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Get Ready for camp - 2015


After the school holiday you will have to get ready for camp. You will have to come up with a camp name, chant and plan and paint your team banner. Your banner must show something about the group and how you will function during your time at camp.


The next very important thing you need to get ready for is the tallent quest.

First of all, every group has to come up with a line dance. The Criteria is as follows:
1. You have to mix your music together yourself. The music must consist of a song each from the 70's, 80's, 90's and the 2000's. The song has to include a rapping and ballet section.
2. It has to be a line dance.
3. All members should know the dance.
4. Plan what to wear, there should be a plan for this
5. You will be assessed on teamwork, effort, entertainment and your music selection.
6. This is not allowed to cost any money!!!


The next thing, everybody need to take part in another item at the talent quest. You can choose to do this on your own or you can do this with some friends in a group. (Max size 8 ) You will have to plan and parctise for this item on your own. Good luck!! YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR YOUR EVENT IN WEEK 1 NEXT TERM.


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Private Peaceful By Michael Murpugo

50 Cent Playground Novel Study Trailer

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Novel Study - Character Profiles - Tristan


Kira is a twelve year old girl, who lives with her family, under the rule of King Arden, and the first law. Her family consists of her father, a respected man throughout the kingdom, her mother, younger sisters Kahrin and Elspeth, and her older brother Dane. When everyone is ordered into service for war, and Lord Dorcon ‘humbly’ brings her family into the situation, sending all unmarried girls, including Kahrin to Lasser Commons ( Prison ) Kira escapes, with her youngest sister Elspeth, the beginning of a long journey for them.

Kira has Red hair, which i’m assuming is long, messy and dirty from living as a fugitive so long. She has what is described as ‘sky blue’ eyes, and pale skin. The features she is most recognised by, due to the prophecy, would be the boy clothes she wears ( Her brothers clothes she scavenged from the washing line ), the fact that she doesn’t wear the bands of marriage ( Equivalent of a wedding ring ) and most of all, Jinx, her big, blue, twin tailed pet dragon. Also, Paradon gives her a charm, a sort of necklace, that once put on, is impossible to take off. This is like the magical equivalent of a walkie-talkie, and allows Kira, Elspeth, and Paradon, to communicate, from long distances apart.

I’d say Kira has mixed personalities. More or less, the three main traits i’d use to describe her, is opinionated, fiery, and strangely enough, caring. For example, Kira is clearly fiery and opinionated all throughout the book, starting when she is told a marriage has been arranged for her. Yet, she also seems very caring. Not many people put their whole fate and life on the line to save some starving girls from a wretched prison, with a high chance their sister could already died in there.

Kira is seriously a Tom boy. You name anything in the book, considered boyish, dragons, knights, whatever, she likes it. I mean, what kind of girl, of her age, in her world, would even consider the thought of being a dragon knight. This proves she is opinionated, as stated before. There are two things in her life, she hates the most. The first law, and Lord Dorcon. In Kira’s eyes, and many others, the first law is simply rubbish. She is one hundred percent against this, and seems like the one girl who would willingly break every rule listed, just to rub it in Lord Dorcons face. This brings me to my next point. Kira and her family hate Lord Dorcon. But the only reason for this, is because Lord Dorcon hates their father, and would do anything to ruin his life, and that of his families.

Over all, I think Kira is a really strong minded, yet thoughtful character. As I said, I feel as if she has split emotions at times, but something I found interesting, is that if her and her brother were to just switch lives, they’d be much happier just like that. She could run off, and become a dragon knight, while he could stay home, and be that peaceful farmer.


Dane is a 14 year old boy, who lives with his family. But, unlike most boys his age, his dream is to be a farmer, rather than goofing off uncontrollably on a dragon's back. When war is announced, and everyone is ordered into service, Dane ( Protective of his family ) Is furious when Lord Dorcon announces he’ll be sending Kahrin, and other unmarried girls to Lasser, and relieved, but extremely worried, to see his oldest and youngest sister, Kira and Elspeth, escape Lord Dorcon, and disappear into the fields.

Dane has red hair, pale skin, and i’d assume, like his sisters, he has blue eyes. Throughout most of the story, his clothing is more or less classed as rags, due to being stuck in the dungeon the whole time. This also leads me to believe he’s very skinny and frail, living only off of bread and cheese his instructor smuggled in. The signature part of his appearance, is Lord Dorcons mark, branded into his cheek with irons ( Thanks Dad! ) Although, to Lord Dorcons disappointment, it heals pretty well, and his face isn’t totally ruined, once again thanks to Danes dragon instructor sneaking some cream into the dungeon.

Dane is generally calm about most situations, the best example being that he would much rather be a farmer than a dragon knight. Upon being told his father was dead, and taking his punishment, Dane was just outright depressed. But, despite generally being quiet, and calm, he is very defensive of his family, and would do anything for them. For example, he beat up Nate because he teased his father, and couldn’t care if Lord Dorcon killed him or not, at the thought of drifting his attention away from his sisters.

Danes best friend, and almost like a loyal companion, is Shanks, a ( 17? ) Year old boy, who was also being trained as a dragon knight for war. Although they had a rough start, due to Danes foul mood at the time, they grow quite close throughout the story. And, like the rest of his family, he hates Lord Dorcon, which as mentioned, is only because Lord Dorcon would do anything to ruin their lives.

I personally think Dane is like the medieval equivalent of a mama’s boy. He’d much rather stay out of fighting and war, and act in the background as a farmer. Plus, as mentioned, he’s very defensive of his family. Also, despite everything Lord Dorcon has done to every other member of his family, in my opinion, Dane has more reason to hate him than anyone else. Sure, he tried to kill his two sisters, threw Kahrin in Lasser, killed father, brought his hatred into the family. But Dane was enslaved by him, branded, locked up, like the next step down from torture. Either way, I think that overall, Dane is a really peaceful, quiet character, pretty much the opposite of his sister Kira.

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Ark - Chapter Four

Chapter Four ( Ross Again )

I’d been up late that night. The Carter guy had left me on a massive cliffhanger, after introducing this place as ‘the Ark’. Ever since, i’d tried bribing him in every way possible, to tell me more. What was happening, where are we, what is the Ark? He’d refused to tell me anything, and insisted we hide out in this cave, as the sun sank away into the sea. Still confused, i’d followed the guy, wondering if he was insane. Although, outside the cave, i’d heard various footsteps and some sort of screeches, like a choking bird. Although, it didn’t sound like that big bird that dropped Carter from the sky. Deciding i’d pester him about it tomorrow, I fell into a troubled sleep. The next morning, I woke up with a start. Carter was already up, hunched by the entrance. Dashing up to him, I started yelling, “Ross, Carter, my name is Ross! I remember! And I know what a male and female is. Oh and i'm twenty- “. He dashed at me, tackling me to the ground, and putting his hand to my mouth “. “ Good to hear you finally remember stuff kid “. He hissed at me. “ But keep yelling, and we’ll be carving it into your tombstone “. Getting off me, I quickly scrambled to my feet. “ Whats wrong? “ I whispered, gripping my arm. “ And couldn’t you have been any more gentle? “. “ Sorry about that kid “ He silently responded. “ But there are people out there. Bad people. “ Creeping back to the cave entrance, I tailed behind him. A group of the huge birds flew high above the ground, so high, you couldn’t tell people were riding them unless told. “ What are those things? “ I hissed. “ They dropped you from the sky before “. “ Its and Argentavis “ Carter quickly responded. Seeing the confused expression on my face, he reached into his pack, pulling a book from it. Flicking through the pages, he brought up a rough sketch of the bird, surrounded by writing, size comparisons, and more. “ What does all this mean? “ I said, gesturing to a picture of what looked like a ring. “ Its a collar “. Carter quickly said. “ It means they won’t resist being tamed once knocked out “. Snatching the book from his hands, I began flickering through the pages. “ Woah, what the heck is this! “ I yelled, pointing at an image of a huge lizard. “ Those things live here? “ I said, staring at the image. “ You idiot! “ Carter said, snatching the book back, and leaping out of the cave entrance, dashing for the jungle. Chasing after him, I called “ What's wrong? What’d I do!? “ A huge roar echoed through the forest, and looking behind me, I saw trees, cracking and falling, getting closer and closer. Slipping in a mud pile, and skidding across the jungle floor, Carter grabbed me, and hauled me into a crevice under a rock, leaping in after me. It almost looked like a little den. “ Instantly, Carter began scolding me “. “ I told you to be quiet. Now Sole’s after us! “. “ What? “ I hissed back, still confused. “ Listen, kid. You know how I was dropped from the sky? Those goons work for Sole. This island, the Ark, you wouldn’t believe what goes on here. I was the first man ever to arrive, and ever since, people keep washing up. I was here, alone, a whole year, and built myself a house, farms, learnt to survive. But more people came, more rapidly. We ended up building a society, me being the leader. But then Sole came. He was different, independent, he wanted to be the leader. He tried to kill me, with some of his followers, a small band at the time. But we drove them off. But just recently, him, and a much, much larger band of followers, a tribe, invaded us. A war has been going ever since. About three months. But, those goons who dropped me from the sky yesterday. They were Sole’s followers. They wiped us out. They won “. Carter said, his voice cracking near the end. “ Are you….crying? “ I asked hesitantly. “ I’ve lost a lot “ Carter snapped defensively. Sitting in silence, we’d become oblivious to the group outside. A huge roar, the same as before, came again, echoing down into our little den, and a huge, clawed, glowing, red foot, blocked all light from entering the cave. ( Other than the bright red glow )
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Ark - Chapter Three

Chapter Three ( Ross )

Several hours past, and it was late at night by the time the man actually began to wake up. In the time i’d been standing here, almost as if to guard his body, i’d found out that almost all of the bushes here had berries. Most of them were okay,  but one type, some black coloured berries, had knocked me out for a few minutes, and some white ones,had made me super thirsty, so thirsty, in fact, i’d run down to the beach, and drank some salt water - Not my best idea. Whilst gathering the berries, in order not to starve, i’d also been gathering the fibers off of various bushes, and made the most mediocre cap i’d ever seen. Either way, it was a start. I don’t think i’ll be leaving anytime soon. Also, i’d heard some ferocious sounds, almost like roars echoing through the jungle, the main reason I stayed with this man. I just want some answers. As the man finally pushed himself to his feet, he started blinking, and shaking his head, as if he didn’t know what was happening, and oblivious to the fact that I was there. As he staggered side to side, I thought i’d have to catch him to stop him falling over, but he rather ran head on into a tree. Deciding I might as well let him know I was actually there, I walked up cautiously, with a thick stick i’d found lying in the jungle debris, and called “ Who are you? “. The man looked up at me, obviously still dizzy from being unconscious. “ Where’d you come from? “. “ Been here the whole time “ I stated dryly, before repeating “ Who are you, and why did some giant pigeons drop you from the sky? “. “ Carter “ He said angrily. “ And I have no interest in speaking with you “. “ Well to be fair, I did sit here for the whole day waiting for you to wake up… “. Sighing, Carter dryly said, as if he already regretted what he was going to say, “ What's your name kid? “. Smirking at first, at the fact this man knew he owed me, I found myself scratching my head. “ Um… Its uh….. “. “ Oh great “ Carter cut in. “ You’ve only been here a day haven't you? “. “ Woke up on a beach this morning “ I replied. “ I don’t remember anything, but now that I think about it, I don’t know my name either. I didn’t even realize… “. “ It’ll come back to you in a couple of days “ Carter snorted. As the man began to walk off, I called “ Where do you think you’re going? I saved you! You at least owe me an explanation about where I am, and what’s happening! What happened to you! “ Sighing, the guy turned around. “ Alright kid, I owe you. Your name and age will come to you over time, along with memory of other things. I’ve seen people who couldn’t tell the difference between male and female. “. “ What are those? “ I quickly cut in. Bringing his hand to his face, Carter sighed again. “ Kid, welcome to the Ark  “.

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Ark - Chapter Two

Chapter Two ( Carter )
The scream of a Tyrannosaurus has always been petrifying. But this time it was different, this one had been trained, but not by me. The Tribal leader who calls himself Sole was riding on the top of the biggest Tyrannosaurs in the island. All of his minions on different mounts. Some were Carnotaurus but most of the were Velociraptors. All of our men had all taken the oath to the Sabertooths, all of us on them. Mine the whitest of them all. Our tribe war had been going on for months. Many men and mounts had been slaughtered. This was our most important clash. This would be the deciding battle on who the leaders of the island were. A war horn rang in the air, boths sides charged, screams of both men and their mounts all thinking the something.... Kill. All of my men were talking in our own language. The only one that both man and Sabertooths could understand. I lift up my shotgun and start to shoot at the other tribal leader. His Tyrannosaurus spun around to look at me. I gave my Saber the signal to charge. We went straight towards him as I look behind me and see that all of my men had been slaughtered.  Rage filled my lungs as I charged and pulled out my sword. Thrusting in up I stabbed the tribe leaders mount. My sword got stuck in the neck and I was pulled off. I hit the ground hard as I see my Sabertooth running off into the thick jungle. I felt my shirt being grabbed by the talons of an Argentavis, as the world around me blacked out, the only sound being the taunts and evil laughs coming from the goons on the birds. It pulled me up into the air and then dropped me down about 100m’s away into the mud of the jungle below. Everything went dark.

ARK - New Series - Chapter One

Note: Ryan will write the story on Carters side. I write about Ross.
Chapter One ( Ross )

Blinking my eyes lazily open, I brought my hand up to shield my eyes from the blazing sun. As I did so, I staggered to my feet, unbalanced and woozy. Looking around, I tried to scratch some of the sand off of my arms and back. How long had I been lying here. As I did so, I noticed a bright orange object shimmering near my wrist. Flicking my hand around, I noticed some sort of gem looking thing, encrusted in metal, and somehow put into my skin. Not even thinking, I began to scratch at it, before realizing I wasn’t accomplishing anything by doing so. Staggering clumsily from the beach, I forced my way through a dense jungle, calling for help. The, hearing a loud cry, I leaped into the bushes, almost scolding myself as if I were too jumpy, or going insane. But hearing the horrific cry again, followed by voices, forced me deeper into the bush. Looking in the direction the cry came from, up, two giant birds flew metres above the trees, barely visible through the leaves. Still hearing voices coming from the birds, I strained my eyes, to notice pairs of legs dangling from the side. People were on these birds! I began to emerge from the bush, and was about to call for help, when I heard some almost evil laughing, followed by taunts, and a scream, as one of the birds dropped something limply from its talons. Shock overcame me, as I saw a now unconscious corpse slide violently down the sides of countless trees, coming to a painful thump in a large, mud heap, splashing the foul substance all over me. As the birds flew off, their riders laughing maniacally, I ran over to the corpse, a man, and dragged the groaning body from the mud...