Thursday, 23 April 2015

Easter holidays by Vishay

In my 2 week holiday me and my mum and sister went to Rotorua with my mum’s mum and dad and also with my uncle.  Some other thing we did where watch movies and I played on my playstation 4.

First thing we did in the holidays where we went to Rotorua.  We left Wattle downs a 7am . Then  we stop at the gas station to have breakfast. 2 hours later we stop at Hamilton. Then my sister and my mum’s dad swap cars. Then an 1 hour we were in Rotorua. The first thing we did was going to the luge. The line was so long we where waiting for half  an hour. Me and my mum were on the luge, we went  
through the luge and I pull the brake and then turned the handle bars and skid. Then on the 2nd day I rode a motorbike for the first time.

Image result for RotoruaImage result for Rotorua luge
In the second week I saw fast and furious 7 and also Sponge out water. My favourite movie was fast and furious 7 because when  they jumped out that building and then the another building.  But Spongebob was way funnier.

Image result for fast and furious 7Image result for spongebob movie

Then the rest of the holidays I was playing ps4. The games  I played were fifa 15 and watchdogs. I did a southpham career mode and manchester united career mode.

Image result for fifa 15Image result for watch dogs

Inclusion my holidays were cool and fun. I went to Rotorua and went to the movies and also played playstation 4

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