Sunday, 30 August 2015

Double Checking Is Important
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Black Widow is an EX-FBI agent and she is asked to help out again. (All her friends call her Natasha Romanoff) Black Widow is sunbathing on the beach when one of her servants brings her an envelope which has her name on it, and has been marked/labeled IMPORTANT. She opens it up and read what it said on the piece of paper. It said that the FBI needed her back ASAP and wanted her to come back for a one off mission that none of their agents could solve. So Natasha Romanoff hopes into her car and starts to drive to where the top secret location is, which turns out to be the 10th story a 10 story car parking lot, on the outskirts of New York. (The Dodgy Side)

Screenshot 2015-08-31 at 11.50.03 AM.pngBlack Widow is driving along the 9th floor and heading up the ramp to the 10th floor when she starts to have/fell a funny feeling about the place that she is in. But she carries on and soon finds that she has come to a checkpoint and I shown where to go. She arrives and hope’s out of the car. One of her enemies walk out from behind one of the concrete walls, with a gun in her hand and a couple of other associates coming from behind her……

What Black Window has to do is she has to find someway to outwit them and find some way to outwit them and some way to escape from there before she get’s killed. But what the other people did not think of, was that when they said that the FBI needed her they did not even think that all FBI agents are taught self defence and Black Widow is actually an FBI agent, and HAS been taught self defence. And the one thing that they do not know about is that she can also outwit them because, she already knows that they are already thinking that they are gonna get her but she know’s they she is going to be able to outwit them. She knows that because they are thinking all highly of themselves and they being all cocky. Black Widow may be out numbered but she is certainly not out witted. Black Widow just jump into her car and before she knew it they started to shout at her. But luckily her car was bullet proof and the men who were trying to get her where so annoyed they just gave up and went home angry that day.

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Black Widow outwits them and get to go back home for her break from all of the big action that had been going on that day. But then later on that night a “So Called” FBI agent calls and asks her to meet her in a certain place at a certain time, on a certain date. But there is one thing she remembers, that is “Double Checking Is Important”. But this time when she so called goes to meet the person from the FBI she goes prepared, just in case she needs something.

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