Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Athletics day


Once everyone had gotten off the buses at Massey park on the November 13, Filled with excitement and so much energy. After everyone had arrived onto the grandstand, We had to listen to everyone's chant.There were four house colours. Kauri, Rimu, Kowhai and Totura. Our group was Kauri and our chant was, # Kauri is hot to go, H-o-T-T-O-G-O x2. gooOOOOoo Kauri!  Our first race was 1500m. Once everyone had gotten on the starting line it was the 12vies ( Girls and Boys ). Dean had started us off with the  starter gun. BANG! as it started s off. Even though it was tiring everyone had carried on . First place was BRODY ANDREW , Second place JARED RACKHAM , Third place SHAUN WASSELL and sadly fourth place Samuel Kumar ( Me ). Image result for blue tree cartoon

Our second event was High jump. Our starting height was  1 m 10. Everyone had failed the jump besides Brody Andrew, Lennox  Fakalanu and Ryan Youmans. First place Lennox, Second Brody, Third Ryan Youmans. Straight after High jump was 200 meters. There were 2 heats and they both had fast people in it. I was in the first heat and came 4th. First place  Brody Andrew, Second Faronce Tuimanga and third was Luke Walker. After that was Discuss. We had to get in order and first up was Luke walker. Once of the stand outs was Ryan youmans. He had thrown longer than everyone on his first try. Top ten which was based on how everyone threw. I was in the top ten but couldnt be in the top 3.  First Ryan , Second Lenox and third place,  Faronce. After we had a bit of a break. What everyone  Mainly did was catch up with friends, Eat and drink. when about 10 minutes past it was time to do Long jump. For years 12 and 13 we have to jump off the single mat. My personal best is 3m:10cm. First place Brody, Second Lennox and third Faronce.

Image result for shot put ballAfter we had a break from Long jump, it was time for shot put. Once we made it there we had to get into order again. Then all of a sudden our helper started cracking some Yo mama jokes when we were waiting for our turn. For my first turn i was kind of nervous because everyone that was before me that had thrown made a pretty high standard. But then i actually bet most of the people there. First place was Faronce, Second Ryan Youmans and third Lennox. After it was time for the 100m races. We got ready into our two heats. I was in the second heat. Then after some of the 10 year old went it was our time. First heat was taken by Jack collier. Then the second heat started off intense and ended up with Faronce coming first, second Brody and third Lennox.

Then it was time for the best moment everyone was wating for. The house relays. First up were the girls. Our starting girl was Hayley Cooper, second was miriama, third was pania and to finish it off Chloe Purdie. Once everyone got set up it was time. Dean had walked and did a fast explaining of the rules. Then...BANG! Then the crowd at the grandstand had roared with  hope that their house would win. Hayley managed to get to miriama. From grandstand view. It looked like a teacher running really fast. then handing the baton to Pania. As she speeds down the bend everyone in kauri screaming out for her as she hands the baton to chloe so she can finish strong. Unfortunately , Rimu had won the Girls relay then second Totura then just missing out kauri 4th.

Next, was the boys turn which was what everyone was wating to watch because there were a lot of fast boys that can make the  race really intense. Everyone who started off got onto their lanes. 3...2...1...BANG!  Once again the crowd roared. The starting boy was Griffin Haver where he ran as fast as he could on the bend. THe next boy was Owen Paddison as he runs past a few people. Unfortunately , Totura had dropped the baton at the start when they were handing it to the next person. As xander speeds down the bend to bradley and hands it to him  with Avansh and Faronce right in front of him. It’s neck and neck with Avansh and Faronce but then comes bradley and just catches them at the finsih line. Mr fourie anounces that Bradley ( Kauri ) has won the relay!!! The kauri house screams and congrats them all. And that's how we end the day.

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