Thursday, 28 May 2015

This Is For Our Learning!!!

I think that is can speak on behalf of the kereru team here, and we all feel like the space out there is just a big waste of space!! And that we can, we can do something with it that will make it a much better place out there and also a much better learning environment for the whole Kereru team. There are also many benefits that this will have on us, because it will give us fresh air, which will also help our brain in many different ways. So what do you guys think, What are we going to do with the space out there? What we think would look nice? How will we organise to do the bit of a working bee?


What would we like to do with the big space out there you may be wondering? What we are wanting get a shade/roof over the table so that we work with our chrome books and not be getting wet out our getting super hot and getting a big glare on our chrome books. We would also like to take all of the muddy grass out and replace it with possibility a big draught board and to hide all of the pieces we can add a little seating box that children can sit on but it can also be where you put the draught pieces when you are finished. If that can’t work then we could always just replace them with some cool art on the ground and maybe even replace it with tiles that when they get wet they are not slippery, because we do not want little kids running on it and then slipping over because it is slippery.

Now we just have to organise a working bee together so that we can achieve our goal to make the the outside become a better learning place and a better place to use our chrome books. And don't worry you will not have to organise the working bee we will do it for you. We will use Deen's tools but also will bring our own tools if we need to.(WheelbarrowsSpades, rakes, etc)

All you need to do is give us a date and some funds to be able to achieve this. And I will guarantee it will be a great for our learning and will not be wasted at all because the whole kereru team will be using it for learning and also when it is raining and we are all stuck inside we can eat our lunch under new shade/roof and will not be stuck inside all lunch.

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