Sunday, 31 May 2015

Why we need a shade over the table outside.

Dear Board of trustees:


The Kereru team needs a nice shelter so we can do work on our chrome books and now I’m going to tell you why we need a shelter and why you shouldn't be so selfish.
Because what I find is that whenever go outside it’s really wind, really rainy. (Especially this time of year) and if it’s not then it’s really hard to see the chromebook screen. This is why we should definitely have one in our school and if you think this is a good idea, well then buckle up because this only one out of my many reasons.

But the rain doesn't just make all the kids wet it makes the grass and mud out there really gross because there is mud just going everywhere and it is just absolutely too messy to go out there. Although it gets a little better because guess what… I came up with an idea I’m thinking we could take out all the grass, mud and trees and put in some pavements with maybe our hand prints on it our names or something in it and it would stay there forever. But if you think this is a bad idea and it would be useless just see how it is if you were out there because whenever we discuss our novel study we have to go outside in the cold and hurry and do everything we need to do.1432608395227.4.jpg

I know for a fact that there’s been maths and reading groups for years and they got split up into a group so if that shelter was there they could all go in there and read, discuss and things like that. Our kids that don’t get there work done could work there or even just the naughty kids could go there and I know that if this did happen then all the kids would be so sicced. But lets get to the point what I think should happen is it should be for the immediate kids only because if it where for the little kids it would be a chaos, because you know there little kids it will just be a menace.

But I was also thinking that if we took out the table maybe we could play a little indoor game or just play with a soccer or rugby ball or something and hopefully if that does happen then we/the yrs7&8’s can stay there in the morning then waiting at the library. This could also mean that in terms 1 and 4 we don’t have where our hats as much as well.   

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Why we need a shade over the table outside.

The shade would affect us at lunch because in winter we would be able to sit at the table without getting wet. In winter when it rains the grass gets all muddy then people walk over it and mud gets everywhere and the grass get destroyed, If we had the shade the mud would stay the way it was and the grass would be able to grow nice and healthy. At lunch the table doesn't get that much attention because it is all wet and how would want to sit on a wet seat, if we had a shade over the table and seat then the seat would never get wet and people would be able to sit there any time if the year. Having a shade over the table would also gives us more room to sit at lunch because if you don’t sit on the bench then your left to sit on the ground.

Space, something we don’t really have in class like when we do art we have no space to actually work. If we put a shade over the table outside we would have more space to learn. When we put the shade in over the courtyard it helped a lot more and the courtyard was used a lot more, so if we out a shade over the table we will be able to sit there and have more space than being cramped in a class room.
Having a shade over the table would give the table more use, we would use the table during class, we would use it at lunch, before school, and after school. We would use the table for learning during class and we would also use it for lunch or when we want to talk to our friends in the morning. If we had a shade over the table it would also make the area around the table a lot more nicer looking.

Over all we should get a shade over the outside table because it will give us more space to learn while we are doing our work, we will have more space when we do our art, and it gives us more room to sit in the morning, at morning tea, at lunch, and after school.

This Is For Our Learning!!!

I think that is can speak on behalf of the kereru team here, and we all feel like the space out there is just a big waste of space!! And that we can, we can do something with it that will make it a much better place out there and also a much better learning environment for the whole Kereru team. There are also many benefits that this will have on us, because it will give us fresh air, which will also help our brain in many different ways. So what do you guys think, What are we going to do with the space out there? What we think would look nice? How will we organise to do the bit of a working bee?


What would we like to do with the big space out there you may be wondering? What we are wanting get a shade/roof over the table so that we work with our chrome books and not be getting wet out our getting super hot and getting a big glare on our chrome books. We would also like to take all of the muddy grass out and replace it with possibility a big draught board and to hide all of the pieces we can add a little seating box that children can sit on but it can also be where you put the draught pieces when you are finished. If that can’t work then we could always just replace them with some cool art on the ground and maybe even replace it with tiles that when they get wet they are not slippery, because we do not want little kids running on it and then slipping over because it is slippery.

Now we just have to organise a working bee together so that we can achieve our goal to make the the outside become a better learning place and a better place to use our chrome books. And don't worry you will not have to organise the working bee we will do it for you. We will use Deen's tools but also will bring our own tools if we need to.(WheelbarrowsSpades, rakes, etc)

All you need to do is give us a date and some funds to be able to achieve this. And I will guarantee it will be a great for our learning and will not be wasted at all because the whole kereru team will be using it for learning and also when it is raining and we are all stuck inside we can eat our lunch under new shade/roof and will not be stuck inside all lunch.

Our New Roof!

Are you sick of staying inside. Well, how about a new roof outside the classroom, because we could eat underneath, play board games and hang out with your own friends. I mean, why not, that sounds good and I think everyone would agree to the idea. Whoever came up with the idea is a genius. If people would disagree with the idea, then we should tell them why it is good to have a new roof outside the class?

First of all, when it is probably pouring with rain, we could go inside the area and continue what we were doing before. To get it, we could probably ask one of the builders and also say to them why. Because of mud and I hate standing in it, maybe barefooted or in shoes and that is why we need a roof, and I mean, right now!!!

I bet kids from year 5 to 8 hate it too, standing around the filthy dirty old mud, because of the stupid rain. We need a roof because walking on the pavement is fine but it is not enough room. We need a roof on top because if it rained then we could go under the extra roof.

I get sick of going inside and have to stay in there for the rest of the time, and that is why I would like a roof outside the area so I could eat or still stay outside until the rain stops.

Are you sick and tired of walking past the beach and all you see is rubbish well I am if we keep going the way we are imagine just imagine what it would look like 40-60 years time. I can for starters there will be hardly any sea life polluted rubbish in the sand. I will tell you how we can prevent it for starters the basics.

Image result for pollution sealifeImage result for fish dead by pollution
For starters we could put our rubbish in the bin simple right but we cant do it for some reason don't throw your cigarettes out the window because every cigarette your throw out the window just killed about 2 fish because the birds will come and take it and dump it in the water.

pollution is affecting our estuary fish are dying and the sea floor our estuary is polluted to the max we need to get the simple right guys if we do our our see will be a good environment then the fish levels will go back up then a lot of things will be better not just sea life but bid life to then we will have a better environment

I write this story to make a difference towards our sea life and for all who are viewing please keep in mind to do the basics and we can make this world a better place

What to do with the outside area

We need shade outside over our heads
Our outside area is an absolute pigsty!! we need
to change it.Im sick of sitting inside on a sunny day. 1 We need people to help us out and 2 we need an idea on how to change it 3 why we need to change it 

It looks bad outside and is a bad place to eat drink and think in this area , if we change the way it looked it would be a  lot better looking and it would be a better place to work so that we couldn’t be so cold outside.

How we could do this. What we could have is a glass roof to see the rain dropping onto the ceiling to make it look more cool, then we could have a ranch slider as a door that could go through the room three outside and maybe the wet area. Lastly we could change the grass and make it concrete.

The people we need to do this are the staff for sure we could possibly get some helpers from parents or school friends. If we are allowed we could possibly get kids to help or just be a supporting role and maybe get the stuff they need.

so we need it for eating drinking thinking and we need it to be a little shelter for our class we could do it for eating and working we need people to help and even get kids to help out as a supporting role…  

Develop area outside our class - Keegan


Are  you sick of always having to work inside your class? Have you ever wanted to work outside but it's always raining? We need an area that’s covered outside so we can work even when it's raining.

We are all stuck inside doing our work when we would like to be outside getting some fresh air. We can't though because it is raining and we would get soaking wet. It isn’t just in class time either, when we are eating our lunch and it is really cold and wet. If we had more shelter it would really help us with our work and we won’t be as cold when we are trying to eat our lunch.
The extra learning space would be a massive help. What if you were trying to talk to your classmates about work but you are distracting everyone around you and they couldn't focus on their work and they end up getting in trouble. This wouldn't happen if you could go outside and talk about your work with your partner and your classmates can get there work done inside without any distractions. It would help a lot of people with their learning if the outside area was covered.

Also when you are outside and it is really wet you could get sick and have to stay at home. If the outside area was shaded you wouldn't get wet and won’t get sick. It would look really nice as well because the grass won’t get really muddy and we could also decorate to make it look really good.

In conclusion I believe that we should get the outside area covered because it would be great to have the extra learning space, it will improve everyone’s learning and it will stop people from getting sick.

Persuasive Writing: Develop the area outside our classrooms

Develop the area outside our class

1432607875540.1.jpgRoom 3 students would like to have the area outside the Kereru Team classrooms developed to benefit our learning and to give us an area where we can eat, play and hang out. Having this space developed will be very beneficial towards us students, will have a good impact towards us and also change things for the better.

1432607952246.5.jpgEven though the area already has a table and chairs it is still very undeveloped. If we were able to get a shade over it, we would be able to not only use the space better but it would also create a more inviting look as it looks unappealing due to the renovations on the classrooms last year in 2014 which caused it to slowly deteriorate.

1432857474069.5.jpgThis area could assist us a lot in our learning as it will allow us to have extra space to work and will allow us to get fresh air instead of staying in our stuffy classroom on hot days. It can also help shelter us from the rain and wind because at this present moment this space is not used often because of the conditions it is faced with such as strong winds and harsh rain during the winter season and intense heat during the summer.

1432857434662.3.jpgMany students tend to hang out on the field during morning tea’s and lunchtimes but in the winter it turns muddy and wet while in the summer it can become dry and full of prickles so having the space developed will allow us to utilize it more. Also when we eat our food during morning tea’s and lunchtimes it can become crowded on benches while it would also be wonderful if we could be able to eat our food without the sun blocking our view and blinding us if we have a shade or cover over the area.

1432607923650.3.jpgDeveloping the area may also give students an opportunity to create their own ceramic tiles to go around the area so it will not only be a space to sit down and eat but also a place for people to remember us students once we leave and also a colorful and pleasing area for people hang out in.

The space being developed will help us a lot with our learning. But if nothing happens we will have to continue without being able to fully enjoy the area outside our classroom and it will practically be a waste of space.

Why we should develop a shaded area outside our class. - Brooke :)

1432857509692.4.jpgWe need a shaded area outside our class! When it’s a raining day, it can be quite hot inside, But there's no shade so we can’t go outside to work and play games with our friends. We really want a shaded area outside! It will have a big impact on our learning, It will also have a big impact on our lunch times, and I’m sure it will help!

Raining days are the worst, especially when it’s really hot inside. Also when it is a sunny day, people get hot and sweaty and just really want to sit outside, But we can’t see our screens on our chrome books! Or the rain could wet our chrome books and then our chrome books won’t work!
Having the table there is great, but with a shade over the top will be even better. We could use it for group activities and bounce ideas off of each other.

1432857647794.8.jpgHaving a sunny day is beautiful, But we don’t want to get sun burnt! So if we have a shade over top of the table, everyone will be able to enjoy it with out getting sun burnt! But wet lunch times are the worst. Everyone gets all hyper because they can’t go outside to the fresh air, we can solve that if we have a shade over the table. That way we won’t get wet. We can play board game and card games and have fun with our friends without getting wet!

If we get a shade sail over top of our table it definitely help us with everything! With all the mud and rain mixing together, it makes our school muddy. If we have a shade over top of the table then it will make it not so muddy. We will also use it a lot more.

So if we have the shade over top of the table it will have a big impact on our learn, and our lunch times, and it will help so much!! We really really would like this.

We need an area that's covered outside our class

We need an area that is covered outside our class. If this happens imagine how much easier it’ll be not always staying inside all the time when it rains.

Think If we can get a roof over the area outside our class done we could work on our chrome-books in the rain. We could have flower pots with flowers in them if we have windows on the side and had a door leading in from our class and next door. If this happened we could make the grass into concrete and play board games outside at wet lunchtimes.

This is all the moisture on the table from the morning. Why is this happening.
Think in wet Morning teas and Lunch times if we had light’s in there we could play handball and do soccer passes (when it’s raining to.)  When the clouds are dark we could even do that type of things especially with lights installed.

All you trustees can come up with a Mufti day or something to fund-raise for this special thing for our class. Our class can’t think of how much you have done for us and the school. You guys have just done too much to help us out.

I hope I persuaded you trustees to help out with building a shelter outside our class. Also I hoped you had a thought that we should really do this.

This is what is happening to the grass.

We need a shade over our tables!!!

We need a shade over our Tables!!                              

Outside our class is just a massive waste of space! Well that's why we need a shade over the tables outside. We could even put some pavement so the mud won't go all over the place. Imagine all the things we could do with that little space. We could work out there with our chrome book, people could have meetings like the student council or we could even do art, when its raining!
Screenshot 2015-05-29 at 12.17.08 PM.png
It would be so much better for students learning because in class it could be a bit noisy and bit hot, also distracting. So if we put a shade over the table we could just ask the teacher and work outside, it would be way better for reading too. So much more students will get there work done twice as fast as we do now.

We all can make pavements, us students and make our names in it, and that will be pretty cool to do. That would be a fun time for us. Also the wet mud will go all over the place because everyone runs in the mud and it goes all over the place. Us year 8s could put our name  in the pavements and it will stay there forever.Screenshot 2015-05-29 at 12.16.58 PM.png

Imagine how many things we could do with this area, mostly when it's raining. It would be used not just for work, It could be for art or wet lunches even use your chromebook out there, but you don’t want to get that wet. Thats why we have a shade sail. Every student that loves to play games like handball and gutter board and they don’t want to get wet, they could just play it out there. Also with the pavement there will be way more room to play.
Screenshot 2015-05-29 at 12.17.17 PM.png
So next time you walk past the area outside our classroom think how much better that would be like if we have pavements and a shade.

A New Shelter

Dear Board of Trustees

The Kereru team needs a nice shelter so we can do work on our chromebooks i’m going to tell you why we need a shelter. or our art. I find that sometimes when we go to work outside it is too cold or it is raining so therefore we can’t work outside. Whenever we want to go and work outside now it will be fine on some days but on other days it will be too muddy or it is just raining. And we definitely need one because you will find most days of the week it is raining and really cold so we can’t go outside and do our novel study or leftover work we haven’t done. But it isn’t just the rain that makes us cold it also makes the grass really muddy it is just gross and then 1432608379782.11.jpg if we walk through it, it will get too muddy and messy. I am sure if we got a shelter there would be a positive reaction because the kereru team has needed something like this in the winter months because during that time it is too cold to go and work outside. We could also add a door to the shelter because if it gets too cold we can shut it and the teachers can come and check on us to make sure were doing our work. I am showing these photo’s because this is what it looks like all muddy and wet so we can’t sit on the benches. We also really need something like this because if we are in a maths or reading group and we get split up and we had to go outside it could be too cold so if we have a shelter we can work in there without worrying on freezing to death. We also need a shelter so we can work somewhere other than our classroom because it is nice to do some work other than the classroom because fresh air is nice to have. It should also be only for the Kereru team because it is in our area and we should be the only ones to use it because it would get too crowded if the other teams come and use it. We can also do our reading for our novel study so we can have our discussions and we can also do our artwork under the shelter so we don’t make a huge mess inside. The shelter we need will be better because we will get more fresh air and then we can think better.                                     Those are the reasons I am giving you (the Board) why we need a shelter so I hope you can read this and understand we need a shelter.

Yours Sincerely Tyrone

For All Of Us

For All Of Us!!!

A roof over the concrete tables will bring lots of advantages not only to the kids happiness but also for our learning. A nice little spot that we can work and eat our lunches when it is raining and also a extension to our classes to make it a lot less cramped.  

With a roof over the concrete tables we will be able to work out in the fresh air rain or shine. The roof will help all of us with our learning because it means that all the desks in the class will be less cramped and not filled with all the mess that we have right now. The fresh air will go into our systems and keep our minds working and concentrated. This will help everyone who works out and underneath it.

Work for everyone will become more relaxing and less stressful and dragy because we will all be working very hard and time will just fly by. There will be a lot less noise around in the class and outside because people will be split up and the noise will have to travel a lot further to make it into the classroom where everyone is working near and with the teacher.

It will also make the area outside a lot cleaner and it will look less like a trash and more like a place that you would actually want to go to. This will make us not have to look outside in the winter through the glass doors to see a huge mess of mud and water, but instead a paved ground no water and mud to be seen, with of course some very happy kids around.

We can also use the space to eat when it is raining so that we aren’t stuck in a small room and having all the food fall onto the ground and messing up the carpet. Kids will get a lot less rowdy on wet lunch times and will mean that it will be easy for the teachers to walk outside and grab a coffee instead of worrying about what will happen.

Having the area outside will help all of us when it starts to rain we will have lots of shelter and when the area outside starts to get cleaned up and look less like a trash heap. Thank You in advance if it is actually built and how much it will help us with almost everything to do with school.

A big Clean up

On rainy days do you hate it when you sit inside well if we put a roof of in a area that has a lot of mud and that is why we need to put a roof over it   . Also today I'm going to persuade you to cover all the area up and put it into a shaded area.
Image result for muddy spots on the grass

People running in mud slipping in mud around that area.Know that brings me to my first reason it affects our lunches because people are slipping and playing in it people flicking it around. Also Mr Fourie is  always telling people of for walking over that area especially on a wet day. Also it really gets on his nerve a lot.So if we made it a shaded area it wouldn't be all muddy.Put most of the mud will still be there so that is why we should put tiles or some concrete there so then people wouldn't be flicking mud or slipping in that area.

What can we do under that shaded area.That brings me to my next reason what are the opportunities that we can do under the shaded area  like use the chromebooks even if it is a rainy  day.Also we can do so much work outside and it is really nice to look around in the sun.

Hopefully I have persuaded you guys on to give us some money to fix up that area and help us with our learning a lot.

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Why we should have a shaded area outside our class- Jani

Why we should have a shaded area outside our class.

When it’s wet and muddy and you want to go outside to work but you can’t because it’s raining well you can change that if you develop it so that we have a shaded area outside our classroom and it will make a better learning environment for us to learn in, we will be able to use the area for our learning and other things and it might affect our learning in a good way.
When we go outside we will be able to use the area for learning and much more like, eating, playing, hanging out with our friends and for everyday uses.
For learning we could go outside even if it’s raining and we wont have to worry about our chromebooks getting wet and we won’t have to worry about getting our feet all muddy and dirty. You can also sit outside to eat your lunch and morning tea even if it’s raining and we also get to hang out with our friends and do everyday things and the weather won’t affect how we learn.

When it’s wet outside and we have the shaded area it might in a way give us more opportunities to work outside and work with others. If we work with others we could collaborate with other people and talk about our work and work together and if we work outside it might have a different impact on our learning.

Also when it’s wet it could help us with our learning when we're outside by the environment were in and it could be a quiet place to work if you need a quiet place to work and if we work outside with other people then we can use ideas for school work.

So we need this shaded area because it will have a big impact on our learning, we can use the space for so many things and it will make our school better for us and everybody who will use the shaded area.

Persuasive Writing Piece- Developing The Area Outside The Class

Have you been fed up your classroom being too small in your entire life? Have you been outside with no space to eat and it's raining? Well, we have. We have suffered to much that we need you to make a change. This are really affecting our learning and the days we come to school. We could increase our learning and get better results in our reports by getting more fresh air.

Usually people get sick by standing in the rain outside. In our area there is not enough space where we sit under the rain. So we have to sit in the not shaded area. And the bad thing is that we will get sick after that day or later on if it is raining.
If we develop our space, it will help us in many ways. We will have our discussions that we need to that are included to our work while everyone is silent inside and can’t be distracted. We could play games there after, if we finish our work of course. This will really help us.

1432607978758.3.jpgAs we all know, schools need to be tidy and clean so it can look good. But in this exact area there is mud that makes and it makes our class look like we don’t care about our area. It will affect on the people that come to our school to see if they actually wanna come or not. But if they see this area, they will think that some of us cannot take care of our school. And WE are the role models of the school so we will be a bad example to the little kids.

There has been many schools before us that have shelter over some spaces in front of their classrooms and they have many uses for it. Having more shelter and cement in our area will make a small part of our school much better. Not just for us, All of us.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Updated German Presentation

pollution is bad for our sea life.

The pollution in our estuary is killing the sea life and seafloor that live in our estuary.Are you sick and tired of seeing brown and yack water at the beach and  wondering if it’s  safe to swim in well it’s not because of all the pollution. It’s bad for the fish because they think it’s food. this is what happens if we keep on polluting .
Image result for pollution killing sea animals

Pollution is bad for sealife because it kills them. We can help prevent that by not polluting in the sea like don’t litter put things in the right  bin’s. If we don’t pollute the world will be a better place and when you go fishing you would catch good fish instead of bad fish the water will be a lot clearer so you can see the fish. Wouldn’t you want to swim in nice clean water and not swim in dirty water.Our sea life is dying because we are polluting in the seas.All of the chemicals that the builder’s use are going into our local estuary.

The rubbish you throw out is killing many sea animals these day’s STOP POLLUTING NOW. Imagine in 30 years for now if we stop polluting the world will a better place.