Monday, 31 August 2015

Serial killer on the loose...

Cole and his princess lived a very adventurous life, saving lives, capturing criminals and much more. Cole is a cyborg and the princess has a couple of robotic parts in her. The two were watching the news and heard that a woman serial killer has escaped jail in their own town. Cole said to the princess “are you ready for an adventure?” As soon as he says that there was more news that had her on T.V saying that she is coming for them two.

Suddenly there is banging on the door a woman says “get out you two you’re coming with me.” Cole looks out the window to see who it was and how convenient it was the serial killer pointing two guns at the door. Cole says “why is this happening!” Cole opens the door and charges at the lady but well that didn’t work out because he gets shot in his other arm and falls to the ground.
The princess was upset and tried to run away to get a doctor, after a couple of minutes she found a doctor to help with his friend that got shot in his arm. She was afraid of Cole losing another arm, she thought that he would not be able to do more things. It may be a good thing though because it might make it easier to capture the serial killer and send her to Alcatraz.

Cole gets sent to hospital to get another robotic arm while the police search to find this crazy woman. Suddenly in the corner of the princess’s eye she sees a black jacket and a gun. The princess knows it’s the crazy woman trying to capture her, she has got to find a hiding spot she says to herself.   

The princess finds a hiding spot and as soon as she does so Cole comes behind the woman and uppercuts her the woman crashed through a window and fell to her Death. She screamed out “I HATE MYSELF!”



  1. Your story is quite "unique" if I were to put it mildly, but I quite like your description and the detail.

  2. Its a bit quick, as if the problem started and ended in the same paragraph...