Wednesday, 18 November 2015

CAMP 2015

Image result for peter snell youth villageAs I hopped on to the bus the engine started. Everyone was ready for the fun to start! We had our camp booklets for a little quiz so we had to keep our eyes peeled open for any signs or buildings that were listed. We took a wrong turn taking us to long bay regional park, But after a while we arrived with an amazing view!

~ Day 1 ~
IMG_1784.jpgWe found our cabins to put our bags in, and then went out to know what to do and not to do. Then we got on with Rotation 1 - Initiative course. I was in Tricksters. We had to work as a team to complete course. We had a few hard obstacles to past, but we work as a team and completed them. We laughed laughed until it was time for, Rotation 2 - Archery. Paul, a parent helper was in charge of archery. He was showing us how to shoot the arrow and then he broke the bow! We laughed and laughed but then we fixed it. I wasn’t really good at this, but I still had heaps of fun. The the buzzer went for dinner. We had Roast Beef, Peas and Sweet corn, Roasted Potato and Kurma, and for dessert we had mini donuts and cream. After dinner we got ready for the waterslide. That woke me up, that water was cold. After that we went on a beach walk and slowly the sun set. By the time we got back to the campsite it was dark and that made it the right time for us to go on the burma trail.
There were obstacles in the way and we had to get over them. We laughed as a team and helped each other as much as possible. Then it was lights out for Day 1.

~ Day 2 ~

We started off with Rotation 3 - Hobo Stoves. My team, the Tricksters chanted themselfs down into the bushes where we cooked the sizzling pancakes. We made the pancake batter and then we started to cook, they didn’t taste that nice. Rotation 4 - Rifles. I wasn’t the best at this but once I got the hang of it I started to hit the targets! Our team chanted lots and had heaps of fun! Rotation 5 - Rock Climbing. This was quite difficult but our team persevered and climbed. We chanted every single time a person got to the top and cheered them on! Rotation 6 - Confidence Course. The last activity for camp. We had obstacles we had to pass. They was a little flying fox that crossed over a river. Everyone went as fast as a cheater. They was swinging tyers that we had to cross. We walked over logs and ropes. We did bit by bit as a team and then we did it individually. We had heap of fun! It was now time for dinner, Rice, Chicken, Coleslaw, and for dessert, Rainbow jelly, and ice cream. Mmmm That was good! After dinner we had time to get ready for the Talent quest. The Talent quest started at 8 o’clock and my group, The Tricksters were first. I couldn’t stop laughing but I had heaps of fun anyway. We got to watch all the camp groups after. Then it went on to the other groups. My group , Jorien, Theane, Jani, Eden, Zion, Luke, Mitchell, Gabe were 2nd to last so we had to wait quite a bit. We performed and then sat down and watched the last group. Then it was prize giving, we were all waiting nervously to hear the results. For the camp groups in 3rd place was the Krew, 2nd place was The Superheros, and 1st was The Tricksters! We did our chant and then sat down with our prizes. The we did the prize giving for the other groups. 3rd place was Katie, Ashleigh, Olivia, Chloe, Shaun, Vishay, Keegan, Xander. 2nd place was BJ, Nick, Griffin, Istvan, Brody, Sam, Andre, Carl. 1st place was Jorien, me, Eden, Jani, Theane, Luke, Zion, Gabe, Mitchell. We collected our prizes and then sat down. Then it was time for bed.

~ Day 3 ~
We started the day off with the morning run. Then we all got ready for breakfast. After breakfast we go into warm clothes so we were ready for snow planet. We arrived at snow planet and got into the gear. I was doing skiing. Once we had our gear on we had a 1 hour lesson. We started with walking on one ski, then we moved on the two skis and then we eventually started skiing down a small slope. After 1 hour it was morning tea. They had many different types of muffins, and juice. Once we finished our morning tea we got to go out and practise by ourselves. I fell over a few times. During that time we had lunch. I had pizza, and chip. We still had a bit of time after lunch. I had heaps of fun, laughing and helping my friends. Once we got back to the campsite, the waterslide opened for everyone to go on. This time we went from the top. It went really fast! After we had dinner, Lasagna, Potato wedges, Coleslaw, Fried rice, and for dessert, Apple crumble, and cream. Then after dinner we had the Y games. My team, the Tricksters started off quite slow but when it came to the music quiz we got more points. Then we had the food and drink section. We had heaps of fun and laughed with people. Then it was prize giving. 3rd place Tricksters, 2nd place The stingers, 1st place The parents!! It was really late so we missed tea and biscuits and went straight to bed.

~ Day 4 ~

By this day we all were very tired but we managed to cope. We didn’t do the morning run this day because we had the big final camp clean up. I was cleaning up the hall. Once we were done we went for a final walk to the beach. Looked in the rock pools and played on the swing. Then it was top class event. There were many activities like Morning run, Initiative course, Confidence course, Archery, Rifles, and waterslide. I did a part of the Confidence course. At the end we had to get together as a class and make our room number. So of course my class, Room 3 made the number room 3. Room 4 was also there too. It was very close between the two classes, but we finally came out with a winner, ROOM 3!! Then it was time to leave the camp. Peter Snell is an amazing camp! It makes you challenge yourself if things are hard, but most of all you have so much fun! I loved every bit of this camp!

Also a big thanks to the parent helpers! Without you guys, we wouldn’t be able to make this camp the best. And another big thanks to Mr Fourie, Mr Munro, and Mrs Bailey! Without you guys, this camp wouldn’t be possible!

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