Sunday, 30 August 2015

Rip My Self Esteem (Note: This Story is horrible)

The story of a Princess that doesn't know about anything. (A Starwars, Gmod, Simpsons and Terminator crossover)

Once upon a very horrible time lived a Princess on the Deathstar. She had grown up surrounded by riches and money so she had never bothered to learn how to do anything apart from try to look pretty. Of course most of the time this didn’t work and she was often dumped by men because they just couldn’t stand her stupidity. Her current boyfriend was the original terminator and because he was a robot he couldn’t actually tell that she was super stupid so they had started to live very happily. The Princess favourite thing to do was to whip her ginger hair in the terminator's face and she would always laugh because she was so stupid.

One day the Princess was walking around on the Deathstar when suddenly a flying brown couch with wired yellow aliens came through the wall when the younger boy looking creatures suddenly grabbed her and they started to laugh. The let her hang on for dear life one the edge of the couch. Weird music started to play in the background as they started to barrel down into a planet known to them as Earth. They were falling very quickly when a brown and cream house started to come a lot closer to them. They hit the house hard as they stopped and the alien family turned on a T.V.

The Princess creeped around the house and then went to a random electronic called a computer, her head was hurting because she had never had to hold in all of this knowledge in her brain. She heard a pop and the screen started up. There was a few random things that were on the desktop of the computer. She decided to click on one of the little ‘icons on the screen. Suddenly she was pulled into the screen. A huge G was in the air above her. Then she was in a new world, A world that had been completely covered in bombs. There was a random person with a cat like skin flying around with a cat like skin.

The Princess suddenly went into a database type thing and then typed in the only thing that she knew how to spell, God. when she started to walk around the world she accidently set of all of the bombs and explosions rang in the air. She had been blown back by the explosion but she did not die. But the other random person did. They started to seem very angry as they started to shoot at me. The bullets rained down super close to her. She tried to run as fast as she could but it turned out that she was actually invulnerable. She walked calmly along and then she was pulled out of the screen.

She was back on the Deathstar but things had changed she had been dumped by the terminator and she had nobody to love. She had started to get even more crazy that she had been before. Suddenly music goingDUN - DUN - DUN - DUN - DUNDADUN - DUNDADUN Darth Vader had walked into the room and cut the Princess in half. Everyone had become happy and they through a huge party.


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