Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Athletics Day - Jani

BANG!! as the gun went and started us off we were running down the track and that’s when I could hear my heart thumping just like an elephant stomping on the ground. On Friday the 13th it was our school athletics day and it was to find out who was the best team and who was going to take the win. When we arrived at Massey Park we had to get ready for the first event and find our seats.

Once we had found our seats and had gotten ready for the first event we all had to listen to Mrs Harland to give us instructions about what was going to happen. Our first event was the 1500m and that’s three laps and ¾ of it that we had to run and when we heard the bell DING,DONG that meant we were on our last lap and we were close to finishing. When we finished I came fourth and just missed out on getting a ribbon.

When 1500m was over we had spare time before the next event which allowed us to eat something to refuel for the rest of the busy day. Another activity was high jump. We were challenged to jump over a bar without knocking it over and as the activity progressed the bar got higher and higher it became harder. I tied with Kaitlyn and Olivia in fourth place and didn’t get a ribbon.

As the day was beginning to come to an end we had one more activity and that was the team relays. Girls went first and for Kauri Hayley started, Miriama was second, Pania third and Chloe finished the race, she was a cheetah sprinting down the the track and came third. The boys were last and Griffin started, then Owen second, Xander third and Bradley last and came first and the entire house screamed with excitement.

The day came to an end and it was an extremely exhausting. It was a memorable day that I would never forget as it is my last Athletics day at this school.

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