Sunday, 31 May 2015

Why we need a shade over the table outside.

Dear Board of trustees:


The Kereru team needs a nice shelter so we can do work on our chrome books and now I’m going to tell you why we need a shelter and why you shouldn't be so selfish.
Because what I find is that whenever go outside it’s really wind, really rainy. (Especially this time of year) and if it’s not then it’s really hard to see the chromebook screen. This is why we should definitely have one in our school and if you think this is a good idea, well then buckle up because this only one out of my many reasons.

But the rain doesn't just make all the kids wet it makes the grass and mud out there really gross because there is mud just going everywhere and it is just absolutely too messy to go out there. Although it gets a little better because guess what… I came up with an idea I’m thinking we could take out all the grass, mud and trees and put in some pavements with maybe our hand prints on it our names or something in it and it would stay there forever. But if you think this is a bad idea and it would be useless just see how it is if you were out there because whenever we discuss our novel study we have to go outside in the cold and hurry and do everything we need to do.1432608395227.4.jpg

I know for a fact that there’s been maths and reading groups for years and they got split up into a group so if that shelter was there they could all go in there and read, discuss and things like that. Our kids that don’t get there work done could work there or even just the naughty kids could go there and I know that if this did happen then all the kids would be so sicced. But lets get to the point what I think should happen is it should be for the immediate kids only because if it where for the little kids it would be a chaos, because you know there little kids it will just be a menace.

But I was also thinking that if we took out the table maybe we could play a little indoor game or just play with a soccer or rugby ball or something and hopefully if that does happen then we/the yrs7&8’s can stay there in the morning then waiting at the library. This could also mean that in terms 1 and 4 we don’t have where our hats as much as well.   

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