Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Narative Writing

Black Widow Vs The Terminator
In New York city there was a hero named ‘Black Widow' She works alone and not with the ‘Avengers’ She fought the crimes and the criminals as well. She was the city’s biggest hero of all time.

Meanwhile in the future, a man was saying ‘Damn, Black Widow is a great hero and we get no respect! It’s time for revenge’ he whispered. He built a ‘Terminator’ which was mostly a robot.

Once he finished, the robot came to life! 'My experiment is complete!' He yelled. The Terminator started to talk. 'Are you my master' it asked. 'Yes, and I want you to kill a woman named Black Widow, can you do that' 'I obey' and a portal went on and he walked inside to the past.

The next day, Black Widow was watching the streets when the portal came Original (3405 × 5000)to life and out came The Terminator. 'Are you Black Widow' it asked 'yes' she replied. Then The Terminator started to fire guns and hurt her! Apparently instead of fighting back, she ran away to hide. The Terminator looked around but couldn't find her and walked off.

She then, the next day, saw him again. And she knew she fights the good fight and started to fire at it. But Terminator was fast and dodged the bullets. It started to fire as well when Black Widow stopped then snuck up behind him and started fighting THE BATTLE IS ON!!

Terminator was powerful and did big damage to Original (500 × 375)Black Widow but she was also fast and dodged every hit. The next thing you know, Black Widow put a bomb on Terminator and kicked him back then the bomb exploded.She looked around and couldn't see the robot, so she walked away then heard a noise. There he was, walking right to her in robot form! She fired and fired but nothing worked on him and grabbed her by the neck. He hoisted her up while she couldn't breathe and then shot her Terminatorin the heart!

As he dropped her she was already dead, bleeding, and the blood went everywhere! He left her on the ground, made a portal and went back to the future. 'Well, is she dead?' The scientist asked. 'Mission accomplished, master' and saluted. 'Good, well done!' He said as he walked away, smiling!
Two Years Later…...
The whole city didn’t have Black Widow as their hero because she was dead and The Terminator was the new hero/villain of the streets. The scientist who built Terminator became famous for his creation and they got all the respect they needed!

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