Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Athletics Day
Bang the gun goes my first thought was to get out of the group and get out in front and to Beat the 1500 Meter Record which is 5:20(well Not any More)Once the gun went I got out of the group and got a massive head start eventually I came first with Nick Coming Second and Bj third And I beat the 1500 Meter record and I got 5:16 I beat the record by four Seconds.

On Friday the 13 The Whole of Reremoana School Went to Massey Park for their school athletics day.In the Morning after we did the roll we wnet out and Bj and Katie did the roll for the 13 year old boys and 13 year old girls.After that we went onto the bus and found our seats and we headed off to Massey park,Once we got there we headed off on the track for 1500 first was the 10 year old boys and girls then the 11 years olds and then the 12 year olds,Then it was us the 13 year olds.First Place was Bradley Second Place was Nick and third place was Bj.After that we had discuss.After that we had High Jump Which I came Second in,But there was another record breaker there which was girffen,The Previouse record was 1.34 now it is 1.38 So Girffen came First Bradley Came Second and Zion came third.After that we had Long Jump The Privouse Record was 4.15 and the record got Smashed by Zion Girffen and Me,Zion Came first with 4.87 Griffen Came Second with 4.50 and Bradley With 4.21.After that we had 200 Meters.There where two heats.Zion Girffen and me where all in one heat(The Second Heat)After we found our lanes The Gun went and the Race was under way me Zion and Griffen we fighting it out for first place Eventually I borke away and Came first Second Place was Zion and third Was Griffen.After that we had a break for around Half an hour then we had shot put First place was Luke Which he broke a record and Seocnd was gabe and third was Bradley(Me).Then We went to go watch the 13 Year old girls do High Jump then we had 100 Meters Which Zion came First and I Came Second and Griffen Came Third.After that we Had relay first was the girls and then the boys,I was apart of The Kauri Boys with Griffen.Owen,Xander and Me.Once Xander handed the Baton over to me and Me Avansh And Faronc’e Had A sprint of to see who would come first Entually it was really close but We(Kauri Boys)Came first With Rimu Second and Kowhai Third.After that we did the role and headed back onto the bus and headed back to school once we got back We Sat down and nearly fell asleep but then Mrs Bailey told us to go home then it was the weekend.Overall I got Three 1st Two 2nds 2 3rds.Overall it was a good day and The next day I had cricket (help).

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