Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Athletics Day - Tristan

As the bus departed from school, I was so excited for the upcoming day. Today was the Reremoana school, school athletics day. Even though, I knew the chances of getting a ribbon were low ( I'm just in a bad age group ) I was still determined to get a score ill be proud of.

We arrive at Massey park, and the first activity is the 1500 meter run. I choose not to take part in this event, to save my energy for other events ( I loose energy quickly ) For my age group, Bradley came first, and actually beat the 1500 record. At the same time, the people who chose not to do 1500 did discus. We got three throws each, although I threw one out. The 1500 kids joined us shortly after, and although I didn't get a ribbon, I was really happy with my result. First was Luke, second Gabe, third Griffin, fourth Nick, and fifth was me.

The next series of events, was high jump, shot put, and long jump, followed by the sprints. I chose to not take part in the high jump, as it was optional to skip up to one track event, and one field event ( High jump and 1500 meter ) Although, I came to see the end of it, and even when the rest of us had moved to shot put, Griffin was still jumping. He also broke a record.  Griffin arrived later to shot put, and once again, even though, unlike discus, I didn't even get in the top five, I was still reasonably happy with my throws. Although, the throws didn't seem to far, Luke ( Luke Matete ) broke a record. EVERYONE freaked out when he broke the record, which was kind of awkward, considering no one had cared when Bradley and Griffin broke records, but, I just went with it. Next, was long jump, which, even though I was happy with my jump, was really annoying. I'd jumped 3.47 meters, but it turns out, Jared jumped 3.48, and my sister, Hayley, jumped 3.49. Either way, Zion destroyed the record, jumping 4.89 ( Well, 4.8 something, although I think it was 4.89 ) Although long jump was pretty fun, we had to finish earlier than we wanted to, for the sprints...

Literally straight after long jump, was the 200 meter sprint. Although, it was kind of unfortunate, because me and Istvan, were put in a group with literally all of the fast kids. I didn't get a placing in this race, but honestly, I wasn't exactly counting on getting one either. From here, we got a pretty long break, until we ran the 100 meter sprint. In this gap, I had a sausage and a fizzy drink, that were being sold. It was like a bit of down time, after the chain of events. When the 100 meter runs came up, I was thankful to be in a group I could actually compete in. Even though, I didn't get a timed placing, out of my group, I came third, which was good enough for me. Finally, to top the day off ( We ran out of time for the 800 meter run ) The house relays ran. I'm in the Kauri ( Blue ) house. The girls relays ran first, a whole lap around the Massey park track. For the girls relay, it wasn't all too exciting. The placings, were Rimu ( Red ) first, Totara ( Green ) second, Kauri third, and Kowhai ( Yellow ) came last. The boys race, however, was much more exciting. We weren't doing well at first, and Rimu were winning AGAIN. But, in the last stretch, the four houses seemed to be in a line, and last second, Bradley took the win for us! ( I thought Rimu had won, but I was surprised and happy that we won, despite everyone else's disagreement ) The placings were Kauri first, Rimu second, Kowhai, and then Totara. Once again, it was pretty surprising that we pulled it off last second, but atleast, it all worked out well for the Kauris.

This day was a lot of fun, as my last athletics day ( And a lot more fun knowing I lost to kids my own age, not young year eights, almost a year older than me for a change ) It was a really fun, and competitive day, that i'm sure plenty of Reremoana students to come, will still enjoy.


  1. Why are you so addicted to writing like you have written the most writing pieces in the whole class (53) but make sure to write more Ryan's catching up.