Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Escape Russia Chapter 2 (Plot Twist)

Chapter 2
Dear Diary
This is the last entry diary,
The zombies have started to knock down the doors to my hut and I am all by my self. I shall not see sun again, everything that I have ever wanted will be nothing, I will be nothing. I wish that you will survive this so that the people of the future will see the apocalypse from a 7 year olds eyes… My eyes. As long as this part of me survives I will be remembered. The sun was bright my life was great now all I can see is darkness and death around me. I wish you luck in the future and I hope you will see the greatness of life after me…


Dear Diary
Image result for plot twistI know what you are thinking you basically said that you were dead the day before you said that it would be the last entry, well lots of stuff happened. Just as I was about to be killed some random strangers that I have never seen in my life. They came in with what looked to be a crossbow and the other with a heavy looking shotgun shot down any of the zombies that were coming to get me. They were very nice to me and they gave me supplies that I had never thought would be possible.

There names were John and Mable and I have made them basicly my new parents. They saved me from death and I owed them so I thought when they asked me to come with them that it would be bad of me not to go with them.

Image result for escape russia They have been like a guardian angel and they let me get something more suited to how small I am. In other words they gave me a very powerful bow. It is exactly the weapon I have always liked growing up because it is basic but very effective. As we walked through the forest we started to talk about how we think that things are going to go like for the next few months. They made it seem to me that it was like a fairy tale adventure but in this one our one and only goal was to escape Russia…


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