Thursday, 28 May 2015

A New Shelter

Dear Board of Trustees

The Kereru team needs a nice shelter so we can do work on our chromebooks i’m going to tell you why we need a shelter. or our art. I find that sometimes when we go to work outside it is too cold or it is raining so therefore we can’t work outside. Whenever we want to go and work outside now it will be fine on some days but on other days it will be too muddy or it is just raining. And we definitely need one because you will find most days of the week it is raining and really cold so we can’t go outside and do our novel study or leftover work we haven’t done. But it isn’t just the rain that makes us cold it also makes the grass really muddy it is just gross and then 1432608379782.11.jpg if we walk through it, it will get too muddy and messy. I am sure if we got a shelter there would be a positive reaction because the kereru team has needed something like this in the winter months because during that time it is too cold to go and work outside. We could also add a door to the shelter because if it gets too cold we can shut it and the teachers can come and check on us to make sure were doing our work. I am showing these photo’s because this is what it looks like all muddy and wet so we can’t sit on the benches. We also really need something like this because if we are in a maths or reading group and we get split up and we had to go outside it could be too cold so if we have a shelter we can work in there without worrying on freezing to death. We also need a shelter so we can work somewhere other than our classroom because it is nice to do some work other than the classroom because fresh air is nice to have. It should also be only for the Kereru team because it is in our area and we should be the only ones to use it because it would get too crowded if the other teams come and use it. We can also do our reading for our novel study so we can have our discussions and we can also do our artwork under the shelter so we don’t make a huge mess inside. The shelter we need will be better because we will get more fresh air and then we can think better.                                     Those are the reasons I am giving you (the Board) why we need a shelter so I hope you can read this and understand we need a shelter.

Yours Sincerely Tyrone

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