Sunday, 30 August 2015

Washed away ~ Ella

I stood at the edge of the ship studying the sea. We had set off on a long voyage to a distant island that guaranteed us treasure. We were soaring through the southern sea when lightning struck and storm broke. Turquoise wintry sea water burst up the side of the ship and splashed my face. I wore a dark red bandanna with a beige leather hat. I had a loose white shirt, dark coat with baggy pants and chestnut boots with the matching belt that sits diagonally on my hips because of my petite waist. I was the scrawniest of the crew and one of the most inexperienced. I stared at the waves as they crash against each other and watched the moon rise from underneath me. My ship glides through the sea entering the dark midnight sky with the breathtaking colours of indigo and teal. It was inevitable that once you looked up you couldn’t look away.

The crew was cleaning the deck as I stood at the mast of the ship and was looking through the bronze telescope watching over the glorious sea. There was a suspicious figure in the distance so I alerted to the captain. He moved slowly from one end of the ship to the other. We both had a second look and we a agreed that it was an enemy ship. The crew was told the situation and prepared for battle. The enemy ship was approaching us rapidly. We heard the the worrying sound of cannons going off in the distance.

With in no time at all the enemy ship and us were hooked beside each other. The enemy's grabbed hold of a thick rope that hooked onto the top of their ship and swung onto ours. Battle broke loose. While this was happening the storm got worse and it was beyond imaginable the outcome of what was going to happen. The ships started swaying rapidly and the enemy’s ship started to drift away with the wind.

The controversy between the rivalry ships got stronger as the waves got higher and they all prepared their swords for battle. Swords flew through the air whilst the pirates had a firm grip on the sword and tried to concentrate on exterminating the enemy's. Death was almost certain and the chances of surviving through this storm was slim. The wind was picking up and the ship was on a major tilt. People were sent over board by the waves and they later on ended washed up on the shore of a empty island, soon to be found dead.

The ships were sinking and the weather conditions became unbearable. All pirates had been thrown off the ship with the wind. There is said to be no survivors. The entire existence of those two ships suffered until they drowned.

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