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Jacks holiday

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Jacks awesome holiday!

It’s the last day of school and it is such awesome last day at school because we just came back from Kelly Tarltons and half way through the motorway the bus broke down and that took like an hour. But anyway as I has saying we got back at school and we had a little talk about the day then when we got released I ran like 50 meters shouting here I come Ipad! When I stopped and looked behind me and sure enough it was my Dad walking my dog Lexi so I walked with him all the way home and the funny thing was is when I got home my Mum was home because I wasn't really use to that and I walked in the gate and one of my cat Tickle ran and jumped at me. So I picked him up and put him inside where my Mum, my brother and my little sister Meadow where just sitting watching T.V and enjoying the holidays. So I just went in my room and played on my I pad. After a while both of my kittens came in so I decided to play/annoy them and whenever they bit me it tickled. Although every now and then I would go over to my Aunts to go see my cousin.
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So it’s Saturday one day away from easter Sunday and my Mum let’s Zayne and I help hide the easter eggs. But surprisingly it actually took longer than I expected because there was basically no more hiding places for the easter eggs so we decided to put some eggs down the hallway. any way it’s around 10:30 pm and Zayne and I are watching T.V. Then we head off to bed around 11:00 pm and go to sleep and to our egg hunt in the morning. It’s morning and time to do our yearly easter hunt and Zayne and I went and woke up my little sister Meadow. But that was a pretty bad idea because she wouldn’t stop shouting its easter! it’s easter! After 5 minutes of that we got to go and do our easter hunt. and in the end we actually missed a few easter eggs then Meadow just went straight down to my Mum and showed her the easter eggs and then started eating them. Then later on around 11:00 am my Dad came back with a new car that he got off trade me and all I know is that it is a black holden. So we got to go in the car and my Dad drove it around the block but the only thing I don’t like about that car is the seat belts because there like right in the seat.Image result for easter eggs

Although most of the holidays I had the flu so I just played call of duty black ops 2 and some other games on the ps2 and the ps3. But the rest of the holidays I was basically at the warehouse and the mall and I went and got my passport photos at this shop in the mall. But a really interesting thing that happen was going to my aunt’s body building competition and out of all of her group she came second.Image result for call of duty black ops 2

 And for the last week Zayne and I went to work with my Dad up at Acacia Cove and helped around the village by going around and planting and everything. Then after we finished all our jobs we had lunch there then we went out for a game of human sized checkers, it was pretty fun and the results wereImage result for acacia cove
Zayne vs Jack
Dad vs Zayne
Jack vs Dad
Image result for really cool poolsThen we went down to that place where you try to roll one ball into another. Anyway as i was saying we actually had quite a few birthdays the first one was my nanas which was going over to her houses and celebrate then went home after a bit. Then we went over to my cousins for her birthday and that was cool since I had at least 1 boy cousin and he showed me a glitch for 1 of my games which was really cool. So most of the time we were on my Ipad and going on my cousins y-flicker. But the best birthday was my cousin Koby’s birthday because  we got to stay at his house the whole day and have a, sleepover and his friends also came over so we played call of duty there and then when they went home we stayed until like 3:00 am. Although we did go to the pools like 3 or 4 times which I think made me sick but other than that I had a great swim.

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 So the holidays is almost up so my Mum asked Zayne and I if we want to go to Pukekohe and I for one say yes well Zayne says no and stays in his pajamas all day. But anyway Meadow, my Mum and I got in the car as quick as possible because it was raining hard out. So were in the car having to put up with Meadows singing the whole time. Then finally we stopped at the Pukekohe  warehouse to go look around. Sadly we had to leave and go look around at some clothing shops for my Mum then we went to bed bath and beyond to see if they had some blankets with sleeves in them but unfortunately there was nothing there. Later 0n we went to hollywood (the cafe) for lunch then went to this wedding dress shop for my Mum and trust me it was really really boring. After that was finished we got to go home but it took forever because it was raining cats and dog outside and traffic was huge. Although I must admit it was pretty cool because we got held up because the water on the road was to high so we had to turn around. It felt like 5 years but we finally got home and before I knew it it was time for me to go to bed and surprisingly in the morning it was sunny instead of bad weather. Then I get up and go into the lounge and my Mum tells me to get ready because she has a surprise for Zayne, Meadow and I 10 minutes later we are all ready to go. So we jump into the car and put our seat belts on then we have to listen to Meadow sing again but luckily the trip didn’t last long. Although I found out very soon that we were going to the Auckland Zoo. It was really cool seeing all the animals it was cool but annoying because Meadow kept shouting all the time but other than that it was fun looking at the Tiger’s, the Seals and everything but it didn’t feel like we stayed there for long.
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By Jack.

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