Tuesday, 23 June 2015

School Start/Finish times

Vector Gratis: Reloj, MarcandoOur school start/finish times need to change. Right now school starts at 9.00am and finishes at 3.00pm, but I think our school should start at 8.30 and finish at 2.30, my 3 points to persuade you are 1.We waste time in the morning, 2.We will have more time after school for any extra curricular activities and 3. It prepares us for the future.

I think everyone finds it boring waiting for at least 30min before school starts. Anyway it is a waste of time sitting in front of the library or walking around on the field waiting for the class to go. But if we start earlier there will be less time to waste before the music goes, and we will be more refreshed for the day.

of a cartoon cat sleepingOn the subject of starting earlier, How about finishing earlier as well? Since I am asking to start earlier why not match the time and finish at 2.30? The benefits will be huge. We will not only have more time for homework but also more time for any extra curricular activities. This also means by the time the whole family is at home you can spend quality time together instead of being your room doing homework for most the time.

Having our school times changed will also prepare us for the future. How?, well waking up early prepares us for high school because we will have to wake up early for the bus. Also the early finish helps our time management, because if we do finish earlier we will have to manage our time so that we can do all our work and still have time to ourselves.
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So… In the end our school start/finish times SHOULD change, we need to start earlier so that we don’t waste time in the morning waiting for school to start, we also need to finish earlier because it will mean we have more time for any extra curricular activities, Finishing earlier will also prepare us for the future and help out time management.

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