Thursday, 23 April 2015

Evolve - Chapter Six - Elimination

The truck swerved in every direction, to avoid hitting the dead corpses of wildlife. “ Either this monster is massive, or theres much, much more than one to kill this much wildlife” came Rusty’s voice. “ We should call for reinforcements “. “ No need “ Brutus grumbled “ We can do just fine “. Kayde started at Brutus for a long moment. There was seriously something up with him, the way he always denied help as if he couldn’t die. “ Actually, we will call for help “ Kayde declared after a while, aware of Brutus glaring at him. “ Don’t give me that look, its as if you want to die “ Kayde snapped angrily, glaring hard a Brutus, as if they were having a stare down. “ Just look at the ground “ Kayde added in. “ Theres Goliath tracks, some electrical marks, and a faint white trail “. That could only mean all three monsters have been here. And then theres some really weird scorch trail, probably the Goliaths fire breath, or Kraken shooting lightning around “. Just as Kayde finished speaking, the truck seemed to lean forward, making them all fall against the wall. “ We’re stuck in a small crater “ came the drivers muffled voice. Kayde watched, as his other three teammates clambered out of the truck, climbing up the wall like insects, with him following close behind. Kayde watched, as they all took turns, leaping out of the truck with a thud. Rusty’s arm actually fell off, and he had to hook it back up. Kayde was still waiting for Voldon to slip over, when his phone buzzed in his pocket. “ What”? he snapped angrily into the device. “ We got Rusty’s distress signal “ came a voice he didn’t recognise. “ Oh, his arm fell off “ Kayde muttered, with a grunt, as he fell out of the truck. “ But, we could use with some back up “. Kayde added in quickly, aware of Brutus glaring at him. “ Send in two more Medics, Supports, Trapper, and Assaults to our exact location “. “ We’ll just follow Rusty’s tracker “ came the womans voice. “ Oh, and we just got an update of the situation. The monsters are too strong, so we’re saving as many colonists as we can in five days, then we’re evacuating the planet “. Before Kayde could ask any questions, the woman hung up. Kayde sat there for a moment, before letting out an angry sigh. Why did everyone on this planet have to be so mysterious? “ We’ll walk to the laboratory “ Kayde mumbled, surprised his group could hear him. “ Its a few hundred metres past that hill “ he said, gesturing to a big mountain, about seventy metres ahead. “ Lets fly there with our jetpacks “ Brutus cut in, suddenly talkative. “ Waste of fuel “ Kayde said, surprised Brutus hadn’t realised. But when he looked up from his phone, Brutus had already started flying for the hill. Kayde let out an agitated yell, before taking off after Brutus, followed by Voldon and Rusty. He looked back at the truck, stuck in that odd shaped ditch, with the driver slowly tugging it out. “ Go on ahead “ the driver called. “ Im not gonna be fighting in any case “. With that, Kayde turned to catch up with the rest of the squad, who had already started heading down the mountain. When Kayde appeared down, he almost fell over while landing. The whole lab was up in flames. There were three, huge towers, which were linked to the chamber where the Wraith was caught. All of the towers were bathed in monsters, mostly Goliaths, smashing at the strong metal that supported them. One of the towers was already starting to fall, and about seven Krakens were perched above it on a cliff, striking it with bolts of lightning, and their razor sharp tentacles. Monsters swarmed throughout the building, hundreds or maybe thousands of them. Kayde was still stuck in place, staring in horror at the massive building. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a huge rock wall, fly out from the earth, blocking the entrance way. Seconds after this, he heard an unearthly screech from inside the building. The sound was dulled by the panicked cries of the scientists, as they fled from the building, to be confronted by a rock wall, and dragged back to their doom by an endless line of Wraiths. Kayde was deafened by the endless bellows of Goliaths, growls of Kraken, screams of Wraiths, and that freaky screech. When he looked down the hill, he noticed that Brutus and Voldon both seemed to be frozen in terror, while Rusty was at the bottom, defending any escaped scientists he could find. To Kaydes horror, he realised how close he was to the rock wall. It had been about three minutes, with Kayde screaming at Rusty to get back, when it happened. The rockwall exploded into dust, and Kayde could just make out orange highlights, and pieces of rock, moving quickly through the dust, followed by screams. When the mist cleared, Kayde almost puked. Standing at the bottom of the hill, metres from Rusty, was a huge stone beast, whose skin seemed to be infested with lava. On his belly, there seemed to be some stone rib cage, and Kayde could just make out its organs hanging out. Rusty was shooting furiously at the lumbering creature, while it pounded on about twenty helpless scientists, whose scream were all drowned as they died off. Then, the beast turned to glare at Rusty, and Kayde noticed its huge lolling tongue, that seemed to be curled up in its mouth. Then, out of nowhere, it lifted its head to the sky, screeched, and shot its tongue out, grabbing Rusty, and flinging him towards him. While in mid air, the beast reared up on its hind legs, and snapped its jaws around him. Then, without a care, it stomped around, curled up into a ball, and rolled right through the entrance, making a huge hole in the wall. And inside, were even more monsters, all smashing the generator. And worst of all, they were all made of stone.

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