Thursday, 28 May 2015

We need an area that's covered outside our class

We need an area that is covered outside our class. If this happens imagine how much easier it’ll be not always staying inside all the time when it rains.

Think If we can get a roof over the area outside our class done we could work on our chrome-books in the rain. We could have flower pots with flowers in them if we have windows on the side and had a door leading in from our class and next door. If this happened we could make the grass into concrete and play board games outside at wet lunchtimes.

This is all the moisture on the table from the morning. Why is this happening.
Think in wet Morning teas and Lunch times if we had light’s in there we could play handball and do soccer passes (when it’s raining to.)  When the clouds are dark we could even do that type of things especially with lights installed.

All you trustees can come up with a Mufti day or something to fund-raise for this special thing for our class. Our class can’t think of how much you have done for us and the school. You guys have just done too much to help us out.

I hope I persuaded you trustees to help out with building a shelter outside our class. Also I hoped you had a thought that we should really do this.

This is what is happening to the grass.

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