Thursday, 19 November 2015

Athletics 2015

BANG “I'm going to get a ribbon I know I can do it” I started sprinting,going as fast as I could to get into 3 place. When I got into 3 place I started to pace myself so that I could keep my placing I was so glad that I had finished the race and came 3.

It was Athletics day for Reremoana school at Massey park. The school was buzzing with excitement everyone was ready for this day they were all dressed up in there house colours and they were all ready to go to athletics. The first year group that was ready went on the buses first. When our bus was full we started to go to Massey park.

When we got to Massey park we put our bags on the stand and then started to head to our first event, high jump. I was surprised that they started the height at 1.10m but I did it anyway when I went I ran and jumped but I did very bad so I just sat out and started to watch the rest of the people jump. The next event we went to was the 200m sprint I started on the second lane at the front. ZOOM! I started sprinting. When we had finished I came 5th but I knew that I would never get a placing but I tried my hardest anyway.

After we had finished all of the other events we went and got our bags. Then we all had to line up on the grass in our class lines so that we could get onto the buses, when the bus was completely full we started to head back to school. When we got back to school we went over to the courtyard and Mr Fourie said good things about the day after he had finished I went home after a good day of Athletics.

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