Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Why the intermediate program offers a lot

In Reremoana school / Room 3, we have a great program for the intermediate students, in all areas. Because  we have so many opportunities like technology, art, languages, etc for students any age will enjoy and have a great time. We will now tell you about our main three programs, in Maths, Writing, and Reading.

In the morning 99% of the time we do maths. We have AWS booklets, which pretty much cover every part of maths. Measurement, angles, statistics, you name it, we’ve learnt it. Maths in particular, is where our intermediate program comes into effect, collaborating with other kids, from other classes. We occasionally split up into three groups, the smart ones ( Who work with Mr.Fourie ) Inbetweeners ( Mr.Munro ) and the kids who have some catching up to do ( Mrs.Bayley ) In these groups, we generally work around place value, which is where most kids seem to struggle.

Writing, is very very frequent in our class. Every week we will be shared a writing task ( Like what we’re doing now ) From there, we will have a topic, success criteria, and two planning sections, one for planning the structure of that type of writing ( Persuasive, Narrative, Report, etc ) And another one, which we use to plan our actual writing piece. From there, we actually write the piece. We have a week to finish, and on Friday, we will sometimes reflect on our writing, judged by the success criteria.

In reading right now we are doing a pair novel study. This helps us with our reading knowledge and working with others in a group. Other things in reading is SRA ( Read a story, answer questions ), SSR ( Personal reading ) and comprehension tasks. Reading time is normally in the middle block when we are all active after fitness and Morning Tea. When we do SSR it helps us get ready for the session after Morning Tea.

This is why our intermediate program at Reremoana school is ( not to brag ) basically perfect, and why ( most ) of the senior students here are high achievers. If you’re looking for an intermediate school ( Or year 0,1,2,3,4,5 ) , and you’re in our around our area, apply here. After all, we all want successful kids, don’t we?

By Tristan & Jared

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