Thursday, 19 November 2015


Friday the 13th, athletics day had just begun. A great day where you got to compete against other people your age cheer on your house and have a great time with your friends. The heat from the sun was burning down on all 400 hundred of us as we did our best to win ourselves a ribbon.

The first event I did was high jump. Only Lennox had made the jump before me. I was really nervous because I am normally really bad at high jump and barely anyone had made it. But somehow on my first jump I actually cleared the jump. So at the end of the first hight only Lennox, Brody and me had cleared it. So we knew that 1st, 2nd, 3rd were going to go to us. I was super happy as I jumped my next hight and somehow again I cleared but on my last jump I couldn’t make it so I got 3rd.

My next event that I got a placing was discuss my favourite event in athletics day. I am pretty good at it and on my first throw I made was a really good though and it put me in first place. Everyone else had their throws and we found out the top 10. I was in it and everyone who was in the top 10 got to have another throw. My next throw I decided to do a full spin and I improved my throw by a few centimeters. I came first and I had lots of fun.

My last event that I got a placing in was shot put. I was alright at this but I didn’t think that I would do to well. I came 3rd and I had a few alright throws and overall it was pretty fun. Faronce came first followed by Lennox and then me.

Overall the athletics day went quite well with me and I had lots of fun with the rest of the events that I did. Big thanks to Mr Fourie for setting it up and a big cheer for all of the people that participated.

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