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Athletics Day - Tina

Athletics Day 2015

Arriving at school on a pleasant Friday morning I strolled into my classroom preparing for the long day of field events and running, at 8.40pm we were called onto the mat to begin the roll and to be handed out our house tags (mine is Kowhai). We were then sent outside in our age groups to begin our departure from school to Massey Park in Papakura and once we arrived we sat down on the bleachers in our allocated seats (13 yg) where we were briefed by Miss Harland and by our house leaders.

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The first event of the day was the 1500m and discus which was a clashing event meaning you had to choose to do just one or complete the other one later, I decided to do the 1500m first which was 4 laps and as the other people doing the 1500m and I went to the starting line to begin warming up, I couldn’t help feeling completely overcome by nerves and extreme anxiety that took over me especially as I took my starting position.

In place and ready the starting pistol went with a thundering bang that made my heart pound but with no time to think I began and completed it after a tiresome 6 or so minutes that left my legs feeling as heavy as weights. After finishing 5th I then hastily snagged my shoes from the side of the track and speedily jogged over to discus.

Discus is not something I’m very expertise in and so I was not very surprised when I was sent off after my second throw but after going back to the bleachers to meet with my friends I had only 10 mins before we had to trek towards long jump. Long jump is also something I’m not very expertise in and especially since the 13 yr olds had to use the board, and after 3 attempts I was only able to successfully make the board once.

Straight after we had the 200m which was split into two groups - competitive and noncompetitive, I was in the noncompetitive and came 2nd but since our next events were not until an hour or so I decided to get some food from the cafeteria which was surprisingly cheap and delicious. 

Our next event was high jump which was not very popular for us girls as only a few decided to participate in the event, surprisingly I decided to take part in this and even more unsurprisingly I didn’t make the first jump but either way that still aided my goal of trying each and every event, field or track.

Next we had the 100m where again I ran in the noncompetitive group where I placed 4th but I didn’t have much time to hydrate or rest as the last event of the day was starting, the relays. In Kowhai we do not have enough Year 8 girls and so we had to recruit younger Kowhai's to run the event and we came 4th - last. Overall I had completed the day with no ribbon and no achievements apart from trying every single event.

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