Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Big game of the week 2

HEY Guys Tyrone and Vishay here This week we will look at transfer rumors because there are basically no signings but they will be confirmed on July 1st.

Mario Mandzukic the Croatian and Athletico Madrid is reportedly moving to Juventus for a deal close to $18 million although both clubs haven’t confirmed.

Real Madrid are almost guaranteed to sign Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea but the fee hasn’t been announced and Madrid also have their sights set on Marco Reus, Sergio Aguero and Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba.

Manchester United are considering signing Romelu Lukaku in a surprise move by Manager Louis Van Gaal.

Southampton have told Arsenal and Manchester United that they must pay $24 million for Midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin.

Image result for james milner to liverpoolImage result for danny ings to liverpool

Done deals
Danny Ings move Burnley to LiverpoolImage result for depayImage result for sami khedira
James Milner Man city to Liverpool
Memphis Depay Psv to Man United
Sami Khedira Real Madrid to Juve
Xavi Barcelona to Al SaddImage result for xavi
Atsu Chelsea to Bournemouth
For more information on transfers go to www.goal.com

School Start/Finish times

Vector Gratis: Reloj, MarcandoOur school start/finish times need to change. Right now school starts at 9.00am and finishes at 3.00pm, but I think our school should start at 8.30 and finish at 2.30, my 3 points to persuade you are 1.We waste time in the morning, 2.We will have more time after school for any extra curricular activities and 3. It prepares us for the future.

I think everyone finds it boring waiting for at least 30min before school starts. Anyway it is a waste of time sitting in front of the library or walking around on the field waiting for the class to go. But if we start earlier there will be less time to waste before the music goes, and we will be more refreshed for the day.

of a cartoon cat sleepingOn the subject of starting earlier, How about finishing earlier as well? Since I am asking to start earlier why not match the time and finish at 2.30? The benefits will be huge. We will not only have more time for homework but also more time for any extra curricular activities. This also means by the time the whole family is at home you can spend quality time together instead of being your room doing homework for most the time.

Having our school times changed will also prepare us for the future. How?, well waking up early prepares us for high school because we will have to wake up early for the bus. Also the early finish helps our time management, because if we do finish earlier we will have to manage our time so that we can do all our work and still have time to ourselves.
Bus, Geel, Cartoon, Vervoer,
So… In the end our school start/finish times SHOULD change, we need to start earlier so that we don’t waste time in the morning waiting for school to start, we also need to finish earlier because it will mean we have more time for any extra curricular activities, Finishing earlier will also prepare us for the future and help out time management.

Escape Russia Chapter 2 (Plot Twist)

Chapter 2
Dear Diary
This is the last entry diary,
The zombies have started to knock down the doors to my hut and I am all by my self. I shall not see sun again, everything that I have ever wanted will be nothing, I will be nothing. I wish that you will survive this so that the people of the future will see the apocalypse from a 7 year olds eyes… My eyes. As long as this part of me survives I will be remembered. The sun was bright my life was great now all I can see is darkness and death around me. I wish you luck in the future and I hope you will see the greatness of life after me…


Dear Diary
Image result for plot twistI know what you are thinking you basically said that you were dead the day before you said that it would be the last entry, well lots of stuff happened. Just as I was about to be killed some random strangers that I have never seen in my life. They came in with what looked to be a crossbow and the other with a heavy looking shotgun shot down any of the zombies that were coming to get me. They were very nice to me and they gave me supplies that I had never thought would be possible.

There names were John and Mable and I have made them basicly my new parents. They saved me from death and I owed them so I thought when they asked me to come with them that it would be bad of me not to go with them.

Image result for escape russia They have been like a guardian angel and they let me get something more suited to how small I am. In other words they gave me a very powerful bow. It is exactly the weapon I have always liked growing up because it is basic but very effective. As we walked through the forest we started to talk about how we think that things are going to go like for the next few months. They made it seem to me that it was like a fairy tale adventure but in this one our one and only goal was to escape Russia…


Sunday, 21 June 2015

Start school earlier!! - Brooke :)

Starting school earlier will be much better for me. Starting at 8 or 8:30 and finishing at 2 or 2:30 will have a big impact our on learning. It will help with after school activities, If you start earlier you will finish earlier, and it will prepare us well for high school!

Doing after school activities are so fun. I love to do sports in the afternoon. But I’m not always ready, or we can’t practice as much as we want. Most parents start early (around 7:30, 8). Then when we get no time to have a good talk with them until after we get back from school. Most of time our parents are cooking dinner. So starting earlier with increase the time we have to do afternoon activities and increase the time we have to spend time with our family!

Starting earlier will benefit our learning. If we start at 8:30 then we can finish at 2:30. It might only be 30 minutes, but boy it’ll make a difference! Starting earlier will be better, because we will be awake and ready to learn!

Starting to get up earlier for high school can be a challenge, but if we start earlier it will make us wake up earlier and be prepared better. Starting earlier makes us managed our time better.

Starting earlier will help me so much. It with give me more time to spend in the afternoon doing sports or spending time with my family, If you start earlier you finish earlier and also it prepares you for your high school years!! So lets start earlier!

Best school hours-Jani

When you wake up and you realize you woke up to early and you have to go to school you think to yourself couldn’t it start earlier because you're already awake. So how about if school starts earlier and finishes earlier it will affect your learning, you will have more time to do things in the afternoon and it will give you more opportunities.

When you start early at school you can finish early and have more time to do things and it might give you more opportunities to do things.  You will have more time to try different things because if we start early then school will finish early and you will actually have the time to do it.

Also if school finishes early you will have more time to do after school sports and activities. It will also give you more time to finish anything like homework and if your Mum or Dad work late you will be all done with your homework it will give you more time to spend with your family.

So when you want to start early school will start at 8:30am and school will end at 2:30pm. It will make life much better it will be easier to do things like go to places where if you made the school hours later or made it stay the same then you can’t go to the shops because if a shop was closed maybe it’s because school didn’t finish early enough.

So please make school start earlier because it will make life easier for us, it will benefit us in different ways and you will have more time to do things. So please change the school hours so that school starts earlier and finishes earlier.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Spanish 3.0

Stop Posting Unnecessary Posts...

Our blog has a lot of views, and every once in a while we would like to post a little update to thank you for that. But just to my class, do we need to do them this much? Its getting ridiculous.

Why School should start earlier?

Why School should start earlier?

Image result for clock 7.30 am\
When you finished school and you come home, then your parents start yelling at you,  get dressed you have soccer training . I think we should start at 7.30am to
1.30 pm So that why school should start earlier. Here is Image result for clock 1.30 pm

3 reasons why  school should start earlier. 1. we will have more time for afterschool activities. 2. we will have more to do homework and schoolwork.3.Have more free time.

After School activities that what most do after school. I bet that you at least every kid  has an afterschool activities. Like me on mondays I do Swimming and then soccer. If we finish at 1.30 I will have plenty of time to pack my gear and get changed. Also our parents won’t have to rush from work.Image result for sports

If we have more time after school we could do our homework or our school work. LIke sometimes people have to pull late nights and then the next day they are tried. So that another reason why we should start earlier.

Free time not that much kids or parents have. So if we had that free time we could try new activities or do some hobbies. Take cooking or yoga classes. Also you can hang with your friends or meet new friends.

Image result for free time

School should start earlier because everyone will be happy. Why because we will have more time for after school activities and we can do homework or school work and we can free time.

Escape Russia Chapter 1 (Sarcastic YAY)

Chapter 1

Dear Diary
My name is Amy. Welcome to my world this will be the first entry I just turned 7 and I am so happy I was given you. My Dad is in a panic and really  wants to get out of this city. My mother is in tears and the rest of the people on the streets are in panic. My Dads name is James and he is Ex KGB, and my Mums name is Angela. My Dad is in my room now and he is holding his pistol, he goes into the back of my closet and finds a sawed of shotgun.

My Dad has always thought that someone would like to come to our house and try to get information from my Dad so has always kept prepared. He leans over and slowly talks to me “Amy I never thought I would have to do this but you need to take this pistol and run out the back door and never look back. Don’t trust anyone unless you have to. You need to keep yourself hidden from everybody and don’t ever come looking for us”. I did what my Dad had said and went to give my goodbyes to my Mum. There were knocks on the door but they didn’t sound like they were from the other person. I run to the back door and run until I had reached the start of the huge forest that everyone  had told me to stay away from because of the huge laboratory and I thought that they may be able to give me some supplies and maybe even a bed to sleep in.

But of course fact that I am only seven means that they probably will just lock me outside. I walk up to the door but it was already open so I just walked in and had a quick look around. I opened the testing chamber door, as I did a gray body leaped at me and started to nibble on my face. I quickly fumbled through my pockets and grabbed the pistol and started to shoot at the body. It fell on top of me and stopped moving.