Thursday, 28 May 2015

What to do with the outside area

We need shade outside over our heads
Our outside area is an absolute pigsty!! we need
to change it.Im sick of sitting inside on a sunny day. 1 We need people to help us out and 2 we need an idea on how to change it 3 why we need to change it 

It looks bad outside and is a bad place to eat drink and think in this area , if we change the way it looked it would be a  lot better looking and it would be a better place to work so that we couldn’t be so cold outside.

How we could do this. What we could have is a glass roof to see the rain dropping onto the ceiling to make it look more cool, then we could have a ranch slider as a door that could go through the room three outside and maybe the wet area. Lastly we could change the grass and make it concrete.

The people we need to do this are the staff for sure we could possibly get some helpers from parents or school friends. If we are allowed we could possibly get kids to help or just be a supporting role and maybe get the stuff they need.

so we need it for eating drinking thinking and we need it to be a little shelter for our class we could do it for eating and working we need people to help and even get kids to help out as a supporting role…  

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