Thursday, 30 April 2015

Evolve - Chapter Seven - Betrayal

Kayde looked on, for what seemed like hours, as the huge tower holding the Wraith captive collapsed, and what seemed like a line of explosions rippled across the top of the building.  The teleporters the scientists were trying to set up, using the Wraiths DNA all started to freak, before also exploding. Then, Kayde stared in horror as massive Voids starting appearing all around the Jungle, and monsters started to pour out. It was some kind of teleport rift, that the Wraiths had summoned. Monster after monster, Goliath, Kraken, Wraith, or stone thing, all tumbled out of the rift. Most of them were just hatchlings, other wise known as ‘stage one’ or ‘minions’. But others were bigger, ‘stage two’ and some were even ‘stage three’, bigger than anything in their path. Kayde, still staring in horror, almost died when about six huge Krakens all swarmed out of the portal, diving towards the power relay. Kayde dived forward, dashing past Brutus and Voldon. “ Where do you think your going?” Voldon said, pulling Kayde back. “ Protecting the relay “ Kayde screamed in reply. “ If we lose that, we lose this entire Jungle, everything shuts down, and monsters will swarm it within an hour. “ It already is swarmed “ Brutus snapped. “ We can do our best to evacuate the scientists, but the Jungle is already lost. “ Reinforcements are coming “ Kayde argued. “ They’ll be here any second “ Yeah, well there’s more monsters here than there is humans on the entire planet “ Brutus shouted, obviously getting annoyed. “ Well thats because their all dead!” Kayde yelled, wrenching away from Voldon, and heading for the relay. “ You’re going to die kid “ Brutus screeched from behind him, before turning to whisper something to Voldon. All Kayde heard him say was ‘kill’ and for a moment, hoped he’d changed his mind, but when he turned around, Brutus stood smirking. “ What’s wrong “ Brutus called. “ Can’t tackle another monster alone “? “ Of course I can’t “ Kayde said in a calm tone, looking suspiciously at Brutus. There was something he hadn’t noticed before, and the same thing with Voldon. “ What's that on you back? “ Kayde said to Brutus. “And on your sleeves Voldon.” Suddenly, both of their expressions changed, and they seemed to be glaring at him. “ Its just some fluff or something. “ No, thats a Wraiths scale on you, Brutus, and Voldon has Kraken scales on his arm. “ Kayde, come here, let me tell you something “. Kayde stepped forwards cautiously and looking at Brutus.  When he was about a step away, Brutus lashed out. He leapt back, and flung out a pistol, shooting Brutus in the chest a few times, and pointing the gun at Voldon, who backed down. “ What are you playing at?” Kayde screeched at Voldon, aware of the lab collapsing behind them. Voldon just stared at him, not saying a word. Then, over the hill, a huge truck came skidding forwards, and stopped beside Brutus, All the different soldiers poured from the back, except for the general, which Kayde found very strange. “ Brutus and Voldon are trai-” Kayde was cut short as Sylvia, one of the medics, pointed a gun to his head. “ A traitor?” “ We all are you idiot, the only people here to save the poor people of Sheer are you, the general, and Rusty. Jasmine was one of them, but we managed to get rid of her. “ What “? Kayde said. “ What kind of sick joke is this?” Its no joke, kid. Brutus was invited to the mission by the general, and he accepted. But he had other plans. He got all us on the crew, but we all wanted to sell this planet. We’re not here to save the people who can’t fend for themselves, we’re here to become rich.” Kayde just stared for a moment, speechless, before flinging out his pistol again, and tackling Sylvia. “ Anyone who moves, she dies!” Kayde yelled. Sylvia just sat there, whistling. “ What do you think you’re doing?” Kayde said. “ Calling a pet?” “Yes”..Sylvia said. “ Look behind you” Kayde turned around for a second, and was instantly blinded by some piercing light. When he could see again, and Kraken stood over him, bellowing, and pinning him down. Kayde could hear a chouros of almost ‘evil’ laughs coming from somewhere around him, but his head was spinning, and the Kraken was spitting all over him. Within minutes, the laughing had stopped, and instead all Kayde could hear were threats. “ We’ll make it drop you from the highest cliff we can find “. “ We’ll spread your guts across the forest “. Kayde couldn’t believe what was happening, but then, he heard a loud STOP. Sylvia was standing to his left now, and seemed to be looking at him and the Kraken at the same time. She gave Kayde a sly grin, and turned to the Kraken, making some weird hand gesture. The Kraken seemed to reply, in some strange was, before turning to Kayde. Suddenly it looked ten times more evil. It tentacles were intertwining im the air, some kind of electric circut running through them. It thrusted itself into the air, using its hind legs, allowing Kayde to struggle to his feet. Then, Kaydes world went dark.

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