Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Escape Russia Chapter 4 (Work It)

Chapter 4
Dear Diary
Today was the worst of days, food had been taken by a group of scavengers and I was left with no food to eat. We had come along this poor old dog that was stuck underneath a car so we all lifted it up and then let the dog out. We feed it a tiny bite but then it decided that I tasted very good as well so it decided to take a bite at my arm, some how I think that I saw it, because the moment that it happened I instantly stabbed it with the knife that I had in my hand.

The blood went over my arms and stained my clothes. Before I knew it the body of the dog had stopped moving and breathing and the dog, it was dead. 3 of the dog's teeth have been embedded in my arm. The pain has horrible, it felt like someone had lodged a hot knife into my arm, the pain just stayed there for as long as I could remember.

The wound was constantly bleeding, it was as if it couldn’t be stopped. I ran over to John and then asked him to have a look at the cut. He took out his knife and then started to cut the dog teeth out of my arm. I sudden release of pressure came out of my arm like someone had pulled a quick release switch in my arm. My head went numb and my body just collapsed as every thing I knew went black.

I woke up in a sewer tunnel, the smell was horrible and the sight was like looking into the world's trash compartment. There no Zombies in the area and it seemed like a pretty safe place to be. Well that was until I found out that we had been kidnapped by a few random people that were in the same area as us.

A man with a black ski mask walked up to me pointing his rifle at me just in case I tried to attack him, he grabbed my arms and then tied them up and before I knew it I was hanging upside down with my hands dangling over a ledge. A huge black pit was in front of me as the leader of the group walked up and started to talk to me.

“You have a choice you young girl, either work for us and help us build a fortress or fall down in the pit and die… So now you can make your decision either work with me and be safe from everyone and everything”. I kept as quiet as I could, he had a evil smile on his face and then spat on my face. “You disgust me, your filth” He started to cut the rope, I made my decision I would work with him until I got strong enough to make my way out. For the first time since this had all happened I talked. “Ok I will work”


Escape Russia Chapter 3 (Time for Violence)

Chapter 3
Dear Diary
We have been walking for a long time, but before we knew it we had gotten lost. The number one problem with our area is that we never carried or took a map, it had always seemed like a very worthless thing because almost every family in our village was too poor or too scared to go anywhere other than our own neighborhood.

The more time that people spend in areas other than their own home. The forest was always very dark and it was a place that I never thought I would be spending this much time at. As we were walking through we went past a large group of people, when they saw us they had started to shoot at us. I have always wondered why they shot at us but now that I think of it they probably wanted to take our supplies. It had been very hard for me to think about starting to shoot them with by bow but I later I decided that it was us or them.

Image result for cartoon arrow I put the sleek black arrow onto the string pulled it back as far as I could and then shot at the nearest person, the arrow flew quickly through the air and hit the leader right in the chest, he dropped down to the ground and stopped moving. His breath had become cold and his heart had been ruptured and was now stopped. I had killed my first person. The feeling was cold, time felt frozen the body the bow and the blood about 10 times worse than they make it in the movies. It was as if I had cut the cord that kept my humanity, I was now a murderer. The fighting continued but I had stopped I just went and hid behind this small tree and avoided anyone that came near it.


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Reremoana Intermediate program offers a lot

The intermediate program at Reremoana school offers a lot, there are many different benefits and as a full primary we are very lucky to be exposed to various aspects of learning. More time with one teacher, having your own group of friends, learning the main and extra subjects of an average intermediate, countless opportunities and the comfort of a friendly, interactive school.

At our school we are able to learn the main subjects reading, writing and maths but as a full primary we are still able to explore the creative areas of the arts like dance, drama, music and art. At our school you can expect a very good education with many dedicated staff who assist us with performing to the best of our ability in all areas. The Performing Arts allow us to give expression through our creative talents while developing confidence, perseverance and teamwork. Our school also has many students achieving highly in all sports, within the sports programmes, all students are taught essential skills to develop strength, stamina, agility and balance while engaging in competitive sports tournament. Our school offers us academic subjects and the choice of a technology rotation, sports teams and the arts.

Benefits, there are many benefits of staying at a full primary. Imagine buying new uniforms, having a new timetable and program, making new friends and getting settled in. We are all given the choice of staying at our school or transferring to an intermediate, our school offers the same if not more than the average intermediate. Why go through the discomfort and hassle of entering an intermediate when you can stay at a school that offers the same and more. Our school will deliver the same learning as an intermediate but with added benefits and less hassle. Staying at a full primary would be a logical and beneficial idea for all students and would be more productive than an intermediate.  

‘Opportunities come our way, we basically have one in everyday, leading, learning and sporting too, I learn from them so do you’. This is a sentence from the Reremoana school song, and it is true. Students from this school are given many opportunities and use them to their fullest potential. As a full primary we experience a very structured program while we have the opportunity of choosing extra activities like the arts and sports. We also have many leadership opportunities like being apart of the student council and attending national young leaders day. All of these opportunities will help us in the future and guide us towards a successful life.   

Being at a full primary like Reremoana school is very beneficial towards any students learning, behaviour, attitude and success. It provides more expanded learning choices, a wide range of options, many amazing opportunities and is a very logical and productive choice for any student. I hope you now know what makes the Reremoana intermediate program an incredible experience and how it offers a lot to all students.

Ark Survival : Evolved

In case you couldn't guess, our blog is getting boring, so to spice it up i'm going to do game reviews...
( Plus, I enjoy gaming )

Image result for ark survival evolved

Ark Survival : Evolved

Basic Plot:
This is a new, early access survival game, where you ( The player ) wake up stranded on a mysterious island, with some sort of a chip in your arm. There are strange towers and beams, looming in the distance, and to spice things up, there's dinosaurs. You must use the resources on the island to survive, build shelter, armor / clothes, tools, weapons, and of course find food. You level up, earning points, which you can use to unlock the ability to craft certain things ( Eg Axe ) Plus, you can tame and ride these dinosaurs, by crafting saddles. This isn't easy though, as taming can vary from thirty minutes, to three hours ( Depending on which dinosaur you choose to tame ) Fight, tame and ride dinosaurs, survive, team up and build a tribe, brave the elements, this game has ( almost ) it all. The full release of this game is planned next year, June, where it will also arrive on X Box One and PS4.

My opinion:
I would easily give this game 10/10, as its a long term, fun, enjoyable and challenging game. You would need a fantastic computer to play it, due to the graphics, but it would almost be worth it for this one game.

Why the intermediate program offers a lot

In Reremoana school / Room 3, we have a great program for the intermediate students, in all areas. Because  we have so many opportunities like technology, art, languages, etc for students any age will enjoy and have a great time. We will now tell you about our main three programs, in Maths, Writing, and Reading.

In the morning 99% of the time we do maths. We have AWS booklets, which pretty much cover every part of maths. Measurement, angles, statistics, you name it, we’ve learnt it. Maths in particular, is where our intermediate program comes into effect, collaborating with other kids, from other classes. We occasionally split up into three groups, the smart ones ( Who work with Mr.Fourie ) Inbetweeners ( Mr.Munro ) and the kids who have some catching up to do ( Mrs.Bayley ) In these groups, we generally work around place value, which is where most kids seem to struggle.

Writing, is very very frequent in our class. Every week we will be shared a writing task ( Like what we’re doing now ) From there, we will have a topic, success criteria, and two planning sections, one for planning the structure of that type of writing ( Persuasive, Narrative, Report, etc ) And another one, which we use to plan our actual writing piece. From there, we actually write the piece. We have a week to finish, and on Friday, we will sometimes reflect on our writing, judged by the success criteria.

In reading right now we are doing a pair novel study. This helps us with our reading knowledge and working with others in a group. Other things in reading is SRA ( Read a story, answer questions ), SSR ( Personal reading ) and comprehension tasks. Reading time is normally in the middle block when we are all active after fitness and Morning Tea. When we do SSR it helps us get ready for the session after Morning Tea.

This is why our intermediate program at Reremoana school is ( not to brag ) basically perfect, and why ( most ) of the senior students here are high achievers. If you’re looking for an intermediate school ( Or year 0,1,2,3,4,5 ) , and you’re in our around our area, apply here. After all, we all want successful kids, don’t we?

By Tristan & Jared