Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Factory

The Factory

“3,2,1 Jump!” is the first thing the Black Widow
hears as she enters the old deserted doll factory. Just as she is about to go into the maintenance closet she feel something wrapping itself around her legs, she looks down but sees nothing she ignores the seed of fear growing inside her and continues walking. The black Widow hears the voice again, except it was louder than last time. It said “Follow the smell little ones, your dinner is near” Suddenly she feels a sharp searing pain in her right shoulder, she stumbles backwards and bumps into the light switch when the light goes on all she see’s are dolls, Princess dolls, baby dolls, boy dolls, and many more.

Out of fear and pain she runs, she runs all the way back to the van that brought her to this building. Only once she is in the van does she realise that the pain in her shoulder is from her arm not being there. The black widow faints from the blood loss, but as she closes her eyes she sees the image of the dolls and in the corner of the image she see’s the thing she was after all along, the first ever, ancient incan, doll head.
As the Black Widow wakes up in the hospital, the first thing she hears is “ her prosthetic arm ith the betht of the betht” whoever was speaking had a strong lisp, and a Russian accent looking up she see’s a very short man with a bald head holding a replica of her prosthetic arm. Suddenly the bed she is resting on is thrown on its side, and without warning she was thrown into the wall. The black widow didn’t even feel the pain, it was almost as if the arm had boosted her strength and her energy levels. With a refreshed spring in her step, she set off to the factory to get the doll head, but this time she had a trick up her sleeve.

When She arrived at the factory the first thing she did was turn on all the lights, because when the light are on the dolls freeze in there position. The Black Widow thought the dolls would be protecting the head but when she entered the room there were no dolls to be seen, the alarm bells rang inside her head but she ignored them, she found the head and was about to leave the room when she saw that the exit was blocked by the dolls. They had come up behind her without making a sound and blocked the entrance. The Black Widow didn’t really feel scared because she knew she could defeat them, and she did, with the help of her prosthetic arm. The Black Widow used the gun function built into her arm and blasted the porcelain people to smithereens. Only one doll survived the shooting and that was the ancient head, at the sound of shattering porcelain it woke and it became furious over the death of its family, so destroyed Black Widow, revived all the Dolls and everything returned to the way it was, the Dolls sat and waited for their next victim to come along.

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