Thursday, 19 November 2015


Friday the 13th, athletics day had just begun. A great day where you got to compete against other people your age cheer on your house and have a great time with your friends. The heat from the sun was burning down on all 400 hundred of us as we did our best to win ourselves a ribbon.

The first event I did was high jump. Only Lennox had made the jump before me. I was really nervous because I am normally really bad at high jump and barely anyone had made it. But somehow on my first jump I actually cleared the jump. So at the end of the first hight only Lennox, Brody and me had cleared it. So we knew that 1st, 2nd, 3rd were going to go to us. I was super happy as I jumped my next hight and somehow again I cleared but on my last jump I couldn’t make it so I got 3rd.

My next event that I got a placing was discuss my favourite event in athletics day. I am pretty good at it and on my first throw I made was a really good though and it put me in first place. Everyone else had their throws and we found out the top 10. I was in it and everyone who was in the top 10 got to have another throw. My next throw I decided to do a full spin and I improved my throw by a few centimeters. I came first and I had lots of fun.

My last event that I got a placing in was shot put. I was alright at this but I didn’t think that I would do to well. I came 3rd and I had a few alright throws and overall it was pretty fun. Faronce came first followed by Lennox and then me.

Overall the athletics day went quite well with me and I had lots of fun with the rest of the events that I did. Big thanks to Mr Fourie for setting it up and a big cheer for all of the people that participated.


The first day of camp was my most stressful. Always thinking that I had forgotten something, sitting waiting in our camp lines (TRICKSTERS) waiting for the bus to arrive, talking to friends and campers just looking forward to camp. But still I had that doubt in my mind about if I had everything. Suddenly the bus had arrived getting all of my things together I started to head to the bus with Tristan, Finley, Jack and Tyrone, we sat down and started to get ready and make jokes about what was going to happen those next 3 days.

We arrived at camp, we all got into our camp group lines and we were introduced to the rules and regulations of the camp grounds. After that we were sent to put our things in our cabins and get ready for our first activity. In my cabin it was me and some of my good friends, Jack,Tyrone,Tristan,Jared and Mikil. We all started to have arguments on who was sitting where but while they were doing that I threw all of my stuff onto one of the top bunks and walked off to have a look at the rest of the camp.

My team's first activity was the initiative course, a really fun, hard course that was all about thinking and using your brain to try and figure out the problems as fast as you can. The first thing we did was the lava puzzle. You had to work your way to the finish by putting down planks into little posts with cut outs for each plank. The planks had to fit and each plank could only have 5 people on it at a time. It was really hard at first but eventually we worked it out. The rest of the initiative course was not to hard but it was still really fun.

Archery was our second activity and definitely my favourite of camp. I really didn’t think that I was going to do well but like normal I was wrong. Paul who was our instructor was giving us a demonstration on how we should shoot the bow. He did it without any arrows and bent the bow backwards and for about 10 minutes started to tinker with it to fix it, thankfully he did. Andre was first up from the boys, I helped him with it and we got a alright score of the targets. After Andre it was me, I knocked the arrow into the bow string and lifted up started to aim, pulled the string back and then after a few seconds I let go. It was a really good shot and it landed right on the target. My second and third were just as good. Throughout the rest of the activity I had lots of fun and did some really good shooting.

That night we had the burma trial, it was nowhere near as scary I as   it was meant to be but still quite a lot of fun. It was really late at night but we could still see which was what stopped it from being scary. Me and Andre were at the front of the line of our group. We could see anything in the forest that moved. We saw different parents that were about to scare us and we would just point at them and they would have to stop. Only one parent actually scared our group and that was Nick's dad Paul. He jumped out of a tree and screamed and almost landed directly on top of me.

On the second day we woke up at 6:45 in the morning and got ready for the morning run. It was pouring down with rain but everyone still had to do it. We ran through the burma trail and it was really cool to see it in the light. All of the different streams that we fell into and all of the roots from the trees that we fell over. After that we all got ready for breakfast.

One of my favourite activities of that day was the air rifles. It wasn’t to hard for me because I do target shooting quite regularly and I knew what to do and all of that stuff. But it was fun watching the new people to shooting learning on how to shoot and also seeing the people who were actually quite good at it. I got 5 of the little silhouettes and the balloons.
I found the climbing wall pretty hard, but I still managed to do it. The people before me in the group did a pretty good job and that made me think that it was going to be easy, but of course it wasn’t. It was super hard to get grip and pulling yourself up was pretty painful. But it was still fun to cheer on friends who were in my group and get to the top.

Next we had the confidence course, basically a huge course full of obstacles that we would have to climb and move our way through and try to get to the end in the fastest time. I think that I did pretty well with it and it was super fun. It was really fun doing the tires swings because it was all about moving fast across. The day was lots of fun and I was looking forward to the next day… Snowboarding!!!!!
Snowplanet was the highlight of camp, it was super fun all day we just talked to friends raced and tried to learn how to ski or snowboard. I did snowboarding and found it really hard at first but later on in the day it became super easy. It was great just sliding through the snow going fast and trying to avoid all of the people who were crashing in front of me. I just want to head back there and do more and more.

Camp overall was a great experience and I had a lot of fun with all of my friends. If you are in year 7 or 8 camp is something that you just need to go!!!

Athletics 2015

BANG “I'm going to get a ribbon I know I can do it” I started sprinting,going as fast as I could to get into 3 place. When I got into 3 place I started to pace myself so that I could keep my placing I was so glad that I had finished the race and came 3.

It was Athletics day for Reremoana school at Massey park. The school was buzzing with excitement everyone was ready for this day they were all dressed up in there house colours and they were all ready to go to athletics. The first year group that was ready went on the buses first. When our bus was full we started to go to Massey park.

When we got to Massey park we put our bags on the stand and then started to head to our first event, high jump. I was surprised that they started the height at 1.10m but I did it anyway when I went I ran and jumped but I did very bad so I just sat out and started to watch the rest of the people jump. The next event we went to was the 200m sprint I started on the second lane at the front. ZOOM! I started sprinting. When we had finished I came 5th but I knew that I would never get a placing but I tried my hardest anyway.

After we had finished all of the other events we went and got our bags. Then we all had to line up on the grass in our class lines so that we could get onto the buses, when the bus was completely full we started to head back to school. When we got back to school we went over to the courtyard and Mr Fourie said good things about the day after he had finished I went home after a good day of Athletics.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Reremoana Athletics 2015
Screenshot 2015-11-17 at 4.08.35 PM.png

“Hurry up, we want to get on the bus first”, is all I hear in my ears and we are doing the role before we hopped onto the bus. We get there and “Bang”, Dean shots the gun, and it goes off and the first time today. One of many, many more shots that we are gonna hear. Even though there is a long time, till my first race, me and some of the other go and warm up.

Massey Park was where Reremoana held our Athletics day on Friday. It was a perfect day with hopefully an amazing day to come with all my other friends for my last athletics day as a year 8 student. My first event came and I was warmed up and ready to go, although a couple of days earlier my heel had been hurting. After the race I just could not even hardly walk on my foot, and so I had to take a couple a panadols, so that I would be able to run my last relay for my house and for Reremoana School.

Probably one of my favourite events that I did was either high jump, long jump or my 1500 meter race. High jump because, it was a awesome atmosphere and everyone (All the years 8’s) were having and good time at there last Reremoana School athletics day. Long jump everyone had a great time, with milo face planting in the sand, which was the best face plant of the day. And then when zion SMASHED the record. And the 1500 meter race, cause even though I hurt my foot, I just love long distance running altogether.

At the end of the day, it was the perfect day to be having a school athletics day on and I’m sure was a day that everyone enjoyed. And I would like to say a Big Thanks to Mr Fourie for making this day possible, also Mrs van zyle. So to sum the last Reremoana school athletics day up in a few words Awesome, Friendships, Hot, and just GREAT!!

CAMP 2015

Image result for peter snell youth villageAs I hopped on to the bus the engine started. Everyone was ready for the fun to start! We had our camp booklets for a little quiz so we had to keep our eyes peeled open for any signs or buildings that were listed. We took a wrong turn taking us to long bay regional park, But after a while we arrived with an amazing view!

~ Day 1 ~
IMG_1784.jpgWe found our cabins to put our bags in, and then went out to know what to do and not to do. Then we got on with Rotation 1 - Initiative course. I was in Tricksters. We had to work as a team to complete course. We had a few hard obstacles to past, but we work as a team and completed them. We laughed laughed until it was time for, Rotation 2 - Archery. Paul, a parent helper was in charge of archery. He was showing us how to shoot the arrow and then he broke the bow! We laughed and laughed but then we fixed it. I wasn’t really good at this, but I still had heaps of fun. The the buzzer went for dinner. We had Roast Beef, Peas and Sweet corn, Roasted Potato and Kurma, and for dessert we had mini donuts and cream. After dinner we got ready for the waterslide. That woke me up, that water was cold. After that we went on a beach walk and slowly the sun set. By the time we got back to the campsite it was dark and that made it the right time for us to go on the burma trail.
There were obstacles in the way and we had to get over them. We laughed as a team and helped each other as much as possible. Then it was lights out for Day 1.

~ Day 2 ~

We started off with Rotation 3 - Hobo Stoves. My team, the Tricksters chanted themselfs down into the bushes where we cooked the sizzling pancakes. We made the pancake batter and then we started to cook, they didn’t taste that nice. Rotation 4 - Rifles. I wasn’t the best at this but once I got the hang of it I started to hit the targets! Our team chanted lots and had heaps of fun! Rotation 5 - Rock Climbing. This was quite difficult but our team persevered and climbed. We chanted every single time a person got to the top and cheered them on! Rotation 6 - Confidence Course. The last activity for camp. We had obstacles we had to pass. They was a little flying fox that crossed over a river. Everyone went as fast as a cheater. They was swinging tyers that we had to cross. We walked over logs and ropes. We did bit by bit as a team and then we did it individually. We had heap of fun! It was now time for dinner, Rice, Chicken, Coleslaw, and for dessert, Rainbow jelly, and ice cream. Mmmm That was good! After dinner we had time to get ready for the Talent quest. The Talent quest started at 8 o’clock and my group, The Tricksters were first. I couldn’t stop laughing but I had heaps of fun anyway. We got to watch all the camp groups after. Then it went on to the other groups. My group , Jorien, Theane, Jani, Eden, Zion, Luke, Mitchell, Gabe were 2nd to last so we had to wait quite a bit. We performed and then sat down and watched the last group. Then it was prize giving, we were all waiting nervously to hear the results. For the camp groups in 3rd place was the Krew, 2nd place was The Superheros, and 1st was The Tricksters! We did our chant and then sat down with our prizes. The we did the prize giving for the other groups. 3rd place was Katie, Ashleigh, Olivia, Chloe, Shaun, Vishay, Keegan, Xander. 2nd place was BJ, Nick, Griffin, Istvan, Brody, Sam, Andre, Carl. 1st place was Jorien, me, Eden, Jani, Theane, Luke, Zion, Gabe, Mitchell. We collected our prizes and then sat down. Then it was time for bed.

~ Day 3 ~
We started the day off with the morning run. Then we all got ready for breakfast. After breakfast we go into warm clothes so we were ready for snow planet. We arrived at snow planet and got into the gear. I was doing skiing. Once we had our gear on we had a 1 hour lesson. We started with walking on one ski, then we moved on the two skis and then we eventually started skiing down a small slope. After 1 hour it was morning tea. They had many different types of muffins, and juice. Once we finished our morning tea we got to go out and practise by ourselves. I fell over a few times. During that time we had lunch. I had pizza, and chip. We still had a bit of time after lunch. I had heaps of fun, laughing and helping my friends. Once we got back to the campsite, the waterslide opened for everyone to go on. This time we went from the top. It went really fast! After we had dinner, Lasagna, Potato wedges, Coleslaw, Fried rice, and for dessert, Apple crumble, and cream. Then after dinner we had the Y games. My team, the Tricksters started off quite slow but when it came to the music quiz we got more points. Then we had the food and drink section. We had heaps of fun and laughed with people. Then it was prize giving. 3rd place Tricksters, 2nd place The stingers, 1st place The parents!! It was really late so we missed tea and biscuits and went straight to bed.

~ Day 4 ~

By this day we all were very tired but we managed to cope. We didn’t do the morning run this day because we had the big final camp clean up. I was cleaning up the hall. Once we were done we went for a final walk to the beach. Looked in the rock pools and played on the swing. Then it was top class event. There were many activities like Morning run, Initiative course, Confidence course, Archery, Rifles, and waterslide. I did a part of the Confidence course. At the end we had to get together as a class and make our room number. So of course my class, Room 3 made the number room 3. Room 4 was also there too. It was very close between the two classes, but we finally came out with a winner, ROOM 3!! Then it was time to leave the camp. Peter Snell is an amazing camp! It makes you challenge yourself if things are hard, but most of all you have so much fun! I loved every bit of this camp!

Also a big thanks to the parent helpers! Without you guys, we wouldn’t be able to make this camp the best. And another big thanks to Mr Fourie, Mr Munro, and Mrs Bailey! Without you guys, this camp wouldn’t be possible!

Athletics Day - Tristan

As the bus departed from school, I was so excited for the upcoming day. Today was the Reremoana school, school athletics day. Even though, I knew the chances of getting a ribbon were low ( I'm just in a bad age group ) I was still determined to get a score ill be proud of.

We arrive at Massey park, and the first activity is the 1500 meter run. I choose not to take part in this event, to save my energy for other events ( I loose energy quickly ) For my age group, Bradley came first, and actually beat the 1500 record. At the same time, the people who chose not to do 1500 did discus. We got three throws each, although I threw one out. The 1500 kids joined us shortly after, and although I didn't get a ribbon, I was really happy with my result. First was Luke, second Gabe, third Griffin, fourth Nick, and fifth was me.

The next series of events, was high jump, shot put, and long jump, followed by the sprints. I chose to not take part in the high jump, as it was optional to skip up to one track event, and one field event ( High jump and 1500 meter ) Although, I came to see the end of it, and even when the rest of us had moved to shot put, Griffin was still jumping. He also broke a record.  Griffin arrived later to shot put, and once again, even though, unlike discus, I didn't even get in the top five, I was still reasonably happy with my throws. Although, the throws didn't seem to far, Luke ( Luke Matete ) broke a record. EVERYONE freaked out when he broke the record, which was kind of awkward, considering no one had cared when Bradley and Griffin broke records, but, I just went with it. Next, was long jump, which, even though I was happy with my jump, was really annoying. I'd jumped 3.47 meters, but it turns out, Jared jumped 3.48, and my sister, Hayley, jumped 3.49. Either way, Zion destroyed the record, jumping 4.89 ( Well, 4.8 something, although I think it was 4.89 ) Although long jump was pretty fun, we had to finish earlier than we wanted to, for the sprints...

Literally straight after long jump, was the 200 meter sprint. Although, it was kind of unfortunate, because me and Istvan, were put in a group with literally all of the fast kids. I didn't get a placing in this race, but honestly, I wasn't exactly counting on getting one either. From here, we got a pretty long break, until we ran the 100 meter sprint. In this gap, I had a sausage and a fizzy drink, that were being sold. It was like a bit of down time, after the chain of events. When the 100 meter runs came up, I was thankful to be in a group I could actually compete in. Even though, I didn't get a timed placing, out of my group, I came third, which was good enough for me. Finally, to top the day off ( We ran out of time for the 800 meter run ) The house relays ran. I'm in the Kauri ( Blue ) house. The girls relays ran first, a whole lap around the Massey park track. For the girls relay, it wasn't all too exciting. The placings, were Rimu ( Red ) first, Totara ( Green ) second, Kauri third, and Kowhai ( Yellow ) came last. The boys race, however, was much more exciting. We weren't doing well at first, and Rimu were winning AGAIN. But, in the last stretch, the four houses seemed to be in a line, and last second, Bradley took the win for us! ( I thought Rimu had won, but I was surprised and happy that we won, despite everyone else's disagreement ) The placings were Kauri first, Rimu second, Kowhai, and then Totara. Once again, it was pretty surprising that we pulled it off last second, but atleast, it all worked out well for the Kauris.

This day was a lot of fun, as my last athletics day ( And a lot more fun knowing I lost to kids my own age, not young year eights, almost a year older than me for a change ) It was a really fun, and competitive day, that i'm sure plenty of Reremoana students to come, will still enjoy.

Athletics Day - Tina

Athletics Day 2015

Arriving at school on a pleasant Friday morning I strolled into my classroom preparing for the long day of field events and running, at 8.40pm we were called onto the mat to begin the roll and to be handed out our house tags (mine is Kowhai). We were then sent outside in our age groups to begin our departure from school to Massey Park in Papakura and once we arrived we sat down on the bleachers in our allocated seats (13 yg) where we were briefed by Miss Harland and by our house leaders.

Image result for reremoana school athletics day
The first event of the day was the 1500m and discus which was a clashing event meaning you had to choose to do just one or complete the other one later, I decided to do the 1500m first which was 4 laps and as the other people doing the 1500m and I went to the starting line to begin warming up, I couldn’t help feeling completely overcome by nerves and extreme anxiety that took over me especially as I took my starting position.

In place and ready the starting pistol went with a thundering bang that made my heart pound but with no time to think I began and completed it after a tiresome 6 or so minutes that left my legs feeling as heavy as weights. After finishing 5th I then hastily snagged my shoes from the side of the track and speedily jogged over to discus.

Discus is not something I’m very expertise in and so I was not very surprised when I was sent off after my second throw but after going back to the bleachers to meet with my friends I had only 10 mins before we had to trek towards long jump. Long jump is also something I’m not very expertise in and especially since the 13 yr olds had to use the board, and after 3 attempts I was only able to successfully make the board once.

Straight after we had the 200m which was split into two groups - competitive and noncompetitive, I was in the noncompetitive and came 2nd but since our next events were not until an hour or so I decided to get some food from the cafeteria which was surprisingly cheap and delicious. 

Our next event was high jump which was not very popular for us girls as only a few decided to participate in the event, surprisingly I decided to take part in this and even more unsurprisingly I didn’t make the first jump but either way that still aided my goal of trying each and every event, field or track.

Next we had the 100m where again I ran in the noncompetitive group where I placed 4th but I didn’t have much time to hydrate or rest as the last event of the day was starting, the relays. In Kowhai we do not have enough Year 8 girls and so we had to recruit younger Kowhai's to run the event and we came 4th - last. Overall I had completed the day with no ribbon and no achievements apart from trying every single event.

Boston's Athletics

Bang! As the guns sound rings through my ears giving me a minor headache surely to build up during today but right now there is no time to think must run as the race is on not only my headache is building up but my place in the race as I rush through numbers of people and finish sixth, not bad for thirty other people in the race but to much of an effort to not get any places and my heart still pounding after twenty minutes.

On the thirteenth of November at Massey Park a place where people can be competitive and for some to make their anger into an adrenaline rush for their events to beat the records of those of last year, our school comes here every year to compete against each other for ribbons and many records are to be broken.

Now on to one of my stand out events that prevented me from  doing any running events for the rest of the day, I was about to jump the high jump when I resisted from jumping it to go back I twisted my ankle also triggering my severs as well as bruising my back from the pole  but at least I came forth… Like everybody else did.

Now with a bruised back and a sore foot finding it hard to walk I think possibly I could finish one of last events but as mums usually do she kept me from harm from the last event and took me home and treated me with  not love but desire for my favourite Ice cream. Thanks Mum.
Athletics Day
Bang the gun goes my first thought was to get out of the group and get out in front and to Beat the 1500 Meter Record which is 5:20(well Not any More)Once the gun went I got out of the group and got a massive head start eventually I came first with Nick Coming Second and Bj third And I beat the 1500 Meter record and I got 5:16 I beat the record by four Seconds.

On Friday the 13 The Whole of Reremoana School Went to Massey Park for their school athletics day.In the Morning after we did the roll we wnet out and Bj and Katie did the roll for the 13 year old boys and 13 year old girls.After that we went onto the bus and found our seats and we headed off to Massey park,Once we got there we headed off on the track for 1500 first was the 10 year old boys and girls then the 11 years olds and then the 12 year olds,Then it was us the 13 year olds.First Place was Bradley Second Place was Nick and third place was Bj.After that we had discuss.After that we had High Jump Which I came Second in,But there was another record breaker there which was girffen,The Previouse record was 1.34 now it is 1.38 So Girffen came First Bradley Came Second and Zion came third.After that we had Long Jump The Privouse Record was 4.15 and the record got Smashed by Zion Girffen and Me,Zion Came first with 4.87 Griffen Came Second with 4.50 and Bradley With 4.21.After that we had 200 Meters.There where two heats.Zion Girffen and me where all in one heat(The Second Heat)After we found our lanes The Gun went and the Race was under way me Zion and Griffen we fighting it out for first place Eventually I borke away and Came first Second Place was Zion and third Was Griffen.After that we had a break for around Half an hour then we had shot put First place was Luke Which he broke a record and Seocnd was gabe and third was Bradley(Me).Then We went to go watch the 13 Year old girls do High Jump then we had 100 Meters Which Zion came First and I Came Second and Griffen Came Third.After that we Had relay first was the girls and then the boys,I was apart of The Kauri Boys with Griffen.Owen,Xander and Me.Once Xander handed the Baton over to me and Me Avansh And Faronc’e Had A sprint of to see who would come first Entually it was really close but We(Kauri Boys)Came first With Rimu Second and Kowhai Third.After that we did the role and headed back onto the bus and headed back to school once we got back We Sat down and nearly fell asleep but then Mrs Bailey told us to go home then it was the weekend.Overall I got Three 1st Two 2nds 2 3rds.Overall it was a good day and The next day I had cricket (help).

Camp at PSYV - Tina

iYear 7/8 Camp at Peter Snell Youth Villagei

Day 1
Arriving at school at 8.00am I hurriedly set down my luggage and glanced around trying to spot my friends, brimming with excitement about the next 4 days of fun that was barely beginning. At around 8.20am we were all called in our camp groups (The Krew, the Superheroes, the Rainbow Warriors, the Stingerz, the Tricksters and the Squeaky Ninjas) to begin a briefing from the teachers and Ms Harland about camp and how we were expected to behave.

After loading the bus with all our luggage we got into our seats and prepared for the lengthy ride towards camp keeping an eye out for any signs or buildings that were listed in our camp booklets but halfway through our journey as we were travelling on the motorway, the driver accidentally turned into a park that he believed was our destination and while we were on the motorway again he took a wrong turn leaving us heading the wrong way from the camp but after 20mins of waiting we were finally on the right track only to look up ahead at Peter Snell Youth Village.

Going inside the camp we were met by a picturesque view of the sea and as we looked around we saw a large grass ‘mountain’ of a hill that led from the beach to the bush to the camp grounds and right up to the main buildings where our cabins as well as the dining room were located. We then quickly set down our bags on the long oak deck at the main building and sat down in our group lines and were met by a friendly man named Chris who was the camp manager who briefed us on everything we’d be needing to know about the campgrounds and all the activities we’d be doing.

After the briefing I headed to the east wing where the girls rooms were situated and unfortunately for me and my cabin (5) we were at the other end of the hall but apart from that it was fine as we got to have an hour and a half of free time where we got to meet Nugget, the camps overfed and over loved kunekune pig and adventure around on the playground, trampoline and playing ball games. 

After morning tea the groups headed off to their first activities of the day, my group the Rainbow Warriors first activity was the Rock Climbing Wall where my group got the most group points (1250) and our other activity the confidence course which was full of ropes, Tyre swings and more, I also set the record for the fastest time around the course which was 1.48 seconds.

After lunch and a scrumptious dinner of roast beef, peas and sweetcorn, roasted potatoes and kumara and a delicious dessert of mini sugar donuts and cream we quickly got changed into our togs and took a few goes down the Camp's impressive water slide that went down from the top of a hill, at first I was incredibly nervous and didn't want to do it while going down we were met with several bumps and a big cold splash at the end.

We then went on a long hour walk down to the beach and back and by that time we didn’t have enough time to play spotlight and so we only did the Burma trail which was not actually that frightening or scary but was still very enjoyable to do. So after a quick midnight snack of Milo and biscuits we headed for a much needed rest.

Day 2
Image result for continental breakfast buffetWaking up at 6.45am was tiring but not very hard as I’m a light sleeper but it was hard for some other people in the other cabins who walked out looking totally sleep deprived and exhausted from last night’s late adventures. At 7.00am we had a draining run around the camp and through the Burma trail that made breakfast all the more pleasant, breakfast consisted all sorts of varieties from oats, cornflakes, rice bubbles, homemade muesli, mixed berry yogurt, toast with a number of different spreads and apple slices.

Image result for peter snell youth village archeryOur first activities of the day we're initiative course and archery, in the initiative course you had to use teamwork to figure out the various puzzles and challenges like walking across logs, lifting people through rope spiderwebs and more while in archery we had to learn how to aim, hit balloons and hit the different targets and on my first try I was so panicked about doing it but miraculously I hit the balloon without even looking.

After a morning tea of biscuits and juice we went to our last activities which was hobo stoves and rifles, at hobo stoves we were meant to pair into groups and use old cans and mini portable stoves to create pancakes which didn’t actually turn out that well as they took forever to cook and even when they did seem like they were cooked when you cut inside them there was just batter. Rifles was horrible for me I couldn’t aim properly and when I did it still didn’t hit and after 25 go’s I had only hit the cans 4 times.

For lunch we had mini pizzas before we had free time where we got prepared for the Talent Quest, for dinner we had rice, chicken, coleslaw and spinach while for dessert we had rainbow jelly and vanilla ice cream. We next went on the water slide and fortunately by this time I had finally learned and remembered to hold my breath as I took the last big splash as the last few times I had gone down, I didn't which left me feeling absolutely suffocated as I plunged into the deep water.

Finally at 7.30pm the Talent Quest begun in the hall which was behind the main building, and after the camp line dances had been done with (the Tricksters won) the personal acts started and after a number of creative and interesting performances my group did an act. Although we didn’t place exactly we were still given an award for trying and Jorien, Brooke, Theane’, Jani, Eden, Luke M, Zion, Gabe and Mitchell’s group placed first so after that fun night we headed back to the main building for Milo and biscuits before 30mins quiet time and bed.

Day 3
Image result for snowplanet Again we woke up but instead of doing just one lap around the camp we did two which was absolutely tiresome especially when Mr Fourie made the people who were going to Counties have to run up the ‘mountain’ several times. After breakfast, everyone began packing their day packs and changing into warmer clothes for our day at Snowplanet where we stayed for 7 hours but it was lots of fun, extremely cold and -4 degrees but still very enjoyable and halfway through our day there we had all had a morning tea of muffins and hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and a lunch of pizza, burgers and chips.

I did the skiing and went from the top a couple of times and it was very fun and once we arrived back at camp we had dinner which consisted of beef lasagna, fried rice, potato wedges and coleslaw as well as a dessert of apple crumble and cream, although we were going to be doing the water slide it started pouring down and so the we had extra free time and the Y Games started early.

The Y Games was very entertaining but I felt like it lacked something as I appreciated last years Y Games more than this one, also the placings of the Y Games were the Krew (1), the Tricksters (2), the Superheroes (3), the Rainbow Warriors (4) and the Squeaky Ninjas (5). So then we headed back had Milo and biscuits then headed to bed.
Day 4

After what seemed like forever it was the last day of camp and the day w
e’d be going back home to school and to our families. We started the day just like all the others except today we didn’t do fitness which led for a very relaxing morning of breakfast and of course the big final cleanup. I cleaned the hallway for the girls cabin and the foyer by vacuuming until we all went for a final beach walk for half an hour before the last big activity of camp, the Top Class Event.

Image result for victoryI ran the morning run which was the first bit of it but we all assisted with the ending part when the whole class had to use our bodies to form the number of our classroom (mine being Room 3), and fortunately we finished first and Room 3 won! But there was not enough time for victory as we had to hastily load our bags onto the bus as we had started late and so the bus was waiting and just like the journey there, we sat down and waited the long hour and a half to get to our destination.

Image result for auckland motorway
This bus ride was actually quite different from the last as everyone was tired including me and throughout the whole bus ride I was interrupted from my thoughts by Mr Fourie and Mr Monroe as they thought I was sleeping (I wasn’t, I was just relaxing with my eyes half closed while thinking about life, watching the cars go past and I also can’t fall asleep during the day as I’m a very light sleeper and light distracts me from falling asleep).

Image result for reremoana school front gateArriving at school felt so bad but also good as it was time we got back home to our families even though camp was awesome and once we set down our bags outside Room 3 and as I watched parents pick up their kids since my parents were unable to pick me up I had to walk home I still found it fun in a boring sort of way to be binging out on leftover candy from camp while also trying to make conversation with your friends even though you had done that all camp and had nothing left to talk about.

At 3.00pm all the leftover students were finally allowed to be sent home and as I walked out the gate lugging my semi overweight suitcase, pillow and sleeping bag I appreciated going to camp more since as a year 8 I will be leaving the school at the end of the year and it feels good to know I will be leaving with this incredibly memorable experience.