Thursday, 28 May 2015


Are you sick and tired of walking past the beach and all you see is rubbish well I am if we keep going the way we are imagine just imagine what it would look like 40-60 years time. I can for starters there will be hardly any sea life polluted rubbish in the sand. I will tell you how we can prevent it for starters the basics.

Image result for pollution sealifeImage result for fish dead by pollution
For starters we could put our rubbish in the bin simple right but we cant do it for some reason don't throw your cigarettes out the window because every cigarette your throw out the window just killed about 2 fish because the birds will come and take it and dump it in the water.

pollution is affecting our estuary fish are dying and the sea floor our estuary is polluted to the max we need to get the simple right guys if we do our our see will be a good environment then the fish levels will go back up then a lot of things will be better not just sea life but bid life to then we will have a better environment

I write this story to make a difference towards our sea life and for all who are viewing please keep in mind to do the basics and we can make this world a better place

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