Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Reremoana Intermediate program offers a lot

The intermediate program at Reremoana school offers a lot, there are many different benefits and as a full primary we are very lucky to be exposed to various aspects of learning. More time with one teacher, having your own group of friends, learning the main and extra subjects of an average intermediate, countless opportunities and the comfort of a friendly, interactive school.

At our school we are able to learn the main subjects reading, writing and maths but as a full primary we are still able to explore the creative areas of the arts like dance, drama, music and art. At our school you can expect a very good education with many dedicated staff who assist us with performing to the best of our ability in all areas. The Performing Arts allow us to give expression through our creative talents while developing confidence, perseverance and teamwork. Our school also has many students achieving highly in all sports, within the sports programmes, all students are taught essential skills to develop strength, stamina, agility and balance while engaging in competitive sports tournament. Our school offers us academic subjects and the choice of a technology rotation, sports teams and the arts.

Benefits, there are many benefits of staying at a full primary. Imagine buying new uniforms, having a new timetable and program, making new friends and getting settled in. We are all given the choice of staying at our school or transferring to an intermediate, our school offers the same if not more than the average intermediate. Why go through the discomfort and hassle of entering an intermediate when you can stay at a school that offers the same and more. Our school will deliver the same learning as an intermediate but with added benefits and less hassle. Staying at a full primary would be a logical and beneficial idea for all students and would be more productive than an intermediate.  

‘Opportunities come our way, we basically have one in everyday, leading, learning and sporting too, I learn from them so do you’. This is a sentence from the Reremoana school song, and it is true. Students from this school are given many opportunities and use them to their fullest potential. As a full primary we experience a very structured program while we have the opportunity of choosing extra activities like the arts and sports. We also have many leadership opportunities like being apart of the student council and attending national young leaders day. All of these opportunities will help us in the future and guide us towards a successful life.   

Being at a full primary like Reremoana school is very beneficial towards any students learning, behaviour, attitude and success. It provides more expanded learning choices, a wide range of options, many amazing opportunities and is a very logical and productive choice for any student. I hope you now know what makes the Reremoana intermediate program an incredible experience and how it offers a lot to all students.

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