Thursday, 28 May 2015

Why we should develop a shaded area outside our class. - Brooke :)

1432857509692.4.jpgWe need a shaded area outside our class! When it’s a raining day, it can be quite hot inside, But there's no shade so we can’t go outside to work and play games with our friends. We really want a shaded area outside! It will have a big impact on our learning, It will also have a big impact on our lunch times, and I’m sure it will help!

Raining days are the worst, especially when it’s really hot inside. Also when it is a sunny day, people get hot and sweaty and just really want to sit outside, But we can’t see our screens on our chrome books! Or the rain could wet our chrome books and then our chrome books won’t work!
Having the table there is great, but with a shade over the top will be even better. We could use it for group activities and bounce ideas off of each other.

1432857647794.8.jpgHaving a sunny day is beautiful, But we don’t want to get sun burnt! So if we have a shade over top of the table, everyone will be able to enjoy it with out getting sun burnt! But wet lunch times are the worst. Everyone gets all hyper because they can’t go outside to the fresh air, we can solve that if we have a shade over the table. That way we won’t get wet. We can play board game and card games and have fun with our friends without getting wet!

If we get a shade sail over top of our table it definitely help us with everything! With all the mud and rain mixing together, it makes our school muddy. If we have a shade over top of the table then it will make it not so muddy. We will also use it a lot more.

So if we have the shade over top of the table it will have a big impact on our learn, and our lunch times, and it will help so much!! We really really would like this.

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