Thursday, 28 May 2015

Develop area outside our class - Keegan


Are  you sick of always having to work inside your class? Have you ever wanted to work outside but it's always raining? We need an area that’s covered outside so we can work even when it's raining.

We are all stuck inside doing our work when we would like to be outside getting some fresh air. We can't though because it is raining and we would get soaking wet. It isn’t just in class time either, when we are eating our lunch and it is really cold and wet. If we had more shelter it would really help us with our work and we won’t be as cold when we are trying to eat our lunch.
The extra learning space would be a massive help. What if you were trying to talk to your classmates about work but you are distracting everyone around you and they couldn't focus on their work and they end up getting in trouble. This wouldn't happen if you could go outside and talk about your work with your partner and your classmates can get there work done inside without any distractions. It would help a lot of people with their learning if the outside area was covered.

Also when you are outside and it is really wet you could get sick and have to stay at home. If the outside area was shaded you wouldn't get wet and won’t get sick. It would look really nice as well because the grass won’t get really muddy and we could also decorate to make it look really good.

In conclusion I believe that we should get the outside area covered because it would be great to have the extra learning space, it will improve everyone’s learning and it will stop people from getting sick.

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