Monday, 31 August 2015

Serial killer on the loose...

Cole and his princess lived a very adventurous life, saving lives, capturing criminals and much more. Cole is a cyborg and the princess has a couple of robotic parts in her. The two were watching the news and heard that a woman serial killer has escaped jail in their own town. Cole said to the princess “are you ready for an adventure?” As soon as he says that there was more news that had her on T.V saying that she is coming for them two.

Suddenly there is banging on the door a woman says “get out you two you’re coming with me.” Cole looks out the window to see who it was and how convenient it was the serial killer pointing two guns at the door. Cole says “why is this happening!” Cole opens the door and charges at the lady but well that didn’t work out because he gets shot in his other arm and falls to the ground.
The princess was upset and tried to run away to get a doctor, after a couple of minutes she found a doctor to help with his friend that got shot in his arm. She was afraid of Cole losing another arm, she thought that he would not be able to do more things. It may be a good thing though because it might make it easier to capture the serial killer and send her to Alcatraz.

Cole gets sent to hospital to get another robotic arm while the police search to find this crazy woman. Suddenly in the corner of the princess’s eye she sees a black jacket and a gun. The princess knows it’s the crazy woman trying to capture her, she has got to find a hiding spot she says to herself.   

The princess finds a hiding spot and as soon as she does so Cole comes behind the woman and uppercuts her the woman crashed through a window and fell to her Death. She screamed out “I HATE MYSELF!”


Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Factory

The Factory

“3,2,1 Jump!” is the first thing the Black Widow
hears as she enters the old deserted doll factory. Just as she is about to go into the maintenance closet she feel something wrapping itself around her legs, she looks down but sees nothing she ignores the seed of fear growing inside her and continues walking. The black Widow hears the voice again, except it was louder than last time. It said “Follow the smell little ones, your dinner is near” Suddenly she feels a sharp searing pain in her right shoulder, she stumbles backwards and bumps into the light switch when the light goes on all she see’s are dolls, Princess dolls, baby dolls, boy dolls, and many more.

Out of fear and pain she runs, she runs all the way back to the van that brought her to this building. Only once she is in the van does she realise that the pain in her shoulder is from her arm not being there. The black widow faints from the blood loss, but as she closes her eyes she sees the image of the dolls and in the corner of the image she see’s the thing she was after all along, the first ever, ancient incan, doll head.
As the Black Widow wakes up in the hospital, the first thing she hears is “ her prosthetic arm ith the betht of the betht” whoever was speaking had a strong lisp, and a Russian accent looking up she see’s a very short man with a bald head holding a replica of her prosthetic arm. Suddenly the bed she is resting on is thrown on its side, and without warning she was thrown into the wall. The black widow didn’t even feel the pain, it was almost as if the arm had boosted her strength and her energy levels. With a refreshed spring in her step, she set off to the factory to get the doll head, but this time she had a trick up her sleeve.

When She arrived at the factory the first thing she did was turn on all the lights, because when the light are on the dolls freeze in there position. The Black Widow thought the dolls would be protecting the head but when she entered the room there were no dolls to be seen, the alarm bells rang inside her head but she ignored them, she found the head and was about to leave the room when she saw that the exit was blocked by the dolls. They had come up behind her without making a sound and blocked the entrance. The Black Widow didn’t really feel scared because she knew she could defeat them, and she did, with the help of her prosthetic arm. The Black Widow used the gun function built into her arm and blasted the porcelain people to smithereens. Only one doll survived the shooting and that was the ancient head, at the sound of shattering porcelain it woke and it became furious over the death of its family, so destroyed Black Widow, revived all the Dolls and everything returned to the way it was, the Dolls sat and waited for their next victim to come along.
Double Checking Is Important
Screenshot 2015-08-24 at 11.39.45 AM.png

Black Widow is an EX-FBI agent and she is asked to help out again. (All her friends call her Natasha Romanoff) Black Widow is sunbathing on the beach when one of her servants brings her an envelope which has her name on it, and has been marked/labeled IMPORTANT. She opens it up and read what it said on the piece of paper. It said that the FBI needed her back ASAP and wanted her to come back for a one off mission that none of their agents could solve. So Natasha Romanoff hopes into her car and starts to drive to where the top secret location is, which turns out to be the 10th story a 10 story car parking lot, on the outskirts of New York. (The Dodgy Side)

Screenshot 2015-08-31 at 11.50.03 AM.pngBlack Widow is driving along the 9th floor and heading up the ramp to the 10th floor when she starts to have/fell a funny feeling about the place that she is in. But she carries on and soon finds that she has come to a checkpoint and I shown where to go. She arrives and hope’s out of the car. One of her enemies walk out from behind one of the concrete walls, with a gun in her hand and a couple of other associates coming from behind her……

What Black Window has to do is she has to find someway to outwit them and find some way to outwit them and some way to escape from there before she get’s killed. But what the other people did not think of, was that when they said that the FBI needed her they did not even think that all FBI agents are taught self defence and Black Widow is actually an FBI agent, and HAS been taught self defence. And the one thing that they do not know about is that she can also outwit them because, she already knows that they are already thinking that they are gonna get her but she know’s they she is going to be able to outwit them. She knows that because they are thinking all highly of themselves and they being all cocky. Black Widow may be out numbered but she is certainly not out witted. Black Widow just jump into her car and before she knew it they started to shout at her. But luckily her car was bullet proof and the men who were trying to get her where so annoyed they just gave up and went home angry that day.

Screenshot 2015-08-31 at 12.48.11 PM.png

Black Widow outwits them and get to go back home for her break from all of the big action that had been going on that day. But then later on that night a “So Called” FBI agent calls and asks her to meet her in a certain place at a certain time, on a certain date. But there is one thing she remembers, that is “Double Checking Is Important”. But this time when she so called goes to meet the person from the FBI she goes prepared, just in case she needs something.

Washed away ~ Ella

I stood at the edge of the ship studying the sea. We had set off on a long voyage to a distant island that guaranteed us treasure. We were soaring through the southern sea when lightning struck and storm broke. Turquoise wintry sea water burst up the side of the ship and splashed my face. I wore a dark red bandanna with a beige leather hat. I had a loose white shirt, dark coat with baggy pants and chestnut boots with the matching belt that sits diagonally on my hips because of my petite waist. I was the scrawniest of the crew and one of the most inexperienced. I stared at the waves as they crash against each other and watched the moon rise from underneath me. My ship glides through the sea entering the dark midnight sky with the breathtaking colours of indigo and teal. It was inevitable that once you looked up you couldn’t look away.

The crew was cleaning the deck as I stood at the mast of the ship and was looking through the bronze telescope watching over the glorious sea. There was a suspicious figure in the distance so I alerted to the captain. He moved slowly from one end of the ship to the other. We both had a second look and we a agreed that it was an enemy ship. The crew was told the situation and prepared for battle. The enemy ship was approaching us rapidly. We heard the the worrying sound of cannons going off in the distance.

With in no time at all the enemy ship and us were hooked beside each other. The enemy's grabbed hold of a thick rope that hooked onto the top of their ship and swung onto ours. Battle broke loose. While this was happening the storm got worse and it was beyond imaginable the outcome of what was going to happen. The ships started swaying rapidly and the enemy’s ship started to drift away with the wind.

The controversy between the rivalry ships got stronger as the waves got higher and they all prepared their swords for battle. Swords flew through the air whilst the pirates had a firm grip on the sword and tried to concentrate on exterminating the enemy's. Death was almost certain and the chances of surviving through this storm was slim. The wind was picking up and the ship was on a major tilt. People were sent over board by the waves and they later on ended washed up on the shore of a empty island, soon to be found dead.

The ships were sinking and the weather conditions became unbearable. All pirates had been thrown off the ship with the wind. There is said to be no survivors. The entire existence of those two ships suffered until they drowned.
The Movie!!!
That morning when I woke up I ran to the bathroom so I could get dressed and shower. When I had finished getting ready and had put my make up on then grabbed my keys and was out the door in under thirty minutes. When I arrived at the studio I put my bag down and walk over to Caleb he was the person I was going to be ‘fighting’. When we got into our position for the first scene I was behind another actress named Juliet. When they started to film people started to forward roll into the film then when I got the signal from my director I did a cartwheel and then landed with a back flip, I pulled out a ‘sword’ a held it to the light so it would shine.

When everyone was in the scene people started to ‘fight’ some people would get ripped to pieces and some would get a sword through there chest. This scene went on for about three hours trying to get things right and getting people in the right places. Only seven people survived that scene Juliet, Caleb, and some other people I don't really know and me. When we were auditioning for our rolls in the movie they gave me the lead roll which I was shocked to get since there were some amazing people the auditioned. We all go to the places where we are supposed to be for the next scene which is where we all have another fight that is much more violent and has a lot more blood, action, and shouting at each other.

When that scene was in the making people got pushed off cliffs, stabbed, burnt and lots of people went missing. We had to continue to restart because people don’t know their lines, they aren't in the right places or the will come out to late or to early, after about an hour of restarting it was starting to get on peoples nerves including mine especially this girl named Bianca. She was coming out to late, she would forget her lines or she would just stand there looking at the walls in her own world. When we finished that scene There were only a few people left and I was one of them, we got told that we were going to be in a different dimension in the next scene where we will be jumping off rocks hiding behind large boulders and lots more things that are going to be added when we do the editing. When we start to film I run up behind a ‘boulder’ then hid there until it's my qu to run out and jump onto one of the other actors. I ran and jumped on him tackling him then pulled out my ‘sword’ and ‘stabbed’ him in the chest.

Three people are left I'm hiding behind one of the boulders and have my sword by my side waiting for my q to run out and stab my fellow opponent. When I get the q from or director I run out with my sword in one hand and my other is bawled into a fist, I ran up behind him and put my sword through his chest and watched him ‘fall’ to the ground. Two people are left Bianca and I, she was behind one of the rocks while I was behind a wall waiting for her to run out so I could stab her and win this. When She gets the call to run I run out while her back is facing me and run up to her, tap her shoulder then stab her. when she is on the ground I put both my hands in the air and scream the I have just one.

As I was walking back to where I was supposed to be there was a voice over the speaker “welcome to the next round”...

Rip My Self Esteem (Note: This Story is horrible)

The story of a Princess that doesn't know about anything. (A Starwars, Gmod, Simpsons and Terminator crossover)

Once upon a very horrible time lived a Princess on the Deathstar. She had grown up surrounded by riches and money so she had never bothered to learn how to do anything apart from try to look pretty. Of course most of the time this didn’t work and she was often dumped by men because they just couldn’t stand her stupidity. Her current boyfriend was the original terminator and because he was a robot he couldn’t actually tell that she was super stupid so they had started to live very happily. The Princess favourite thing to do was to whip her ginger hair in the terminator's face and she would always laugh because she was so stupid.

One day the Princess was walking around on the Deathstar when suddenly a flying brown couch with wired yellow aliens came through the wall when the younger boy looking creatures suddenly grabbed her and they started to laugh. The let her hang on for dear life one the edge of the couch. Weird music started to play in the background as they started to barrel down into a planet known to them as Earth. They were falling very quickly when a brown and cream house started to come a lot closer to them. They hit the house hard as they stopped and the alien family turned on a T.V.

The Princess creeped around the house and then went to a random electronic called a computer, her head was hurting because she had never had to hold in all of this knowledge in her brain. She heard a pop and the screen started up. There was a few random things that were on the desktop of the computer. She decided to click on one of the little ‘icons on the screen. Suddenly she was pulled into the screen. A huge G was in the air above her. Then she was in a new world, A world that had been completely covered in bombs. There was a random person with a cat like skin flying around with a cat like skin.

The Princess suddenly went into a database type thing and then typed in the only thing that she knew how to spell, God. when she started to walk around the world she accidently set of all of the bombs and explosions rang in the air. She had been blown back by the explosion but she did not die. But the other random person did. They started to seem very angry as they started to shoot at me. The bullets rained down super close to her. She tried to run as fast as she could but it turned out that she was actually invulnerable. She walked calmly along and then she was pulled out of the screen.

She was back on the Deathstar but things had changed she had been dumped by the terminator and she had nobody to love. She had started to get even more crazy that she had been before. Suddenly music goingDUN - DUN - DUN - DUN - DUNDADUN - DUNDADUN Darth Vader had walked into the room and cut the Princess in half. Everyone had become happy and they through a huge party.


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Narative Writing

Black Widow Vs The Terminator
In New York city there was a hero named ‘Black Widow' She works alone and not with the ‘Avengers’ She fought the crimes and the criminals as well. She was the city’s biggest hero of all time.

Meanwhile in the future, a man was saying ‘Damn, Black Widow is a great hero and we get no respect! It’s time for revenge’ he whispered. He built a ‘Terminator’ which was mostly a robot.

Once he finished, the robot came to life! 'My experiment is complete!' He yelled. The Terminator started to talk. 'Are you my master' it asked. 'Yes, and I want you to kill a woman named Black Widow, can you do that' 'I obey' and a portal went on and he walked inside to the past.

The next day, Black Widow was watching the streets when the portal came Original (3405 × 5000)to life and out came The Terminator. 'Are you Black Widow' it asked 'yes' she replied. Then The Terminator started to fire guns and hurt her! Apparently instead of fighting back, she ran away to hide. The Terminator looked around but couldn't find her and walked off.

She then, the next day, saw him again. And she knew she fights the good fight and started to fire at it. But Terminator was fast and dodged the bullets. It started to fire as well when Black Widow stopped then snuck up behind him and started fighting THE BATTLE IS ON!!

Terminator was powerful and did big damage to Original (500 × 375)Black Widow but she was also fast and dodged every hit. The next thing you know, Black Widow put a bomb on Terminator and kicked him back then the bomb exploded.She looked around and couldn't see the robot, so she walked away then heard a noise. There he was, walking right to her in robot form! She fired and fired but nothing worked on him and grabbed her by the neck. He hoisted her up while she couldn't breathe and then shot her Terminatorin the heart!

As he dropped her she was already dead, bleeding, and the blood went everywhere! He left her on the ground, made a portal and went back to the future. 'Well, is she dead?' The scientist asked. 'Mission accomplished, master' and saluted. 'Good, well done!' He said as he walked away, smiling!
Two Years Later…...
The whole city didn’t have Black Widow as their hero because she was dead and The Terminator was the new hero/villain of the streets. The scientist who built Terminator became famous for his creation and they got all the respect they needed!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Weirdest Story Of 2015 - Tristan

I Don't Want To Write This
The story of a mentally challenged princess

images-3.jpegOnce upon a time, in a wondrous land far far away, there lived a young - Okay, okay, lets cut the crap and get to the point. So there's some red head chick, supposedly a princess, who lives in a pile of bricks claimed as a castle, out in the middle of no where. She wears some stupid cardboard tiara, she colored in with crayons, she’s obsessed with this purple dress of hers, and her eyes look like that of a half starved puppy. She pretty much lives in her room, with some random scribbles basically covering the bright pink wall paper. Her name was Princess Amy, and in case you haven't noticed by now, she’s as troubled as one can get.

Image result for royal bedroomThe King took in a large breath, before slowly pushing the large door open, the reinforced iron scraping against the floor. “ Joe! “ He bellowed at his slave. “ Yes my lord “ He said, before quite obviously cursing under his breath. “ Shut your mouth boy, before I lock you in a room with that stupid girl of ours. Now go fetch the builders and tell them to fix this forsaken door! “. His eyes widening with horror, at the thought of being locked in a room with the princess, sent the slave dashing down the corridor. Somehow, whenever we chucked some fool in that room of hers, they just don’t come back out. Its become a quite popular execution throughout the kingdom. Clearing his mind, the King stepped gracefully through the door calling “ How are you feeling my honey poo? “. There was a long, awkward wait, and just as the King was about to repeat himself, he heard a creaky voice call “ Dead “. “ Oh well, i'm sure you’ll feel a lot better soon “ The King called, as a few guards stomped into the room. Before the King could question it, the queen called “ They’re my body guards “. With a grunt, he said “ As I just said, i'm sure its nothing major. You’ll be fine “. Hearing her grunt of disapproval, the King turned to leave, and found himself confronted by the doctor. “ She’s not going to make it my lord. She’s very ill, sickly and old “. The king just stood there, before reaching slowly out, as if to put his hand on the doctor's shoulder. He proceeded to slap him in the face. “ Negativity! “ He shouted, summoning some guards. As the metal goons stomped down the corridor, at least half of them tripping on their swords. As they finally came to a wonky stop, freezing in a solute position after shouting “SIR”. The doctor, was smirking as if he was about to burst with laughter, and slowly said in between huge breaths, with a cheesy smile “ What I meant to…..say was that she will die, if I can’t go fetch some medicine from a….er…..nearby village! “. The King stared for a moment before saying “ That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard “. He turned to the guards, for what seemed like hours, before snarling in some sort of demonic voice “ Act like its funny you backstabbing morons “. The guards all burst into a fake laughter, and when the King turned, smirking, he saw the doctor's coat quickly disappear around the corner, followed closely by the sound of a horse and carriage moving quickly away. “ Sir, I think he’s escaping “ One of the knights said. The King stood there, a large frown spreading across his face, as he began twitching the guards slowly backed off. The King went red in the face, and screamed at the pitch of a furious little girl “ Go get him you imbeciles! What do I pay you for!? “. The guards scattered away, once again tripping up, as one of them called “ I haven't seen my paycheck in seven years sir! “. The King didn’t respond. Turning back to his wife's room, he peeked in. He stood there for a few minutes, before the queen called “ I see you numb skull! “. The King walked in silently ( Until he released a huge burp ) The queen sighed, and said “ I won’t make it moron. Just do me a favor and find a successor. That daughter of ours is sick in the head, and you know it “. Silently, the King nodded, before quickly adding in “ I’ll do it for ten bucks “. “ Deal “ Came the queen's quick reply, as she handed him the blue note.
Image result for ten dollar note
I'm aware this isn't money from the 1800's. In case you didn't guess this story makes no sense.

Image result for bloody cleaverAmy looked out her window, throwing a skull lamely out and into the hedges. Hearing footsteps, she quickly ducked down behind the window, and the voice of her father came, along with shocked gasps from what was likely his knights. “ Looks like she made quick work of that doctor sir “ Came an unknown voice. As the group continued to talk below, Amy thought about that man they’d locked in her room last night. She’d decided to play catch with him - With knives. Lost in thought, she shook the memory from her head. She wanted to hear what her father was saying! Maybe he’d actually say he cared for her! But what she heard, was totally different. He said “ The queen is going to die, and we must find a successor. We can’t have the she devil up there ruling the kingdom. “. “ What about you “? A voice cut in. “ We all know a female must take the primary role of ruling the kingdom. Its just….how it works here. Any way “ The king proceeded “ If we don’t find a successor, and get her back here before the queen dies, we’re done. “ As the group galloped off on their horses, Amy stood, walking out of her room, with a huge, cheesy grin. “ If that's how you really feel father “ She murmured to herself, picking up a large, bloody cleaver…

Image result for armored dragonThe King burst through the castle doors, rushing to the throne room. “ I'm just a peasant girl “ The ragged figure shouted as he dragged her through the hallway. “ You’re about to be a princess genius! “ As he dragged the protesting girl towards the throne room, the kings jaw hit the ground. Amy sat in the throne, with the queen's corpse lying at her feet. Two of the biggest palace dragons stood at her side, and she began laughing maniacally. “ Looks like the queen died before you could return “ She smirked, gesturing to the dragon knight beside her. “ Execute them “ she snarled, as the two dragons reared, screeching, and charged forward. The King screamed, as a huge wave of fire consumed him, and everything went dark.

Two Days Later

Image result for burning village

Amy watched, laughing, as dragons swooped down across the castle village, sending waves of fire hurtling at the wooden houses below. The fire crackled, it s smoke turning the sky dark. Screams came from the peasants living there, as they ran from their houses, dragging their frightened children. With a large grin, Amy took off her cardboard tiara, tearing it in half. Then, lifting up the golden crown, she placed it on her head...
Image result for gold crown