Thursday, 28 May 2015

Persuasive Writing: Develop the area outside our classrooms

Develop the area outside our class

1432607875540.1.jpgRoom 3 students would like to have the area outside the Kereru Team classrooms developed to benefit our learning and to give us an area where we can eat, play and hang out. Having this space developed will be very beneficial towards us students, will have a good impact towards us and also change things for the better.

1432607952246.5.jpgEven though the area already has a table and chairs it is still very undeveloped. If we were able to get a shade over it, we would be able to not only use the space better but it would also create a more inviting look as it looks unappealing due to the renovations on the classrooms last year in 2014 which caused it to slowly deteriorate.

1432857474069.5.jpgThis area could assist us a lot in our learning as it will allow us to have extra space to work and will allow us to get fresh air instead of staying in our stuffy classroom on hot days. It can also help shelter us from the rain and wind because at this present moment this space is not used often because of the conditions it is faced with such as strong winds and harsh rain during the winter season and intense heat during the summer.

1432857434662.3.jpgMany students tend to hang out on the field during morning tea’s and lunchtimes but in the winter it turns muddy and wet while in the summer it can become dry and full of prickles so having the space developed will allow us to utilize it more. Also when we eat our food during morning tea’s and lunchtimes it can become crowded on benches while it would also be wonderful if we could be able to eat our food without the sun blocking our view and blinding us if we have a shade or cover over the area.

1432607923650.3.jpgDeveloping the area may also give students an opportunity to create their own ceramic tiles to go around the area so it will not only be a space to sit down and eat but also a place for people to remember us students once we leave and also a colorful and pleasing area for people hang out in.

The space being developed will help us a lot with our learning. But if nothing happens we will have to continue without being able to fully enjoy the area outside our classroom and it will practically be a waste of space.

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