Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Ark Survival : Evolved

In case you couldn't guess, our blog is getting boring, so to spice it up i'm going to do game reviews...
( Plus, I enjoy gaming )

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Ark Survival : Evolved

Basic Plot:
This is a new, early access survival game, where you ( The player ) wake up stranded on a mysterious island, with some sort of a chip in your arm. There are strange towers and beams, looming in the distance, and to spice things up, there's dinosaurs. You must use the resources on the island to survive, build shelter, armor / clothes, tools, weapons, and of course find food. You level up, earning points, which you can use to unlock the ability to craft certain things ( Eg Axe ) Plus, you can tame and ride these dinosaurs, by crafting saddles. This isn't easy though, as taming can vary from thirty minutes, to three hours ( Depending on which dinosaur you choose to tame ) Fight, tame and ride dinosaurs, survive, team up and build a tribe, brave the elements, this game has ( almost ) it all. The full release of this game is planned next year, June, where it will also arrive on X Box One and PS4.

My opinion:
I would easily give this game 10/10, as its a long term, fun, enjoyable and challenging game. You would need a fantastic computer to play it, due to the graphics, but it would almost be worth it for this one game.