Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Amazing Bike Ride

It’s four in the morning when I wake up and start driving to Auckland airport where me, my brother, my mum and my dad will be going on a 150 kilometer bike ride. But first my family actually got to go to Queenstown first. At Auckland airport we had to wait a while because we were so early, when we were waiting where the plane picks us up from. I was thinking why did we have to leave so early when the plane leaves at 7:00. We finally got onto the plane getting prepared to leave and me and my brother (Marc) asked for our books. Me and Marc basically read the whole flight well at least I did.     

When we got to Queenstown we went on the Shotover jetboat about 1 hour after we got to Queenstown. On the jetboat we did a lot of full 360 degrees spins it was wet and so fun. After the jetboat we did indoor mini-golf and almost everything in there moved in the course my Dad won the game and I came second. Next we did the luge sadly I had to do the slow track first before I could do the fast track. Because on the slow track you get a stamp for you to go on the fast course.   
We wake up in the next morning getting ready for the 150 km bike ride, at 9 am the bus will be taking us to where we start at clyde. At Clyde our bikes will be there waiting for us. We are at Clyde and we see our bikes, I think in my head ‘’ this bike must cost 2000 dollars at least’’ and it did.

We start our bike ride, going 42 km today. We are going to be biking to Omakau and there is only 1 cafe on the way we are biking so I say to my Mum “we have to stop there”. Anyway so we start the ride at 9:00 in the morning.About 15 km in  we stop at a wharf for us to have a break and my Dad to have a fish. My dad has got a fishing rod that can fold down into a tiny as fishing rod. My Dad finished fishing and we we started riding again. We were tired and we had 8 km’s to go and finally we found our first cafe. We stopped there and I had ribs because well, I just felt like it after 35 km’s done. This cafe had hammock’s and animals. We finished Lunch and did the longest climb of the trip called Tiger Hill. Tiger Hill was a long non-steep hill. I found this hill easy though I sped past everyone. We got to our lodge we were staying at and got changed for dinner there was one problem though I was still full from lunch. My family watched t.v having turns at having a shower. The showers are done and we go to dinner, at here they had nice as food, even though they had nice food I shared a pizza with my Mum. All the other four days was like this too.           

My highlights of this trip was the day in Queenstown, the nice dinner I had every night, one night when we did curling, when it was snowing and also all the rainy days we had on the bike ride. This was a fun and tired trip, we at least got to rest on the plane.
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