the Rainbows End car park to leave for Hamilton via bus. When we finally arrived at Saint Peter's in Cambridge we stayed in the Oliphant house. We were at least 40 min behind schedule, so when we were settled in, we had lunch (Each person had a foot long subway), after lunch we went to Porritt stadium to have a quick practice.

The next day, Saturday, was the first day of the athletics tournament. I had my 1500m at 10:00am and my shot put at 12:40pm. For my 1500m I ran it in a time of 5min 30sec and I came 5th in my heat, but 11th overall, the girl who won the 1500m ran it in a time of 4min 48sec and she was from Wellington. I am unsure of my placing in the shot put.

Sunday was the second, and final, day of the athletics. At 10:40 I had my 800m and there after my long jump. In my 800m race I came 4th in my heat, I ran it in 2min 30sec, and came 8th overall. In long jump I jumped 3m and 98cm, but I didn't find out my overall placing.
After our big athletics day we had the prize giving… but first we went back to the hostile, cleaned up and had dinner.

At the prize giving, Counties came 4th, with a score higher than we have had in 5 years, Auckland came 3rd, Wellington came 2nd, and canterbury came 1st. Once the prize giving had finally finished, there was a disco. The disco started at 8pm and ended and 11pm. After the disco we returned to the hostile, most of the people went to bed but Jorien, a group of kids and I stayed up till 1 am playing Ping pong and eating biscuits…”was so much fun” !
I had an amazing Easter weekend and I made a few new friends, I hope I get the chance to go again next year.   

(A photo of some of the team cheering on our relay runners)

Easter holidays by Vishay

In my 2 week holiday me and my mum and sister went to Rotorua with my mum’s mum and dad and also with my uncle.  Some other thing we did where watch movies and I played on my playstation 4.

First thing we did in the holidays where we went to Rotorua.  We left Wattle downs a 7am . Then  we stop at the gas station to have breakfast. 2 hours later we stop at Hamilton. Then my sister and my mum’s dad swap cars. Then an 1 hour we were in Rotorua. The first thing we did was going to the luge. The line was so long we where waiting for half  an hour. Me and my mum were on the luge, we went  
through the luge and I pull the brake and then turned the handle bars and skid. Then on the 2nd day I rode a motorbike for the first time.

Image result for RotoruaImage result for Rotorua luge
In the second week I saw fast and furious 7 and also Sponge out water. My favourite movie was fast and furious 7 because when  they jumped out that building and then the another building.  But Spongebob was way funnier.

Image result for fast and furious 7Image result for spongebob movie

Then the rest of the holidays I was playing ps4. The games  I played were fifa 15 and watchdogs. I did a southpham career mode and manchester united career mode.

Image result for fifa 15Image result for watch dogs

Inclusion my holidays were cool and fun. I went to Rotorua and went to the movies and also played playstation 4

Evolve - Chapter Six - Elimination

The truck swerved in every direction, to avoid hitting the dead corpses of wildlife. “ Either this monster is massive, or theres much, much more than one to kill this much wildlife” came Rusty’s voice. “ We should call for reinforcements “. “ No need “ Brutus grumbled “ We can do just fine “. Kayde started at Brutus for a long moment. There was seriously something up with him, the way he always denied help as if he couldn’t die. “ Actually, we will call for help “ Kayde declared after a while, aware of Brutus glaring at him. “ Don’t give me that look, its as if you want to die “ Kayde snapped angrily, glaring hard a Brutus, as if they were having a stare down. “ Just look at the ground “ Kayde added in. “ Theres Goliath tracks, some electrical marks, and a faint white trail “. That could only mean all three monsters have been here. And then theres some really weird scorch trail, probably the Goliaths fire breath, or Kraken shooting lightning around “. Just as Kayde finished speaking, the truck seemed to lean forward, making them all fall against the wall. “ We’re stuck in a small crater “ came the drivers muffled voice. Kayde watched, as his other three teammates clambered out of the truck, climbing up the wall like insects, with him following close behind. Kayde watched, as they all took turns, leaping out of the truck with a thud. Rusty’s arm actually fell off, and he had to hook it back up. Kayde was still waiting for Voldon to slip over, when his phone buzzed in his pocket. “ What”? he snapped angrily into the device. “ We got Rusty’s distress signal “ came a voice he didn’t recognise. “ Oh, his arm fell off “ Kayde muttered, with a grunt, as he fell out of the truck. “ But, we could use with some back up “. Kayde added in quickly, aware of Brutus glaring at him. “ Send in two more Medics, Supports, Trapper, and Assaults to our exact location “. “ We’ll just follow Rusty’s tracker “ came the womans voice. “ Oh, and we just got an update of the situation. The monsters are too strong, so we’re saving as many colonists as we can in five days, then we’re evacuating the planet “. Before Kayde could ask any questions, the woman hung up. Kayde sat there for a moment, before letting out an angry sigh. Why did everyone on this planet have to be so mysterious? “ We’ll walk to the laboratory “ Kayde mumbled, surprised his group could hear him. “ Its a few hundred metres past that hill “ he said, gesturing to a big mountain, about seventy metres ahead. “ Lets fly there with our jetpacks “ Brutus cut in, suddenly talkative. “ Waste of fuel “ Kayde said, surprised Brutus hadn’t realised. But when he looked up from his phone, Brutus had already started flying for the hill. Kayde let out an agitated yell, before taking off after Brutus, followed by Voldon and Rusty. He looked back at the truck, stuck in that odd shaped ditch, with the driver slowly tugging it out. “ Go on ahead “ the driver called. “ Im not gonna be fighting in any case “. With that, Kayde turned to catch up with the rest of the squad, who had already started heading down the mountain. When Kayde appeared down, he almost fell over while landing. The whole lab was up in flames. There were three, huge towers, which were linked to the chamber where the Wraith was caught. All of the towers were bathed in monsters, mostly Goliaths, smashing at the strong metal that supported them. One of the towers was already starting to fall, and about seven Krakens were perched above it on a cliff, striking it with bolts of lightning, and their razor sharp tentacles. Monsters swarmed throughout the building, hundreds or maybe thousands of them. Kayde was still stuck in place, staring in horror at the massive building. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a huge rock wall, fly out from the earth, blocking the entrance way. Seconds after this, he heard an unearthly screech from inside the building. The sound was dulled by the panicked cries of the scientists, as they fled from the building, to be confronted by a rock wall, and dragged back to their doom by an endless line of Wraiths. Kayde was deafened by the endless bellows of Goliaths, growls of Kraken, screams of Wraiths, and that freaky screech. When he looked down the hill, he noticed that Brutus and Voldon both seemed to be frozen in terror, while Rusty was at the bottom, defending any escaped scientists he could find. To Kaydes horror, he realised how close he was to the rock wall. It had been about three minutes, with Kayde screaming at Rusty to get back, when it happened. The rockwall exploded into dust, and Kayde could just make out orange highlights, and pieces of rock, moving quickly through the dust, followed by screams. When the mist cleared, Kayde almost puked. Standing at the bottom of the hill, metres from Rusty, was a huge stone beast, whose skin seemed to be infested with lava. On his belly, there seemed to be some stone rib cage, and Kayde could just make out its organs hanging out. Rusty was shooting furiously at the lumbering creature, while it pounded on about twenty helpless scientists, whose scream were all drowned as they died off. Then, the beast turned to glare at Rusty, and Kayde noticed its huge lolling tongue, that seemed to be curled up in its mouth. Then, out of nowhere, it lifted its head to the sky, screeched, and shot its tongue out, grabbing Rusty, and flinging him towards him. While in mid air, the beast reared up on its hind legs, and snapped its jaws around him. Then, without a care, it stomped around, curled up into a ball, and rolled right through the entrance, making a huge hole in the wall. And inside, were even more monsters, all smashing the generator. And worst of all, they were all made of stone.

My Easter Holidays Ryan


The holidays for me were mainly eat, sleep do random stuff. But now I think about it I actually did quite a lot.
From eating a TON of Easter eggs to riding a skateboard I had a nice time.

First things first ITS EASTER. FOOD, CHOCOLATE AND FOOD. We all had lots of fun walking around the house so hyper because we badly want to grab all the Easter eggs possible and eat them all the only problem was that Mum and Dad weren't up yet. The moment they got up we charged the house. Eating everything we could find until we felt sick.
Image result for easter eggs

So after Easter weekend my Dad got something for me to use. A Simple Air pistol. It is really fun to use, I kept on shooting it about every day having lots of fun shooting things like tin cans, paper targets and myself.
So I guess you guys are wondering how I shot myself? I got hit by a ricochet when I was shooting at a tin can and damn it hurt.  

So I spent most of my time doing that until I decided to buy a skateboard from a place called hyperide I got it for $76 so I was really happy. After that I basically spent most of my time riding it until I got to do it well. All I really want to learn how to Ollie so that cruising will be easier.

So yeah my holidays actually had a lot in them and lets just say I blew a lot of money this holidays. Food, Choclate and Sleep the main things of my holidays that I can actually remember.

My Easter Holidays

My Easter Holidays!!!!

The First day of my easter holidays I spent with my poppa when I arrived there we watched the Warriors play the Storm and sadly we lost 30-14. After that i went into my brand new room at there house and got comfy lying down on my bed on my phone watching stuff, sadly i had no tv in my room so i couldn’t watch TV. For the two days i was there i was in my room playing on my phone or running up to the dairy to get a pie and a drink because thats all I could really do there. On wednesday i got ready to go home for my favourite day of the year MY BIRTHDAY!!!
I had to wait for a few hours for my mum to pick me up but i was so excited i was ready to go the moment she knocked on the door. When she arrived I gave my poppa a hug and said my goodbyes to the dogs and headed home.

The next day was my birthday!!! i was so excited happy i became 12, i woke up at 7 in the morning [thats the earliest i've woken up in a long time] and jumped on  my mums bed gave her a big hug and then of course opened my presents i got a bucket full of skittles and a bucket full of m&ms i also got 200$ some shampoo and a lot of chocolates yum. The first thing i did w

as  go out for lunch and eat. for lunch i had a beef burger with fries and a yummy lemonade and raspberry drink. after lunch i went shopping and bought games clothes and more food.

On the last week of the easter holidays i went to hamilton for a week to be with my nana while my mum worked the first thing i did was listen to my cousin make herself throw up good start to the day, not! After that horrific memory i got my xbox one out and started playing  it until 6pm where we had to watch the news. The next couple days  i did  the same thing because thats all i could do. on the final saturday of the holidays i went to watch my younger cousin play his league game in the blistering cold he was so surprised to see us and i was so happy to see him.  They ended up losing the game but they still played a really good game. After that we went to dominos and ate it at the wharf and that was the end of a great easter holidays.

Tyrone's Easter holiday's

well in the Easter holidays it started when I went to Manurewa baptist church to go down to Ecamp. Ecamp is down in Cambridge and is for all the youth groups in northland,Auckland and Waikato regions. For dinners we had Butter chicken,Nachos and roast. When we got down there we put our bags away had a quick meeting and then started the activities first I did swimming, Zorb, inflatable fighting and hung around at the cabin. Then we met with the other youth’s, the leaders, the emcee and the band. The next day we went for a morning run which was 3’ks it was pretty tiring. And the next couple of day’s we did the same thing and then we went back to the church on monday afternoon.                                 Image result for finlay park After that on Thursday of the first week I went to my friends house for a sleepover and after we had dinner we played xbox and we were playing nba 2k15 it was pretty fun. Then the next day we went to mini golf and I came second place I got two hole in 1’s I got them on the first and fifth hole and then we got subway for lunch. Then in the second week I went to the movies with my grandparents and sister and we saw Spongebob and shaun the sheep. Image result for spongebob movieImage result for shaun the sheep movie Spongebob was pretty funny because Patrick had ice cream as super powers and he kept on saying stupid stuff and they have to go out of the water to get the krabby patty formula back. And Shaun the sheep was very funny because they don’t talk and they keep on doing pranks because their owner was in a caravan and the caravan drove off and they had to get it. Most of the other things were just playing playstation or playing on my scooter and that’s what I did in the holidays.Image result for playstation

My Easter holidays- Jani

        My Easter holidays

When it was five minutes before school ended I was so excited for the Easter holidays and I couldn’t wait for what I was going to do.When I got home all I did was relax and enjoyed the moment and then I thought of Easter the next day and I wondered if i was going to get anything.

The next day I had an Easter egg hunt in the house and had to look for 14 little eggs and when I found them all, all I did was eat them but not all of them. My Mum and Dad got the the day off because it was a public holiday so we went to the mall and just walked around a lot and then my Dad bought us lunch but he always does.

The first week on Tuesday I went to Rosehill College for our first Hockey training we started at 5.45pm and finished around 7pm. The next day my Mum and Dad had to go back to work and I went with my friends to the mall and went to the cinema’s. When I came back I just watched a lot of online movies.

The second week my Mum and Dad took the day off again because it was their  wedding anniversary so then we went to      the mall and my Dad got my Mum her Iphone case and then we got fish and chips for dinner. The next day I stayed in my room and watched movies all day and in the weekend my family and I went to the beach with some friends and had a BBQ.

On the last day of the holidays I got all my things ready for school the next day but  I didn’t want to go back to school because I didn’t do anything interesting but I was happy I did something at least and for me it was an amazing holiday.

My Easter holidays

Last day of school was awesome knowing that there was 2 free weeks ahead no school work no tests. We even went to kelly tarlton's and had a lot of fun there then there was a 50/50 chance for what bus you chose I chose the not so lucky one we broke down in the middle of the motorway then then we jumped out of the bus. Then we had to jump a fence then had to wait an hour for a bus took a lot of selfies well we waited. Then we got back to school at 4:30 pm

In the holidays my mum registered me for soccer. We had trials first week of holidays. I accidentally tried out for the wrong age then after all the people I played with last year came on then I saw my old coach he told me I tried out for the wrong age. But then my coach made a request to see if I could go back in his team they said yes. I have trains every thursday. THat day I meet my new team it was awesome I Basically had the same team as last year Except for a couple new players named Cody , Jack , Toby. My coaches name is Cregg.

Then it was Easter time I was so excited when we got to hamilton it was time for the hunt I got so much eggs after the hunt i counted my chocolates there was 20 after I ate them all i watched a movie with my cousin in the morning i went home. Then they came down a week later we went to butterfly creek it was so boring there only cool thing there was holding the butterflies.

Then I went down to hamilton and drive some dirtbikes they were 70cc and 110cc they went so fast. Then nick xander luke Dillinger came to my house for a night we didn't get to bed till 1:00 AM. In the morning we went to paintball for my birthday we done 2 maps speedball and tomb raider speed ball was pretty much fight til shot and the objective of tomb raider was to take over the tomb and there was an advantage you could start at the top of the hill or the bottom you just had to see with team could shoot higher on the pyramid.

Keegans Easter Holidays

Keegan’s Easter Holidays

This Easter holiday was probably the best holiday I will ever have, I did loads of fun stuff like spending my birthday in Rotorua and having an awesome one week holiday in Australia, this is how my Easter holiday went.

“Are we there yet” “Are we there yet” “Are we there yet” was all I heard from my Sister on the long four hour drive to Rotorua. The traffic was terrible because it was easter weekend and I really wanted to tell my Dad to just turn around and drive home, but I knew it that it would be worth the wait once I get to ride on the luge and go on the big splash at rainbow fairy springs. Once we arrived at Rotorua the first thing we did was the luge. I had heaps of fun, we all got to do it four times each
and I crashed into a few people. We all had a really good time on the luge, next stop rainbow fairy springs. We spent the rest of the day at rainbow fairy springs and while my family were looking at all the animals Daniel and I were riding the big splash. That was the only thing we did at rainbow fairy springs, I think we ended up doing it eight times, I felt a little sick afterwards but it was still loads of fun. I had an awesome time at Rotorua with my friends and family and I cant wait till I go there again.
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One of the things that made these holidays the best i’ve ever had was that it was my birthday! I got loads of presents. I got some new basketball shoes, two new nike basketball shorts, a new nike school bag,  two ps3 games, a soccer top and a whole lot of money! After unwrapping heaps of presents, my family and I went to a yummy restaurant for dinner. I had a really good birthday and a delicious birthday dinner, now I just got to figure out what to do with all this money.
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The best thing I did in the Easter holidays was got to all the theme parks in AUSTRALIA! We went to movie world, dream world and sea world. My favourite theme park in Aussie was movie world because they had amazing rides. Lucky for us it wasn’t busy so we got to do the superman ride five times, the scooby ride twice, the log flume twice and the asylum roller coaster twice. At sea world we saw all the sea animals like the penguins, the seal and the dolphins. We also went boogie boarding on the beach and caught some absolutely massive waves, I had a great time in Australia and I really want to go back.

I had a awesome Easter holiday, I got to go to Rotorua, got heaps of presents for my birthday and had an amazing one week holiday in Australia, I had a great holiday.