Thursday, 28 May 2015

Our New Roof!

Are you sick of staying inside. Well, how about a new roof outside the classroom, because we could eat underneath, play board games and hang out with your own friends. I mean, why not, that sounds good and I think everyone would agree to the idea. Whoever came up with the idea is a genius. If people would disagree with the idea, then we should tell them why it is good to have a new roof outside the class?

First of all, when it is probably pouring with rain, we could go inside the area and continue what we were doing before. To get it, we could probably ask one of the builders and also say to them why. Because of mud and I hate standing in it, maybe barefooted or in shoes and that is why we need a roof, and I mean, right now!!!

I bet kids from year 5 to 8 hate it too, standing around the filthy dirty old mud, because of the stupid rain. We need a roof because walking on the pavement is fine but it is not enough room. We need a roof on top because if it rained then we could go under the extra roof.

I get sick of going inside and have to stay in there for the rest of the time, and that is why I would like a roof outside the area so I could eat or still stay outside until the rain stops.

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