Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Escape Russia Chapter 3 (Time for Violence)

Chapter 3
Dear Diary
We have been walking for a long time, but before we knew it we had gotten lost. The number one problem with our area is that we never carried or took a map, it had always seemed like a very worthless thing because almost every family in our village was too poor or too scared to go anywhere other than our own neighborhood.

The more time that people spend in areas other than their own home. The forest was always very dark and it was a place that I never thought I would be spending this much time at. As we were walking through we went past a large group of people, when they saw us they had started to shoot at us. I have always wondered why they shot at us but now that I think of it they probably wanted to take our supplies. It had been very hard for me to think about starting to shoot them with by bow but I later I decided that it was us or them.

Image result for cartoon arrow I put the sleek black arrow onto the string pulled it back as far as I could and then shot at the nearest person, the arrow flew quickly through the air and hit the leader right in the chest, he dropped down to the ground and stopped moving. His breath had become cold and his heart had been ruptured and was now stopped. I had killed my first person. The feeling was cold, time felt frozen the body the bow and the blood about 10 times worse than they make it in the movies. It was as if I had cut the cord that kept my humanity, I was now a murderer. The fighting continued but I had stopped I just went and hid behind this small tree and avoided anyone that came near it.


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