Monday, 27 April 2015

My Long Weekend Away

On long weekend like Easter weekend we always take the opportunity to go away to our batch as we have one in coromandel, Matarangi. Well we are there we always  enjoys going out fishing spending time with family and friend, and also just being there to get away from Auckland and relax. Because there a boat ramp only 3 minutes down the road we always take the boat down so that we can go and catch fish, go ski biscuiting, weight boarding, and skiing behind the boat.

Well we are there we always go out fishing in the boat , in a secret spot that we always go fishing and always get a nice feed for the family. But over the 3 days as we were going out of the harbour because the water was so clear that weekend we saw a couple of stingrays swam away as the boat got close to them. But after about 10 ,minutes boating along out to our spot we threw the pick (The Anchor) and put the lines down. And pretty much straight away we started pulling up snapper. But the funny thing is, is that, that day we caught such a variety of fish. We caught Snapper (As i said), Kahawai, Trevally, Gurnard, and one fish that we don't really like, that is a SHARK. So as soon as the shark came around we weren't catching fish any more, so we left with a great feed and had fish for tea that night. And was  able to freeze some to take home and use in the deep frier. But to make a long storey short the next day we went out and got a good feed before you know what came around. THE SHARK.  AND SO THIS WHEN IT CAME AROUND DAD WHACKED IT ON THE HEAD AND IT CAME BACK ANOTHER 3 TIMES BEFORE IT REALIZED THAT WE DID NOT WANT IT AROUND. AND SO FROM THAT  DAY ON WHENEVER THE SHARK GOT IN A 100 METER RADIUS TO US, ITS SECRETS WOULD TELL IT TO TURN AROUND SO THAT IT WOULDN'T GET HID WITH THE GAF AGAIN.

The next night we went to our friends place and had a brazier. And for the ones that do not know what a brazier is this is it. It is a Fisher & Paykel washing machine that has been pulled out from its body and then had legs put onto it and become and fire pit to toast marshmallows on and do thing with family and friends well sitting around it. And with that brazier we had toasted marshmallows and apple and fejoa crumble, which was really nice.

Another thing that we do everyday well we are at the batch. That is going for a swim and for me a surf. So well we were down there for those few days i went surfing everyday, at least 1 or 2 times a day if the waves were good. A so after that me and Tyrone would normally go down to the dairy and get a Ice cream, which is huge, so huge that we only buy a single scoop when we go there because it is so big.

So at the end of the day I had a great Easter and I have read the other stories and sounds like  everyone else had a good one to. So when it comes around to having deep fried fish I will certainly tell you guys, Just to make you jealous.

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