Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Ark - Chapter Five

Chapter Five ( Still Ross )

“ What is that light? “ I hissed silently at Carter, sitting stiffly against the wall, terrified. “ Sole “ Carter spat, glaring at the big red foot. “ No, the creature moron “ I spat back, becoming irritated with all the secrecy. “ Its a...its...a.. - “ “ Something you don’t have, and you’re unwilling to admit Sole has it “ I smirked. Carter glared at me, before sighing. “ Its an alpha Rex “ He mumbled silently. “ They’re not supposed to be tameable. No one knows how he did it “. Then, we both froze, and crawled deeper into the hole, as the ‘Rex’ moved, and light shone upon us. A slow, cranking noise sounded, as a wooden structure appeared at the entrance, some water dripping off the side of it, and slithering into the cave. As the cranking stopped,positioning the structure in front of us, a loud groan sounded. Scrambling to his feet, and hauling me up, Carter hissed “ Run, they’re going to flood the cave! “. Dashing down the long narrow tunnel, I heard a huge splash, and saw a rush of water charging behind us. “ What, do they have a giant bucket or something? “ Ross spat, realising he’d answered his own question. As they ran, Ross felt pain surged up his leg, as he tripped over. Looking behind him, he saw a large, nasty looking fish, with its teeth sunk into his leg. Turning around, Carter cursed, and ripped the fish off of his leg. “ Mega Piranha “ He spat. “ Those freaks filled the bucket with those killers. They’re not trying to drown us, they’re turning us into fish food! “ . Helping me to my feet, I leaned on his shoulder, clenching my teeth, and hopping, sure we were going to drown. Then, looking behind me, I saw a trail of flopping, killer fish, as the water sunk into the soil. We’d outrun it! Turning my attention back to my leg, I began to feel drowsy, as blackness slowly surrounded me. A huge hole gaped in my calf, where the fish had torn out a chunk of flesh. Blood poured from the wound, as I fell to my knees, and passed out...

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  1. There might be some errors, or this chapter might be a bit fast paced. It was a bit more rushed than usual.