Sunday, 30 August 2015

The Movie!!!
That morning when I woke up I ran to the bathroom so I could get dressed and shower. When I had finished getting ready and had put my make up on then grabbed my keys and was out the door in under thirty minutes. When I arrived at the studio I put my bag down and walk over to Caleb he was the person I was going to be ‘fighting’. When we got into our position for the first scene I was behind another actress named Juliet. When they started to film people started to forward roll into the film then when I got the signal from my director I did a cartwheel and then landed with a back flip, I pulled out a ‘sword’ a held it to the light so it would shine.

When everyone was in the scene people started to ‘fight’ some people would get ripped to pieces and some would get a sword through there chest. This scene went on for about three hours trying to get things right and getting people in the right places. Only seven people survived that scene Juliet, Caleb, and some other people I don't really know and me. When we were auditioning for our rolls in the movie they gave me the lead roll which I was shocked to get since there were some amazing people the auditioned. We all go to the places where we are supposed to be for the next scene which is where we all have another fight that is much more violent and has a lot more blood, action, and shouting at each other.

When that scene was in the making people got pushed off cliffs, stabbed, burnt and lots of people went missing. We had to continue to restart because people don’t know their lines, they aren't in the right places or the will come out to late or to early, after about an hour of restarting it was starting to get on peoples nerves including mine especially this girl named Bianca. She was coming out to late, she would forget her lines or she would just stand there looking at the walls in her own world. When we finished that scene There were only a few people left and I was one of them, we got told that we were going to be in a different dimension in the next scene where we will be jumping off rocks hiding behind large boulders and lots more things that are going to be added when we do the editing. When we start to film I run up behind a ‘boulder’ then hid there until it's my qu to run out and jump onto one of the other actors. I ran and jumped on him tackling him then pulled out my ‘sword’ and ‘stabbed’ him in the chest.

Three people are left I'm hiding behind one of the boulders and have my sword by my side waiting for my q to run out and stab my fellow opponent. When I get the q from or director I run out with my sword in one hand and my other is bawled into a fist, I ran up behind him and put my sword through his chest and watched him ‘fall’ to the ground. Two people are left Bianca and I, she was behind one of the rocks while I was behind a wall waiting for her to run out so I could stab her and win this. When She gets the call to run I run out while her back is facing me and run up to her, tap her shoulder then stab her. when she is on the ground I put both my hands in the air and scream the I have just one.

As I was walking back to where I was supposed to be there was a voice over the speaker “welcome to the next round”...

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